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In-depth kitchen product reviews, how to articles...and a few recipes.

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Our goal is to be the number one kitchen product review site on the Internet. We offer detailed, technical product reviews to help you understand real differences between products, plus extras like online buying tips, savvy kitchen advice, how-to articles, and more.


Learn about induction cooking, read about oh cooktops, ranges, portables, and more.


Cookware articles and reviews to help you pick out the best cookware at the best price.

Vacuum Sealers

Find out about the most useful kitchen appliance you didn't know you needed.

How-To Articles

Browse our selection of tips on kitchen tasks, wasting less food, online buying, and more.

Sous Vide

Is sous vide a fad? Or is it a time-saving, money saving way to make easy, delicious food? Find out more here.

Pressure Cookers and Multicookers

From old-fashioned stove top pressure cookers to electric multicookers, learn about this amazing way to cook.

Range Hoods

If you're shopping for a new cooktop or range, you may also need a hood. Learn about range hoods here.

Reader Favorites

Product Reviews: The Why of Buying Smart

We love the good stuff, and our philosophy is to "buy once, cry once." We believe that even if better quality products cost more up-front, they'll save you money in the long run.

And they make cooking a lot more enjoyable, too.

Our in-depth product reviews go beyond popularity and marketing hype to help you really understand differences between products. We explain what makes a product good (or not so good). We dig into the technical specifications and the technical differences. We try to provide all the information you need to make the right choice.

We also provide shopping tips and advice on how to be a savvy online shopper. So even if you decide you don't like any of our picks, you'll still learn things that will help you find exactly what you're looking for. 

How-To, Safety, and Food Articles

We delve into other aspects of the kitchen, too. Want to waste less food, learn basic skills, streamline your kitchen time, or find out about safety issues related to products and foods? We can help.

In short, we discuss everything related to having an organized, well-stocked kitchen that you can love. The one thing we don't really do is recipes--there are plenty of other sites for those!

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