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Last Updated: June 25, 2021

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The Best-Selling Range Hoods on Amazon

By trk

Last Updated: June 25, 2021

In the market for a range hood?

See Amazon's Best Selling Range Hoods

Amazon is a great place to buy one. Here's why:

  • Best prices around
  • Full warranty plus the option to purchase an Amazon extended warranty
  • Can purchase with or without installation
  • Free shipping
  • Excellent customer reviews to guide you to the right purchase.

Here, we've put together a list of the best-selling range hoods on Amazon. These hoods have the greatest number of reviews with the best ratings.

Like so many products on Amazon, the least expensive hoods have the greatest number of reviews. Unfortunately, this doesn't always mean they're the best products. (See Can You Trust Amazon Reviews?) This is particularly true with range hoods, which require fairly heavy-duty parts (fans and ducting, for example) to properly exhaust cooking gases, grease, and odors. For this reason, we've included some more expensive hoods with fewer reviews for comparison.

These best-selling range hoods on Amazon are divided by type, so you can browse them all or just skip to the one you're interested in by clicking in the table of contents above. If you're still looking for information on how to get the right hood, see Range Hoods and Induction Cooking: What You Need to Know.

Also: if you're interested in buying a range hood along with a cooktop or range, see our articles:

Full-Sized Induction Cooktop Reviews (with range hood options)

Induction Range Reviews (with range hood options).

Best Sellers at a Glance (Table Summary)

Best Selling Under-Cabinet Mount Range Hoods on Amazon



Broan 41300 range hood


Many sizes

no CFM given

Kobe nonducted range hood


30-in., 36-in.

400 CFM

Proline PLJW185 range hood


(install as
under-cab. OR wall mount)/

30-in., 36-in.

600 CFM

Best Selling Wall-Mount Range Hoods on Amazon



ZLineK4 range hood

Ducted OR

(many models available)/

30-in., 36-in.

760 CFM

KBC STL75 range hood

Ducted OR

412 CFM

KBC HA75 glass range hood

Ducted or


412 CFM

Cavalier range hood



900 CFM

Proine PLJW185 range hood


(install as
under-cab. OR wall mount)/

30-in., 36-in.

600 CFM

Best Selling Ceiling-Mount (Island) Range Hoods on Amazon



Cosmo Island Mount range hood

Ducted OR

30-in. or 36-in.

900 CFM

Firebird Island Hood range hood

Ducted OR

400 CFM

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What a Range Hood Does

A range hood is an exhaust fan you install over your cooktop that pulls up air and exhausts it outside (in the case of ducted hoods) or filters and recirculates it back into the kitchen (in the case of non-ducted hoods).

Here's what this accomplishes:

  • Removes a large amount of cooking grease and other particles
  • Removes cooking odors
  • Removes hot cooking air 
  • Reduces condensation and steam in the kitchen.

In doing all of this, range hoods perform a rather important function: a range hood can greatly improve indoor air quality.

shop best prices on range hoods on amazon now

By removing smoke, grease particles, and chemicals created in the cooking process, a range hood can greatly improve indoor air quality.

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Tips for Using a Range Hood

  • If possible, choose a hood with a perimeter a few inches larger than your range. This ensures the best possible conditions for the removal of cooking fumes and grease.
  • Turn the fan on a few minutes before you start cooking to create air flow through the hood.
  • Let the fan run for a few minutes after you turn off the range to pull out all the lingering cooking fumes.

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How to Select a Range Hood

Here are some important considerations for choosing a range hood:


Overall Size. Size is one of the most important considerations because you want a hood that fits properly over your cooktop.

Range hoods come in the same sizes as ranges/cooktops do: 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch, 48-inch, and 60-inch. All of the best sellers on Amazon are 30- and 36-inch because these are the most common stove/cooktop sizes, but some are also available in the other sizes.

In many cases, your hood can't be any larger than your cooktop because it's limited by cupboards, windows, or other space restrictions.

However, if you have room, it's best to get a hood that extends beyond the perimeter of the cooktop by a couple of inches. For example, if you have a 30-inch cooktop but have the room for a 36-inch hood (and the budget), get the 36-inch hood. 

