In this section we talk about miscellaneous small kitchen tools. Some are lifesavers in the kitchen, others just captured our interest. It's also a bit of a catch-all for kitchen and cooking-related topics that aren't reviews and aren't how-tos.

Kitchen Tools

Do you bake? Have you ever been frustrated because you weren’t sure when your baked goods were done?If you’ve ever had your hard work ruined by going 5 minutes too long in the oven, this post is for you.Baked goods can be tricky. When you’re solely reliant on visual cues, it’s easy to get it

There are a lot of tools not designed for the kitchen that are useful in the kitchen. Or, there may be a kitchen version, available in a kitchen store, which will cost you a great deal more than the version you can find in a hardware store or on Amazon.  Here are five of our favorite

How do you pick cookware? How do you know what’s right for you? We can help!  Start here for an overview of the different types of cookware, then check out our cookware archives for more detailed articles and reviews. Table of Contents Aluminum (Non-anodized)Aluminum (Hard Anodized)Cast IronCarbon SteelCopperEnameled Cast Iron Dutch OvenGlass/Stone/Ceramic CookwareClad Stainless SteelNonstick

Kitchen items don’t always make the greatest gifts. They can be seen as too practical and unromantic to be gift material. So before you buy a loved one a kitchen-themed gift, make sure it will be appreciated.  Having said that, there are a ton of really wonderful kitchen items that can make fabulous gifts. If you’re going

This short article pretty much sums up the philosophy of this web site: get the best stuff you can afford because it will enhance your life in immeasurable ways. If made to choose, I would rather have a few beautiful, quality items than a kitchen (or a house) full of shoddy crap. But the thing is,

If you Google for “knife safety,” “knife basics,” or “knife skills,” you’ll find a ton of articles on the Internet. The only thing new about this article is that we pull it all together into one piece: here, you’ll find basic knife safety, basic knife care, and basic knife skills all in one spot. Enjoy! Table