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Double Induction Cooktop Reviews: The Best Double PICs

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August 11, 2016

tiny house double induction burner

A double induction burner is perfect for a tiny house!

If you’re looking for a double induction cooktop, you’re probably already sold on induction technology. The market for double burners usually includes people who are looking for something smaller and more efficient to replace a full-sized cooktop. Often, this includes people equipping their RVs or boats, people with tiny kitchens, elderly people who find themselves not cooking as much as they once did, and people who are just looking to save space, downsize, or be more cognizant of the amount of energy they consume.

The exploding "tiny house" craze is also a perfect place for a double induction cooktop. A single burner portable cooktop can’t meet these needs very well (how do you entertain or feed a family with only one burner hob?), but a double portable cooktop solves that problem fairly well. You may not be serving Thanksgiving dinner for 12, but you'll be equipped to make just about any family meal.

It's not just those looking to downsize, though. Double induction cooktops are also purchased by people on the other end of the scale: those who entertain frequently and need extra burners for cooking or warming, or those who need it for professional use. (None of these reviewed here are commercially rated products, but they could certainly be used by a professional kitchen, particularly in a buffet line or at an omelet station.)

In any case, when you buy a double induction cooktop, you’re not just buying an extra cooking surface--one that can be put away when not in use--you’re buying a new lifestyle, a new way of working in the kitchen, and, possibly, a permanent replacement for your old cooktop.

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Standard Features

All the double induction cooktops we review here have these features:

  • ​1800 watts of power
  • Can be plugged into a standard 120V outlet
  • Digital readout that shows temperature, time, and error codes
  • Timer
  • Auto shutoff when a pan is removed and for overheating
  • Pan sensor so the unit won't switch on if it doesn't detect a pan
  • Error codes (explained in the user manual)
  • Cooling fans that run continuously while unit is in operation
  • Require induction-compatible (magnetic) cookware.

You can buy double induction cooktops with more power, but they require a 240V hookup, which renders them not very portable. It's a different market, and we aren't going to review them here.

What to Know Before You Buy

Power Usage--Important!

By necessity, an 1800W double induction cooktop uses power differently than a single portable induction burner. The maximum amount of power available is 1800W--this is true for all standard 120V power outlets. On a single burner, that power goes to only one burner, so no problem. But when an 1800-watt unit has two burners, there are all sorts of ways that power can be distributed.

Some double induction cooktops have 1800 watts available to both burners. But that doesn’t mean you can run both burners at maximum power simultaneously--you can't. You can only use a maximum of 1800W including both burners. 

This equation holds true for all double induction burners: the power being used by both burners simultaneously cannot exceed 1800W. So even if both burners are capable of an 1800W output, they can’t operate at their maximums at the same time. You can have 1800 and zero, or you can have 1600W and 200W, or you can have 900W and 900W, or you can have 1200W and 600W, etc. And if you set both burners to maximum, most units will simply divide that power up equally so both burners operate at the maximum possible power with both burners running. This specification is rarely given, but you can assume that the power will be somewhere around half of what each burner’s maximum is when both are running at full power.

So note that regardless of what specs are given, no 1800W induction burner can produce more than 1800W total at the same time. Probably the biggest frustration about this for most people occurs when you have both burners going and you raise the temperature on one of them: the other burner will compensate by lowering its temp. You have to keep this in mind when you cook on one of these units, and learn to adjust temps accordingly.

Overall, unless you routinely need two pots of liquid to boil as quickly as possible, this isn’t really a big concern. Most cooking is done in the medium power range--max power on induction units can burn food and warp pans--so two burners going at 900W will get most jobs done satisfactorily. And if you’re boiling water for pasta while simmering spaghetti sauce on the other burner, you’ll still get boiling water--just not quite as quickly (although still pretty fast).

If this is a concern for you, then you will probably want to look at commercial grade units or built-in cooktops, both of which run on a 240V power supply, which can supply up to double the wattage (3600W). There will still be power sharing going on, but it will be far less noticeable because you have twice as much wattage to work with--if you've never noticed it on your full-sized range or cooktop, you wouldn't notice it here, either.

Burner Size

The burner sizes in most double induction cooktops are the same as in single portable induction burners: somewhere around 6 inches in diameter and able to accommodate pans with bottom diameters between 5-11 inches (give or take). Even those that are marketed as a “mini” cooktop (such as the True Induction MD-2B) have burners this size. However, in order to fit two burners into a portable induction burner, there may be some sacrifice in cooking area. You may not be able to use two large pans at the same time, for example, because the space is just too small. Unless you’re cooking for a crowd, though, this isn’t usually an issue.

One really cool feature of double induction cooktops is that you can use them for oblong and rectangular pans such as griddles. The seamless glass surface makes this easy--but for best results, you should use cookware with excellent heat induction properties to compensate for the cool spot between the burners.

Temperature Control

Because these double induction cooktops are designed to replace full-sized cooktops, they generally have good temperature control. Most have a standard temperature range from 140F-460F or thereabouts. As cooking geeks, we prefer a wider range (particularly on the lower end) and more granular controls (e.g., 10 temp settings equals a 30 degree difference between settings), but to get that would require spending ten times as much. If you are concerned with low temp control, consider our second place choice, the NuWave.

First Place: True Induction TI-2C, TI-2B, MD-2B

TI-2C (full size portable): Check Price on Amazon

TI-2B (full size counter inset): Check Price on Amazon

Md-2B (mini portable): Check Out Price on Amazon


True Induction TI-2C/TI-2B Double Induction Burner. Same Controls, but the TI-2B can be Installed into the countertop, while the TI-2C is portable.