If you have room for a hood that extends a few inches beyond the borders of your cooktop, it will exhaust air much more efficiently than a hood the same size as your cooktop.

Height. Height--the distance from the bottom to the top of the hood--can make a difference to performance in a number of ways. A deeper (taller) hood will extend lower down, bringing it closer to the cooktop surface, which makes it more effective.

Example of a deep range hood:

Cavalier range hood

Example of a shallow range hood:

ZLine KB30 range hood

In general, you want the hood as close to the cooking surface as possible for obvious reasons--that is, the closer the fan is to the cooktop, the easier it can exhaust cooking fumes and particles. Most manufacturers recommend that hoods be somewhere between 24 and 36 inches above the cooktop.

Shallow hoods are fashionable right now, and admittedly they do look great: they can update any kitchen to a sleek, modern style. They also tend to be less expensive. (Hmmm...maybe one of the reasons they're so popular?) And there are a number of them that perform really well--just be sure you're able to install it close enough to the cooktop surface to get the job done.

Most manufacturers recommend that a hood be between 24 and 36 inches above a cooktop. The installation manual for your hood will have these specifications.

Fan Type

While you're probably going to consider style and power first, you should know a little bit about the fans in a range hood and how they make a difference.

There are two types of fans used in range hoods: centrifugal or "squirrel cage" fans, and flat or "axial" fans. Here's what they look like:

Centrifugal Fan

A centrifugal "squirrel cage" fan. (from Wikipedia)

Broan fan: Best Selling Range Hoods on Amazon

A "flat" or axial fan for a Broan range hood. (from Amazon)

In addition to being closer to the cooktop surface, a taller hood is also likely to have the more durable and more powerful centrifugal fans. (You can read more about centrifugal fans here, on Wikipedia, if you're interested.) This is particularly true for under-cabinet mounted hoods, where there often isn't room for a centrifugal fan.

Even with the same CFM rating, axial fans sometimes are not as powerful, or they have to work harder to produce the same exhaust, which means they're likely to wear out sooner.

Upshot? If you choose a hood with axial fans, you may want to compensate by getting one with a longer warranty and/or a higher CFM rating. 


Before you select a range hood, you have to know what will be easiest to install in your kitchen. Under cabinet? Wall mount? Ceiling mount? Downdraft?

The truth is, you can make just about any type of hood mount work if you're willing to pay for it. But the path of least resistance is also going to be the path of least expense.

Ducting and electrical work is complicated stuff. (Anything that involves cutting holes in the walls of my house I consider complicated!) Unless you're doing a non-ducted hood or are very handy around the house, I recommend paying for a professional installation. It will save you hours of headaches, and you'll get exactly what you want (not to mention a warranty on the work should anything go wrong). 

You can purchase installation with all of the best-selling range hoods on Amazon, but before you go this route, make some calls. You may be able to find a local contractor for a better price.

See best-selling range hoods on amazon now

See our full-sized induction cooktop reviews

Whether you hire a contractor or install the hood yourself, be sure to use the duct size recommended by the manufacturer. Using the wrong duct size can restrict air flow, make the fans work harder than necessary, and make hood operation noisier. 

Cooking Habits

How you cook will also affect your hood purchase. If you do a lot of stove top cooking and a lot of frying, you will probably want a fairly powerful range hood to deal with the grease and cooking odors (e.g., at least 300 CFM for electric and induction, more if you have gas--see the "Power" section below for more info).

However, if you don't cook a lot and fry/saute very little, you can probably get by with a less powerful range hood.


Range hood power is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFMs. This is an acronym you should familiarize yourself with well before selecting a range hood!

