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The following sous vide time and temperature tables are adapted from the Modernist Cuisine Kitchen Manual. Here are a few general tips on cooking proteins sous vide:​ ​Add seasonings as [...]

What Is Melting Chocolate? Mmmm....melted chocolate. Are you familiar with melting wafers? It’s the type of chocolate that’s used for candy making, the kind that you dip truffles and other [...]

It's true: we Americans waste a lot of food. More than a third of what we buy, according to ReFed, a nonprofit group committed to reducing food waste in the [...]

You may think you know how to make a grocery list, but we've got news for you: there might be room for improvement. Do you throw out food regularly? Do [...]

Got a new sous vide cooker? Here are a few things to try--some basic, some you may not have thought of. This is by no means a complete list. But [...]

A French press makes the best coffee in the world. With the right equipment, you can have coffee-house coffee at home! Here's everything you need to make great pressed coffee...and [...]