Weston Vacuum Sealers: Better than FoodSaver?

Weston vs FoodSaver: FoodSaver is synonymous with vacuum sealer. They're the most popular brand by far and have a huge piece of the vacuum sealer market. But if you want something a little higher quality, Weston deserves your attention.

Weston Products LLC was founded in 1997 and makes several products for home food processing, including meat grinders, pasta makers, juicers, smokers, sausage making supplies, canning supplies, and vacuum sealers. All of their products are geared toward "fueling a movement of hunters, gatherers, and locavores with the enduring, well-built products needed for a self-sustaining approach to food" (from their website).​ Their headquarters are located in Cleveland, OH. Most of their products are manufactured in China. 

​Made in China! Does this mean a Weston vacuum sealer is on the same quality level as FoodSaver (that is, average)? More importantly, does it mean you should save your money and buy a FoodSaver product? No, it doesn't mean these things at all, unless you love FoodSaver and feel some loyalty to the brand. Millions of products for the American market are made in China. The quality level ranges from abysmal to excellent. You have to do your homework. 

Overall, a Weston vacuum sealer is higher quality than a FoodSaver. The internal parts are more robust and the housings are more durable. But are they worth the extra money? You be the judge.

Here, we review Weston's three most popular edge sealers and discuss what makes them worth the extra money.

Note: For a comprehensive review of all Weston's vacuum sealer line, see Weston Vacuum Sealer Reviews: THE Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

At a Glance

If you don't want to read ​the entire reviews, here's a comparison table of the Weston vacuum sealer models:

Weston Vacuum Sealer Comparison Table​

​Professional Advantage







​10x18x6in., 7lbs

11-in. bag width

Fan cooled pump

23' Hg vacuum pull​

210W motor

Auto and manual modes​

Accessory port/Canister capable​

Buy if: You want an accessory port, don't mind the small motor, and don't want to spend a lot.

See it on Amazon​

15.3x23.9in., 14lbs

15in. bag width

Fan-cooled pump​

28' Hg vacuum pull

935W motor​

​Auto and manual modes

Buy if: ​You freeze a lot of meat and produce and want a high-powered, top-quality product, OR if you want a model to seal 15in. bags.

See it on Amazon​

​18.2x15.6x10in., 15lbs

11in. bag width

Fan cooled pump

28' Hg vacuum pull

680W motor

Auto and manual modes

Digital display​

Accessory port/canister capable

Bag storage and roll cutter

Buy if: You want a model with bag storage, cutter, and accessory port.

See it on Amazon​

Weston Vs. FoodSaver: An Overview

Weston and FoodSaver are really geared to two different markets. If you want the best price you can find, and don't mind a throwaway product that you'll be replacing every few years, FoodSaver is the brand for you. If you want a product that's designed for heavy duty use, is repairable, and is designed to serve you for many years (but will be a higher initial investment), then Weston is the better choice. 

Here are some of the differences between Weston and FoodSaver:

  • Weston's products have motor specs and vacuum specs so you know what kind of power you're getting. FoodSaver, unfortunately, lists neither spec on their products. This makes it hard to do a side-by-side comparison. But that alone tells you something. 
  • Weston vacuum sealers are heavier, an indication of more durable housings and internal parts.
  • Weston vacuum sealers are fan-cooled; FoodSavers are not. This means you can use the sealer continuously without overheating the pump.
  • Weston sealers are not "throw-away" products like so many of today's appliances are, including most FoodSaver models. You can buy replacement parts for them and send them away for repairs. FoodSaver doesn't offer this, so once one of their sealers stops working, you either have to MacGyver it or buy a new one.

Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer (65-0501-W)


The Weston Professional Advantage is one if Weston's lowest priced sealers and the most direct competitor with FoodSaver. It is designed for the home user who wants a dependable sealer, but probably won't put it to heavy-duty use (such as a lot of bulk sealing jobs). It has an accessory port for canisters, marinating, and more. (The hose and canister are sold separately, but if you have old FoodSaver accessories, they'll work with it, as it's a universal port.)

The literature for this sealer says it is a commercial grade sealer, but it's more accurate to say that it's a home sealer with many of the design features of commercial sealers. At 210W, the motor is too small to be considered commercial. To compare, the other Weston vacuum sealers reviewed here have 600W (the Pro 1100) and 900W (the Pro 2300) motors. 

Check out the Weston Professional Advantage reviews on Amazon.​


  • 210W motor
  • Fan-cooled, 23' Hg  vacuum pump
  • Auto and manual modes
  • Hose accessory port (hose and canisters sold separately)
  • 11-inch long, 3mm wide seal strip
  • Quick marinate function
  • Angled vacuum chamber to prevent liquid messes
  • Easy-clean vacuum chamber
  • Clear lid so you can observe vacuum process
  • ETL certified
  • 1 year warranty.


Operation is simple. The Pro Advantage has a touchpad so basic that you can use it without reading the manual: Turn it on, insert a bag, and press start. It will seal automatically, or you can pulse (to avoid crushing soft foods or drawing moisture up into the unit), then seal when ready. If you want to use the accessory port, you plug in the hose and choose either "Accessory," to vacuum, or "Marinate," which will create the ideal environment for fast marinating. Weston vs FoodSaver

This sealer also has an angled chamber opening to prevent liquids from being sucked into the unit during operation.  Weston vs FoodSaver


Color: Black and brushed stainless

Size: 10x18x6 inches

Weight: 7.3 lbs.​

Motor: 210W (standard US 120V/60Hz outlet)

Vacuum: 23' Hg, fan-cooled

Vacuum Modes: Automatic and manual​

Max bag width: 11-in.