What's a good CFM rating? Every situation is different. Here's an excerpt from the Kitchen Source website (kitchensource.com) on range hoods that explains what you need to think about before buying:

Cubic Feet per Minute (cfm) is a measure of the volume of air being exhausted through your range hood. This measurement is always based on when the hood is running at full speed and at zero pressure, i.e. without the resistance of any ducting. Depending on its distance to the outside, the type and number of bends, and the resistance of the blow-back damper and wall plate, this output may be considerably reduced. The cfm requirement for your kitchen will depend on the type and output of your range top, the size of the hood, the positioning of the hood, plus the length and configuration of your ductwork. Every situation is different so I can only make average suggestions for the cfm required; but I can say with confidence that it is better to have too much than not enough.
Suggested CFM requirements for Cooktops:
Electric: [TRK note: this advice goes for induction cooktops too]
Generally speaking an electric cook top is low powered and should only need a range hood output between 150cfm - 300cfm. If you have an electric deep fat fryer you will need to treat it as if it was a gas stove top.
"Regular" gas cooktops have outputs of up to around 40,000btu [British Thermal Units] and, since they are almost always used in an "against the wall" situation, you can use this simple formula to help make your choice. Calculate your cook top's btu rating by adding the power of each burner and then divide the total by 100, e.g. a 30,000btu top will require a 300cfm fan.
High Output ["Professional"]:
Professional style range tops can reach outputs akin to a small stove in a restaurant and they can generate enormous amounts of heat. The simple calculation of Total BTUs/100 = CFM (e.g. a 60,000 BTU top will need 600cfm blower) is fine in many situations, but you may need to consider more CFM:
if you have an extra long run of ducting (especially with 90degree bends).if the range hood is positioned extra high over the range top;if you cannot provide a bigger catchment area by choosing a width and depth greater that the range top - especially in an island or peninsula situation;if you want to keep the noise level down by choosing an extra powerful hood but running it at a lower setting.
Rational Kitchen tip: Because CFM is the best way to determine the capability of a range hood, don't buy one without a CFM rating.

Loudness (Sones)

Range hood loudness is measured in sones. One sone is about equal to the sound a refrigerator makes when running. Normal conversations are about 4 sones. If a quiet hood is important to you, be sure to compare sone ratings when shopping.

For comparison: 1 sone=40 decibels; 5 sones=63 decibels.

Sone ratings are typically given at a hood's highest output. So if a hood has a noise rating of 5 sones, that means it's 5 sones when running at its highest capacity. It will be quieter at lower speeds. (Some manufacturers provide sones at lower levels as well, which is excellent information to have.)

One drawback of a high CFM rating is noise: the more powerful the fan, the louder it's going to be. Unfortunately, a loud fan means the hood is doing its job. A high CFM rating and a low sone rating is the ideal combination--but it will cost you.

However, there are other factors that affect the loudness of a fan, as well. Improper ducting size, for example, can make fans work harder than they should and create more noise. And where the fan is located will affect the noise output as well: a fan located remotely, at the outer end of the ducting, will (obviously) be quieter than one inside the hood. Remote fan options are more costly to implement, but may be worth it to you if you desire both performance and quiet operation.

Once again, unless you're a handy person, a professional installation is the best option for the most efficient and the most quiet operation.

A high CFM rating and a low sone rating is the ideal combination.


If the looks of your kitchen are important to you, you've probably started here and worked your way backwards (to performance, cost, loudness, etc.). Which is great, because it's your money, and you should have a hood style you love.

Our only word of caution is to stay away from trends for their own sake--for example, "flat" or "shallow" range hoods are very popular right now, but they don't always perform as well as taller hoods because it's harder to get them close enough to the cooktop surface to exhaust air properly. Shallow hoods--particularly under-cabinet hoods--are also more likely to have the less durable axial fans; not a deal breaker, perhaps, but certainly a consideration.

It's all well and good to get a hood that looks great, and if you're going to spend the money, you should always get exactly what you want--just be sure performance and proper installation are equal parts of your buying equation. Because if a hood doesn't pull air properly, it's just a noisy, expensive prop that adds nothing functional to your kitchen landscape.

Style is important, but make sure the performance is good, too, or you'll just have a noisy contraption taking up space in your kitchen.

Extra Features

Lighting: All range hoods have lights, and these are important for good working conditions. (Turning on the lights over my cooktop is the first thing I do when I start cooking!) Less expensive hoods use standard bulbs, but you can get some with halogen and LED options. These provide fabulous lighting and a great work environment. 

