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Let me say that PIC reviews are better than just good -- they knock it out of the park!

Pat A.

I found you through the emf/induction stove search. You did a hell of a job breaking that down. More sites like this are needed. 

Ken L.

I found your overview of cookware extremely helpful when I got my induction range.

Margaret M.

Your content is incredible. Thank you.

Keith M.

 I appreciated for your detailed analysis on non-stick cookware. 


I’ve relied on your cookware reviews to buy several pans, with great results.


Your website is THE definitive source I have found for debunking all the marketing BS associated with cookware. I love your review methodology because it suits my research based career...I have not found an area of your expansive website that I don't like! 

Tom B.

What a great site. Thanks for your detailed testing and reviews. 


...I really enjoy the content you all have put together. Really informative, well-researched, and thorough.

I especially enjoy all of the content around confusing nonstick cookware stuff. It really is a murky field with manufacturers trying all sorts of ways to present themselves as totally safe, healthy, non-toxic etc when really it just comes down to PTFE vs ceramic, both of which have some questionable compromises involved.


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