Storage space for bags? No

Roll cutter? No​


Weston hose and canister accessory.


15-1 quart (8" x 12") bags.


This is not the Weston sealer we recommend, but buy the Weston Professional Advantage vacuum sealer if you want the accessory capacity and don't mind the smaller motor (which equals longer sealing time). 

​Click for Amazon's best price on the Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer:

Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer


With a 935W, fan-cooled pump that can pull 28" Hg of vacuum and a 15 inch sealing bar, the Weston Pro-2300 is made for serious vacuum sealing. It is a premium quality sealer, made for home use but heavy duty enough for commercial use. Its powerful motor and vacuum pump make quick work of bulk freezing tasks.

The Pro-2300 is designed primarily for food storage; it does not have an accessory port for marinades or canisters.

The 15 inch sealing bar is rare among sealers. The vast majority of home sealers have 11 inch bars. People who do a lot of bulk sealing are willing to pay the premium price for the option to use extra large bags. And indeed, it's a nice feature to have. Weston vs FoodSaver

Check out the Weston Pro-2300 reviews on Amazon.​


  • 935W motor
  • Double piston, 28' Hg vacuum pump
  • 15-inch seal bar with 5mm wide seal bar
  • Air-cooled vacuum pump
  • Auto and manual modes
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Clear lid so you can align bags and observe vacuum process
  • Detachable cord with storage space
  • ETL certified
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
WestonPro2300 controls

The Weston Pro-2300 controls--easy peasy!


The Weston Pro-2300 is simple to operate. It has 3 buttons: Start, Stop, and Manual. You can seal with one button press, or use the Manual button for delicate items. LED Indicator lights tell you what phase the sealer is in during operation.


Color: stainless

​Size: 15.3x23.9x9 inches

​Weight: 14 lbs

Motor: 935W (standard US 120V/60Hz outlet)


Cord storage on the Pro-2300.

Vacuum: 28' Hg, dual piston, fan-cooled

Vacuum Modes: Automatic and manual​

Max bag width: 15-in.

Storage space for bags? No

Roll cutter? No​


Buy the Weston Pro-2300 if you want superior quality, lightning fast sealing, an extra wide 15 inch sealing bar, and are willing to pay the price for a premium product.

Don't buy if you want the accessory hose option. 

​Click now for Amazon's best price on the Weston Pro-2300 Vaccum Sealer:

Weston PRO-1100 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer (65-0601-W)


The Weston Pro-1100 has some great features: a powerful air-cooled vacuum pump for big sealing projects, a hose accessory for marinading and use with canisters, and a bag roll holder and cutter, which means you can use rolls of bags with this model--rolls are not only cheaper, they also increase the size bag you can use because you can cut them to any length. With the Pro-1100, you get the best of both worlds: a durable, commercial grade product compact and versatile enough for home use. It's truly brilliant. Weston vs FoodSaver

Hose and canisters sold separately--click here to see on Amazon. (If you can't find the Weston accessories, no worries: any brand will work, as the hose attachment is universal.)

The Pro-1100 has also a digital display that helps simplify the vacuum process.

Check out the Weston Pro-1100 on Amazon now.​


  • 680W motor
  • Double piston, 28' Hg vacuum pump
  • 11-inch seal bar with 5mm wide seal bar
  • Air-cooled vacuum pump
  • Auto and manual modes
  • Adjustable sealing time
  • Digital display
  • Side-mounted hose accessory port
  • Rear mounted bag roll and bag cutter
  • Detachable cord with storage space
  • ETL certified
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty.


Because the Pro-1100 has more features than other Weston sealers, its controls are a bit more complicated, as you can see in the diagram:

Weston Vacuum Sealers: Better Than FoodSaver?

Press the Start button will seal automatically, that's how easy it is to use. But you can also adjust the seal time if you want to make sure you've got a tight seal--this is handy for sealing bags cut from rolls, which have to be sealed on one end before you fill them. You can also set for Pulse, Manual Seal, and Accessory. Weston vs FoodSaver

LED indicator lights guide you through the sealing process.​


Weston hose and canister accessory.


​Size: 18.2x15.6x10in.

Weight: 15lbs

Motor: 935W (standard US 120V/60Hz outlet)

Vacuum: 28' Hg, dual piston, fan-cooled

Vacuum Modes: Automatic and manual​

Max bag width: 11-in.

Storage space for bags? Yes

Roll cutter? Yes


Maintenance kit.


Buy the Weston Pro-1100 if you want a durable sealer with commercial grade performance, a hose accessory, the ability to use and store rolls of bags (which are cheaper than boxed bags), and want a sealer you can maintain and repair yourself.

Click now for Amazon's best price on the Weston Pro-1100 Vacuum Sealer:​

Bags and Accessories

Don't forget bags:

Roll: 2 11in x 50 ft (Pro-1100 only)

Weston Bags 8x12in.

Weston Bags 11x16in.​

Note: You don't need to use Weston bags. Any bag designed for edge vacuum sealers will work.​

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a sturdy, powerful vacuum sealer, Weston is an excellent choice. Weston vs FoodSaver

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