Some hoods have dimmer switches, which are mostly useful for ambient lighting when the work is done. If you have other sources of ambient light, a dimmer switch should be low on your priority list. However, if your kitchen lacks good lighting, this may be an important feature for you.

KBC LED light: range hoods

High-end LED lights, such as these in the Kitchen Bath Collection hoods reviewed below, are worth a few extra dollars.

Fan Speed: Most hoods come with at least two fan speeds. Some have three or more, and some have a dial, or "infinitely adjustable" fan speed. Fan speed options tend to increase with price. 

You need at least two fan speeds. Even the quietest range hoods can be quite loud when running at high speed, so you will want the option to run the fan at a lower (and quieter) speed. If you don't have that option, you may find yourself reluctant to turn the fan on at all. This defeats the whole purpose of having a range hood!

All of these best-selling range hoods on Amazon have at least two fan speeds.

Other features: Modern electronics make many other extras possible today. You can get hoods with features like automatic shutoff, filter change indicator lights, a heat sensor that automatically adjusts blower speed, and--my personal favorite--remote control (not sure why this would be remotely necessary!). 

Be sure to get the extras you want--although my only absolute recommendations are for excellent lighting and at least two fan speeds. For more information, see Range Hoods and Induction Cooking: What You Need to Know.

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Best Under-Cabinet Non-Ducted Hoods 

Non-ducted range hoods don't exhaust air. They recirculate it. The hood pulls air through charcoal filters which trap grease and other cooking particles, then sends the air back into the kitchen. This means that steam, condensation, noxious gases, and even some odors are cycled back into the house. 

For this reason, many people think non-ducted range hoods are a waste of money. (Here's an article that compares them to recirculating toilets.) And it's true that if you want to exhaust nasty fumes (important if you have a gas stove, but not quite as important with induction), a non-ducted hood doesn't do much.

However, if you've ever looked at a used charcoal filter removed from one of these guys, it's obvious that it does soak up a lot of cooking grease. 

Dirty mesh hood filter

A dirty mesh filter--see all that grease?

The main advantage of non-ducted hoods is that they're easy to install. But if you desire true removal of cooking fumes from your kitchen and improved indoor air quality, this is not the hood to go with. Even so, the non-ducted hood is by far the biggest seller on Amazon. So if it's your only option, here are the two best under-cabinet mount options.

Broan 41000 Series Under-Cabinet Non-Ducted Range Hood

Best Selling Range Hoods on Amazon
Pros: Inexpensive, several size and color options.
Cons: Recirculates air rather than exhausting it.

Type: Non-ducted only with changeable charcoal grease trap.

Size: 24-, 30-, and 36-inch.

Color: Stainless, although they are also available in several colors (different model numbers).

CFM rating: Not given.

Sone rating: Not given.

Fan: 2 speed rocker type (meaning On/Off switch operation)

Lighting: Takes up to 75W bulb (not included).

Wattage: 75W.

The 41000 series is Broan's non-ducted range hood, and by far the most popular hood on Amazon. The Broan 413004 Range Hood (30-inch model) is a no frills, affordably priced hood. If your primary interest is economy, this is the hood for you. 

See also: Broan 413604 Range Hood (36-inch model).

See also: Broan F403023 Range Hood (black 30-inch).

The Broan 41000 series comes in several sizes and colors. Here, we list the stainless hood in the 30-inch and 36-inch sizes (the most popular color and sizes); click through to Amazon on any of these links for more options. 

This non-ducted hood comes with a removable charcoal filter that must be changed periodically--depending on how you cook, you'll have to change it every 2-6 months (or so).

It has two fan speeds and a light that will accommodate up to a 75-watt bulb (not included).

The 41000 Broan range hoods are manufactured in China and come with a 10-year factory warranty.  Another nice feature of Broan hoods is that you can get most of the replacement parts on Amazon, as well as the charcoal filters:

Charcoal range hood filter

Broan charcoal filter, available on Amazon.

