Knives are an essential tool in any cook's repertoire. You use them every time you cook, so having the right ones is important. Sharpeners are just as important because they help you keep your knives in good working order--one of the most important tasks in the kitchen. And you use your cutting boards as often as you use your knives, so you need boards that work with your knives and your cutting style.

Picking out your knives, cutting boards, and sharpeners and knowing how to use them well are skills every cook needs. Our reviews will help you find the right kitchen knives, knife sharpeners, and cutting boards.

Our how-to articles will teach you the basics about using knives, sharpeners, and cutting boards more safely and effectively. 

Articles: Knives, Sharpeners, and Cutting Boards

Knives, Reviews, Tojiro

Tojiro Knife Review: The Best Japanese Knife You’ve Never Heard Of

Tojiro could be the best Japanese knife you've ever heard of. The company keeps prices down [...]

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Kiwi Knives: The Cheapest Knife You’ll Fall in Love With (A Review)

Kiwi knives are hugely popular throughout the world. There's something about the thin, light, affordable [...]

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Sharp Pebble Knife Sharpeners: A Detailed Review

Sharp Pebble is a reputable company that makes several knife and tool sharpeners, including whetstones, [...]

Cutting Boards, Plastic, Wood

Wood Vs. Plastic: What Makes the Best Cutting Board?

Wood vs plastic cutting boards? It's the age-old question that home cooks need to answer. [...]

Knives, Misono, Reviews

Misono Knives: A Review of the Premium Brand

Misono is a brand of Japanese knives which have been gaining popularity in the US. [...]

J. A. Henckels, Knives, Reviews

J. A. Henckels Knives: A Detailed Review

J. A. Henckels is a popular German brand of kitchen knives. Here, we take a [...]

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The Best Rubber Cutting Boards (And Why You Might Want One)

Rubber is the latest thing in cutting boards. It's soft, sanitary, and easy on knives. But [...]

Cutting Boards, Reviews, Wood

The Best Woods for Cutting Boards (And How to Choose One)

A wood cutting board is a simple but essential kitchen tool. And even though it's [...]

Bamboo, Cutting Boards, Reviews

Are Bamboo Cutting Boards a Good Choice?

Bamboo cutting boards are inexpensive, durable, and sustainable. But are they the right choice for [...]

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Epicurean Cutting Boards: A Detailed Review

Epicurean cutting boards are a popular choice among home cooks. But are they right for [...]

Cutco Knives, Knives, Reviews

Cutco Knives: Do They Live Up to the Hype?

Cutco knives are made in the USA and have been around since 1949. The buzz [...]

Knives, Lamson, Reviews

Lamson Knives Review (A Made-in-USA Brand)

Lamson is an American kitchen knife brand that's been around since 1837. Some of their [...]