In this section we talk about miscellaneous small kitchen tools. Some are lifesavers in the kitchen, others just captured our interest. It's also a bit of a catch-all for kitchen and cooking-related topics that aren't reviews and aren't how-tos.

Kitchen Tools

In less than 5 years, sous vide cooking has moved from the food geekery fringes into the mainstream spotlight. Immersion circulators have become a popular gift item for cooks and food lovers. Food blogs–and not just “modernist” ones–have exploded with sous vide recipes and techniques. It’s a craze that’s taken the culinary world by storm.But

Converting weights and measures can be tricky, especially between weight and volume, and English and metric (SI). But with an understanding of some basic principles, you’ll have it down in no time. And what you can’t remember, you can reference with our handy printable guides–keep them in your kitchen so you never have to guess

The following sous vide time and temperature tables are adapted from the Modernist Cuisine Kitchen Manual. Here are a few general tips on cooking proteins sous vide:Add seasonings as desired and small amount of fat (butter, olive oil) to bags before cooking.Use small amounts of salt (if any) for long cooks (more than 12 hrs).Bolded times

A French press makes the best coffee in the world. With the right equipment, you can have coffee-house coffee at home! Here’s everything you need to make great pressed coffee…and a little about what you don’t need, too… Have you ever used a tool or appliance that was so terrible, you couldn’t even believe it was

Last Updated: October 2020 How do you choose cookware? How do you know what’s safe, healthy, long lasting, a good buy, and right for you? The options can seem overwhelming. Well, we can help! Here, we discuss the many aspects of how to choose cookware that’s right for you, including budget, health and safety, cooking style, the best

If you’re thinking about buying a pod coffee maker for yourself or as a gift for someone, please read this first. There are better ways to go–no matter what your priorities are! Coffee pods have taken over the market. According to this article, coffee pods accounted for 35% of coffee sales in 2017. This translates to