Check out the Broan charcoal filter on Amazon!

This non-ducted hood has no CFM rating, so it's hard to say how well it works. It will certainly remove some grease and odors, but will recirculate steam and gases back into the kitchen. If you're a serious chef, a non-ducted hood is a last-resort option--but if it is your only option, then this is a viable choice. 

Broan 41300 range hood
amazon buy
amazon buy

KOBE Brillia (CHX3830SQBD-3)

Kobe non-ducted range hood

The powerful 400 CFM Kobe non-ducted range hood: is that gorgeous or what?!

Pros: Gorgeous design, powerful (400 CFM), very high quality.
Cons: Non-ducted, expensive.

Type: Non-ducted.

Size: Available in 30-inch and 36-inch (same Amazon page for both sizes).

CFM rating: 400 CFM.

Filter type: Baffle, with charcoal traps for grease.

Fan: 3 speed with mechanical push-button controls.

Sone rating: Low speed (150 CFM)-1.2; Middle speed (280 CFM)-3.0; High speed (400 CFM)-5.0. 

Lighting: Two 3-watt LED lights (120V).

Wattage: 232W.

In 2016, the Brillia took home the ADEX Platinum Award for excellence in design. This is an award given out yearly by designjournalmag.com. And we can certainly see why--the Brillia is gorgeous! It is also powerful and functional. It's one of the best looking range hoods in any category.

The Brillia is made of 18-gauge commercial grade stainless steel. Underneath its curved, streamlined design are two powerful centrifugal fans made to last for years. It has removable, dishwasher-safe stainless baffles, regarded in the industry as the best-performing filter available. It also has low-energy consumption LED lights. But maybe best of all is its quiet operation: just 1.2 sones at low speed. This is remarkable considering it has two high-powered centrifugal fans--and no ducting.

Here are the key features of the Kobe Brillia non-ducted hood (from the Kobe website):

Kobe key features chart

The KOBE CHX3830SQBD-3 Range Hood is an excellent option if you're looking for top quality and sleek, modern appearance.

amazon buy

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Best Under-Cabinet Ducted and Convertible Hoods

Under-cabinet range hoods can also be ducted or convertible, meaning they can be installed in a number of different configurations, including non-ducted. Some can even be installed as an under-cabinet or a wall-mount.

Many of the best sellers also come in different sizes. Therefore, you can get a 30- or a 36-inch model which can be installed multiple ways.

Confused yet?

Relax; it's not all that hard to figure out. You just need to pick the model you want in the right size and figure out where the venting should go (out the back or out the top of the hood).

If you don't want to deal with all of that, you can have a professional installation done. All the range hoods on Amazon have this option, and while not cheap, it's well worth the cost if you're not too handy.

Proline PLJW Under-Cabinet or Wall-Mount Ducted Range Hood

Proline PLJW range hood
Pros: Under-cabinet OR wall-mount, very powerful 600 CFM, great style, easy to clean, excellent YouTube instructional videos.
Cons: A little pricey.

Type: Under-cabinet or wall-mount, ducted only.

Size: 30- and 36-inch (same Amazon page).

Color: Stainless.

CFM Rating: 600 CFM.

Filter Type: Dishwasher safe stainless baffles.

Fan: 4 speed dual blower.

Sone Rating: 5 sones at max output (600 CFM).

Lighting: Two 1.5W LED lights

Warranty: 3 year manufacturer warranty.

This is a fabulous hood, and a Rational Kitchen best pick!

Proline is one of the best names in range hoods. They make several hood types, and the PLJW is the best-seller on Amazon with a consistently high rating.

People are spending money on this hood! And you get a lot of great features for the money, including great looks, easy installation options, and at 600 CFM, one of the most powerful exhaust fans available. 

