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The Best Sous Vide Circulators Under $100

If you’re looking for the best sous vide circulator under $100, we’ve got some good options for you.Even if you’re not on a budget, you may want to consider one of these circulators. Because not only are they the best sous vide circulators under $100, they can compete head to head with many of the […]

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Sous Vide: Passing Fad or Here to Stay?

In less than 5 years, sous vide cooking has moved from the food geekery fringes into the mainstream spotlight. Immersion circulators have become a popular gift item for cooks and food lovers. Food blogs–and not just “modernist” ones–have exploded with sous vide recipes and techniques. It’s a craze that’s taken the culinary world by storm.But […]

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Is Sous Vide Cooking Safe?

Sous vide has taken the culinary world by storm in the past couple of years. It’s easy, convenient, and perfect for so many cooking tasks. And, it makes your life easier at the same time.  But is it safe? Table of Contents First of All, What Is Sous Vide?Concern #1: Low Temperature CookingWhat Is The […]

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The Joule Sous Vide Circulator: Next Generation Cool

If you’re in the market for a sous vide circulator, you should definitely consider the Joule sous vide circulator. It’s one of the coolest kitchen products on the market right now!  Table of Contents Introducing JouleWhat is Sous Vide?What Makes the Joule Sous Vide Circulator Great?Ability to Hold TemperatureSpeed (Power)User InterfaceWater LevelAesthetics and Overall QualityDo […]

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Sous Vide Accessories: What to Buy, What to Skip

The right sous vide accessories will enhance your sous vide cooks without adding a great deal more to either your budget or your shelf space. As with anything, you can really go nuts, but you don’t have to. Here we recommend the wisest places to invest your money, and also show you where you can […]

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Can Modernist Cuisine Work for Home Cooking? Absolutely!

Modernist Cuisine, a 5-volume set plus recipe book. When Modernist Cuisine came out in 2011, Michael Ruhlman wrote a mixed review of it for the New York Times. He was daunted by the task, and for good reason. The 5-volume set had more than 2,000 pages and as much science in it as it had recipes. On […]

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The Best Sous Vide Immersion Circulators and Water Ovens

Talk about a multi-tasker! Sous vide technology can make eggs to any doneness, incubate yogurt, pasteurize yolks (as for mayonnaise), poach fruit, cook vegetables, thaw frozen food quickly and without any of the issues of a microwave, and, let’s not forget, create the most perfectly done proteins on the planet (steak, fish, pork butt, ribs, […]

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