In this section we talk about miscellaneous small kitchen tools. Some are lifesavers in the kitchen, others just captured our interest. It's also a bit of a catch-all for kitchen and cooking-related topics that aren't reviews and aren't how-tos.

Kitchen Tools

If you Google for “knife safety,” “knife basics,” or “knife skills,” you’ll find a ton of articles on the Internet. The only thing new about this article is that we pull it all together into one piece: here, you’ll find basic knife safety, basic knife care, and basic knife skills all in one spot. Enjoy! Table

A French press makes the best coffee in the world. With the right equipment, you can have coffee-house coffee at home! Here’s everything you need to make great pressed coffee…and a little about what you don’t need, too… Have you ever used a tool or appliance that was so terrible, you couldn’t even believe it was

Modernist Cuisine, a 5-volume set plus recipe book. When Modernist Cuisine came out in 2011, Michael Ruhlman wrote a mixed review of it for the New York Times. He was daunted by the task, and for good reason. The 5-volume set had more than 2,000 pages and as much science in it as it had recipes. On

Expensive tools aren’t always necessary in the kitchen. You can do just fine with slightly-less-than-the-best, or even bargain-price products.Not only are the high-end tools not always necessary, but sometimes they are just plain worse than their cheaper counterparts. Here’s a set of All-Clad measuring cups that are as solid and heavy-duty as they come, but

Last Updated: October 2020 How do you choose cookware? How do you know what’s safe, healthy, long lasting, a good buy, and right for you? The options can seem overwhelming. Well, we can help! Here, we discuss the many aspects of how to choose cookware that’s right for you, including budget, health and safety, cooking style, the best

If you’re looking for a new kitchen tool that you can have a ton of fun with, experiment with inexpensively, and make fancy foods you never thought would be so easy, consider the humble whipping siphon. You may think it’s what Alton Brown would call a “unitasker,” used only for whipped cream, and pulled out only