Here is a short video describing the Proline PLJW:

Here are some of the Proline PLJW's great features:

  • 10-in. x 3-in. rectangular duct which can be ducted out the top or the back.
  • Stainless steel baffle-type filters, dishwasher safe
  • Dual blower with 4 speeds
  • Energy efficient 1.5 W LED Lights
  • 5.0 sones at max output (600 CFM). This is one of the quietest blowers available.
  • Standard 110v 60hz (USA and Canada Certification)
  • Slim contour, 5-inch height saves space and has streamlined appearance.
  • 3 year limited manufacturer guarantee.
Proline PLJW underside of range hood

Proline PLJW Underside--it's all LED lights and easily removable baffles for easy cleaning.

If you're looking for top-of-the-line performance, bold style, and easy installation options, the Proline PLJW is the hood for you.

amazon buy

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Best Wall-Mounted Hoods

Wall-mounted hoods mount against a wall that has no cabinets. Thus, there is a chimney that goes to the ceiling, and the exhaust can typically be installed through the wall or ceiling. Some of these can even be installed as recirculating--that is, non-ducted. (In this case, the chimney is just for show.)

ZLine range hood, installed

Wall-mounted hoods can be ducted through the ceiling, but they must sit against a wall (not above an island).

Wall-mounted hoods look great and are currently all the rage in kitchen design. (Just watch any home makeover show on HGTV to see what I mean.) They come in many styles and have many options for power and extra features.

Here, we review the top four most popular and best-selling wall-mount hoods on Amazon.

Important: In installing wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted hoods, you may need extra ducting (for example, if you have a very high ceiling). Be sure to figure this out before buying! Manufacturers provide kits and will help you determine what extras you'll need--if any--for a good installation.

Z-Line Wall-Mount Range Hood (Multiple Styles Available)

ZLine KL range hood

The Z-Line KL3 Z Stainless Range Hood. 

ZLine Glass Canopy range hood

The Z-Line KN Range Hood with glass canopy.

ZLine KB30 range hood

The Z-Line KE Range Hood.

ZLine KB range hood

The Z-Line KB Range Hood.

Pros: Comes in many different styles, powerful 760 CFM rating.
Cons: A few reviewers complain of loud fans and cheap parts. 

Type: Ducted or non-ducted.

Size: 30-inch and 36-inch. Some models also come in 42-inch and 48-inch.

Color: Stainless.

CFM Rating: 760 CFM.

Filter Type: Stainless steel baffles (dishwasher safe). Charcoal filters available for non-ducted installation.

Fan: Centrifugal, 4 speed settings (280 CFM, 400 CFM, 580 CFM, 760 CFM).

Sone Rating: 1.2/2.6/4.2/6.5.

Lighting: 2 LED lights with high and low setting (2V/3V).

Warranty: 3 year warranty on parts only. Lifetime warranty on fan.

Z-Line is a family-owned kitchen and bath company based in the USA. They are known for quality products and superb customer service. Their hoods have a reputation for easy installation. Check out Z-Line's quick video on this:

When you go to the Amazon page for the Z-Line range hood, you'll see that there are many style and size options available. 

Despite the different styles, all of the Z-Line hoods have the same internal parts, the same warranty, and pretty much the same installation procedure. So whichever hood you choose, you can be sure you're getting a quality product in the exact style you want. 

Here are some of the features of the Z-Line hoods:

  • Configured for both ducted and non-ducted (recirculating) installation.
  • Dishwasher safe stainless baffles. Charcoal filters for non-ducted also available.
  • Adjustable LED lights (high/low).
  • Quiet 6.5 sones at max (760 CFM) speed.
  • Powerful 760 CFM fan with 4 speeds.
  • Constructed of 21-Gauge 430 brushed stainless steel.
  • Fits ceiling heights 7- to 14-ft with optional chimney short kit or extension kit available.

Z-Line also has a lifetime warranty on their fans, which is nothing to sneeze at. They're a top-notch manufacturer and will work to make sure you're happy with your purchase. (And it doesn't hurt that their hoods have fabulous style, too!)

ZLine installed range hood

The Z-Line KL3 installed. 

amazon buy

Kitchen Bath Collection 30-Inch STL75 Wall-Mounted Range Hood

KBC STL75 range hood

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 Wall-Mounted Stainless Range Hood.

Pros: Reasonably priced, adjustable chimney for easy installs.
Cons: Some complaints about noisy fan and "weird" to use buttons.

Type: Ducted or non-ducted (recirculating); charcoal filters included for non-ducted install.

Size: 30-inch.

Color: Stainless.

CFM Rating: 412 CFM.

Filter Type: Aluminum micro-cell, dishwasher safe. Charcoal filters included for non-ducted install.

Fan: 3 speed settings, max 412 CFM. UL certified motor.

Sone Rating: 48-58 decibels (about 2 sones at lowest speed and 3 sones at highest speed).

Lighting: Two LED lights.

Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer warranty. Void if not installed according to specifications.

Kitchen Bath Collection is a reputable maker of range hoods with a good reputation for reliable products and great customer service. The KBC STL75 Range Hood is an Amazon best-seller, with consistently high ratings.

KBC HA75 range hood controls

Best Features: One of the best features of the KBC hoods is that they come with most parts for a complete installation. The chimney is adjustable, so you rarely need another kit to install it. It also comes with the charcoal filters for a non-ducted installation. It has excellent modern style and at 412 CFM, offers enough power for most cooks' needs.

KBC STL75 range hood
amazon buy

Cavaliere SV218B2-30 Range Hood

Cavalier range hood

The Cavaliere SV218B2-30 Range Hood: simple, functional, and very, very powerful.

Pros: Excellent price for the power.
Cons: Some reviewers complain of noise and don't like how the buttons work.

Type: Wall mount. Ducted only.

Size: 30-inch. (See a Cavaliere 36-inch wall mounted hood here)

Color: Stainless.

CFM Rating: 900 CFM.

Filter Type: Dishwasher safe aluminum mesh filters.

Fan: 4 speed, 218W dual chamber centrifugal motor.

Sone Rating: 25dB- 56dB (about 0.5 - 3.0 sones).

Lighting: LED, 2 settings.

Warranty: One year manufacturer warranty on parts.

The Cavaliere SV218B2-30 Range Hood offers classic design that goes in any kitchen as well as more power than most people will need for a 30-inch cooktop (900 CFM--wow!). It's always good to have too much than not enough, though, particularly if your ducting is long and/or has a lot of bends in it. The more ducting, the more power you need to achieve good results. So if  you're in that situation, this is a really excellent choice for the money. 


  • Made of heavy duty 19 gauge stainless steel.
  • Telescopic chimney to fit up to a 10-foot ceiling without extension kit.
  • 6-inch diameter ducting.
  • Timer on fan you can set to come on/shut off.
  • Auto shutoff timer programmable from 1-15 minutes.
  • Dimmable LED lights.
  • Ultra low noise level with only 3 sones (56 dB) at max power.
  • Touch-sensitive keypad with blue LED lighting.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.
Cavalier underside range hood

Cavaliere Hood underside.

Cavalier fan range hood

The powerful Cavaliere fan.

With an average rating of 4 stars, this powerful Cavaliere hood comes highly recommended. 

Cavalier hood range hood
amazon buy

Proline PLJW Wall-Mount/Under-Cabinet Range Hood

See the Proline PLJW on Amazon (30-inch and 36-inch models)

This hood can be mounted under a cabinet or on the wall. See review in Under-Cabinet section above.

Proline PLJW185 range hood
amazon buy

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Best Ceiling (Island)-Mounted Hoods

Ceiling-mounted hoods have gained popularity in recent years for a couple of reasons, First, people love islands, and it's really fashionable right now to have your cooktop on an island (and the oven often against a wall). Second, and more importantly, they are a better option than the old choice for an island cooktop, the downdraft vent. 

Installed island range hood

Here we review three of the best-selling ceiling-mount range hoods on Amazon. Two are 30-inch and one is a 36-inch (although you may be able to find the models in different sizes on the manufacturer's website).

Interestingly, all three of these offer an optional ductless installation, which means the chimney is basically for show (or to hold the fan in place over the cooktop). Once again, we recommend a ductless installation only as a last resort because the hot air, steam, and cooking fumes mostly get recirculated back into the kitchen rather than vented outside.

If your interest is better indoor air quality, throw down for the ducted install. You won't regret it!

Cosmo Island Mount Range Hood

Cosmo Island Mount Range Hood
Pros: Great European design, powerful 900CFM blower.
Cons: 2 persons required for installation.

Type: Ceiling-mount, ducted or non-ducted installation. (Ductless kit sold separately, part no. CFK-1TM)

Size: 30-inch and 36-inch.

Color: Stainless.

Controls: LCD digital touch screen.

CFM Rating: 900 CFM.

Filter Type: Permanent stainless steel, dishwasher safe.

Fan: 3 speed, 315W motor, centrifugal.

Noise Rating: 65 decibels at high speed.

Height: Adjustable from 30.75 inches-47 inches.

Duct: 6-inch round ducting.

Lighting: Four LED lights

Warranty: 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Certification: ETL Compliance with US and Canada Safety Standards.

The Cosmo Island Mount Range Hood (30-in.) is a beautiful piece of kitchen design. With its sturdy stainless construction and curved glass canopy, it would blend seamlessly into any modern kitchen decor. 

Features include 4 LED bulbs and an LCD digital control panel, brushless  stainless finish, and a single filter for easy cleanup. (Charcoal filters for ductless installation sold separately.) The 315W motor is gets mixed reviews for noise but we thought it was one of the quieter hoods we tested.

Note that to install this hood, you need a ceiling between 8- and 9-feet high. The duct size is 6-inch diameter and the minimum drop-down height is 30 inches.

We love the looks of the glass canopy hoods, but they might be harder to keep clean than an all-stainless design. Other than that, this is a great hood and a solid performer at 400CFM.

Cosmo Island range hood
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Firebird 30-Inch Island Mount Range Hood

Firebird Island range hood

Firebird Island/ceiling mount range hood.

Pros: Good-looking, powerful range hood.
Cons: Installation instructions not very good.

Type: Ceiling/island mount. Ducted or non-ducted installation options.

Size: 30- and 36-inch available.

Color: Stainless, black, others available.

CFM Rating: 400CFM.

Filter Type: Dishwasher safe anodized aluminum mesh filters. Charcoal filters for non-ducted install (included).

Fan: 3 speed, 150W centrifugal motor.

Sone Rating: About 5 sones at max fan speed (65dB).

Lighting: Four 2W LED lights.

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty on parts.

Model No: RS-668is2-75.

The Firebird 30-Inch Island Mount Range Hood looks great, has a powerful 400CFM blower, and offers easy installation that probably won't require an extra kit. Charcoal filters are included for a ductless install option. 

Other features include a telescopic chimney for easy installation with an average 8-9-foot ceiling, 6-inch diameter ducting (the most commonly found), 23 gauge brushed stainless steel, and teflon-coated fan blades that prolong fan life and aid with this hood's super-quiet operation.

Firebird fan underside range hood

Firebird underside, filter removed, showing fan and four LED lights.

This is an all-around well-built, quality range hood with great reviews.

If you love this hood and want to avoid some of the installation headaches that people have complained about, here's a YouTube video put out by AKDY (the makers of this hood:

Firebird Island range hood
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A Word About Downdraft Hoods

Dacor downdraft range hood

Downdraft hoods are the least popular on Amazon, and with good reason: they're expensive, and not as effective as overhead hoods. Hot air rises--and with it, cooking odors, fumes, and grease--so the downdraft hood is constantly fighting gravity. It has to work hard to exhaust the air; much harder than overhead hoods have to work.

Having said that, the technology, according to the Kitchen Source website, has improved in the past few years, so a downdraft isn't nearly the terrible performer it once was. 

Even so, we decided not to review any here. Honestly, there aren't enough products with good reviews on Amazon. And the ones that are there are expensive. In fact, ceiling mount hoods, even with installation included, are likely going to be more effective and less expensive than the downdraft hoods on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

These best-selling range hoods on Amazon are top sellers for a reason. If you're in the market for a range hood, Amazon is a great place to start your search. The reviews and ratings make choosing a hood easy!

Thanks for reading!

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