True Induction MD2B Mini Duo Double Induction Burner--Drop-in.

True Induction gets first place because of its high-quality build and high level of customer satisfaction. People love the look and feel of these products--combined, they have hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon. They have a sleek design and a simple-to-operate control panel. Their glass-ceramic surface is chip and scratch resistant and easy to clean, with no crevices to collect food and grease particles. All True Induction double burners come with a 2 year warranty.

True Induction is also the cooktop of choice for the Winnebago RV manufacturers, who use the TI-2B counter inset model in their motor homes. All True Induction products have a two-year factory warranty, as well as a 60-day free trial period. The company is known for its excellent customer service. 

True Induction Models

There are three True Induction models:

Other than size, all three models have nearly identical controls and specifications. Therefore, we’re including all of them in this review. Whichever unit best suits your needs, you will get all the same great attributes of the True Induction brand.


The True Induction double induction cooktop is the choice of the Winnebago motor home company for their electric cooktops. These double induction cooktops have a number of special features that make them our number one pick:

  • “Power-Sharing” technology that allows both burners to get up to 1800W (although not at the same time, as described above in the Power Usage section)
  • Quick Touch (“EZ touch”) controls that are easy and intuitive to operate
  • Scratch, chip, and shatter resistant glass-ceramic surface
  • All-glass surface which is very easy to clean
  • 2-Year limited warranty.​


  • ​1800 Watts
  • Standard 120V power source
  • "EZ" touch controls on glass surface
  • Stainless steel and plastic housing
  • 10 temp levels from 150F to 450F (e.g., 30-degree increments)
  • Inset models come with foam gaskets for installation
  • Dimensions and weight:
    • TI-2C: 23.625 in. x 14.125 in. x 2.5 in., 11.2 lbs.
    • TI-2B: 24.5 in. x 15.0 in. x 3.0 in., 15.2 lbs.
    • MD-2B: 20.5 in. x 14.0 in. x 2.0 in., 15 lbs.


Each burner on the True Induction double induction cooktop has separate, identical controls. Both have “EZ” touch controls on the glass surface, with a digital display that shows which mode it is in (heat, temperature, or timer). There are buttons for each mode, and +/- keys to scroll through settings in each mode.

  • 10 temperature levels from 150F-450F (30-degree increments: 150F, 180F, 210F, 240F, 270F, 300F, 330F, 360F, 390F, 320F, 450F)
  • 10 heat settings from 1-10 that correspond with temp settings
  • 150 minute timer that goes up in 5-minute increments and down in 1-minute increments
  • When you turn the unit on, the default setting is 5/270F
  • ETL listed, CSA certified, conforms to all UL safety standards.


For the two models that can be inset into a countertop, the manuals provide detailed measurements and instructions and include an installation kit.

Safety Features

  • ​Auto pan sensor
  • Auto shutoff after 150 minutes (must turn back on if you want to use for longer)
  • Overheat shutoff over 450F
  • Voltage sensor
  • Error code display
  • Child safety lock.


Simple controls, easy to clean, power-sharing technology makes both burners easy to use.


30-degree temperature increments are less than ideal, 150F-450F temp range not great for low temp cooking (i.e., chocolate melts at 105F).


Induction cooking will save you time, energy, and cleanup! If you are looking for a double induction burner, any of the True Induction models should serve your needs well. Our number one pick.


Buy the True Induction TI-2C (portable/inset):

Buy the True Induction TI-2B (inset):

Buy the True Induction MD-2B Mini-Duo (mini portable/inset): 

Second Place: NuWave 30602 Double PIC Burner


Yep: this is made by the same folks who make the now-famous, as-seen-on-TV single portable induction burner (a number one seller on Amazon). Because of this, you may say it’s gimmicky. You may say it’s a flash in the pan. You may say the quality isn’t there. But folks, we like this double induction cooktop, and here's why: it’s got a lot of cool features that other double induction burners just don’t have. For example, it has six shortcut keys (from Low to High) that make it easy to use, plus 94 other temperature setting combinations. You can program it to do all sorts of neat things like delay start time and save your favorite recipes. It has a "Keep Warm" setting that actually works without scorching pan bottoms. It will run for 100 hours without shutting off. And, its temp range is 100F-575F--a wider range than any other double induction burner in its class

We can’t give it first place because its build quality isn't as good as the True Induction burners. But it has so many things going for it, it was a definite second. Its average rating on Amazon is 4.5 stars and the reviews get an "A" rating on

Check out reviews and best price on Amazon for the NuWave Double Induction Burner


The NuWave 30602 Double PIC double induction cooktop has so many neat features, we’ll probably miss a few. But here are the coolest ones:

  • 6 press-and-go quick settings (low, medium low, medium, medium high, high, max/sear)
  • 94 temp setting from 100F-575F (5 degree increments)
  • 2 hour Keep Warm setting
  • 100 hours of programmable memory
  • Runs up to 100 hours without shutting off.


  • ​Separate control pad for each burner
  • Start button, Pause/Clear button, 6 one-touch setting (Low through Max), Up/Down keys, number pad, clock set, program set (Time, Temp, Stage, End)
  • Digital display for each burner with clock and error code readouts as well as setting and programming functions
  • The total max power for both burners is 1800 watts, or a total setting of "10." In other words, you can set each burner to any combination that equals a total of 10: 5 and 5, 2 and 8, 7 and 3, etc. If you set both burners to their max settings, the induction cooker will compensate by sending the max possible to each without exceeding 1800 watts.


  • ​One 1800 watt burner and one 900 watt burner with separate controls
  • Standard 120V outlet plug-in
  • Glass-ceramic cooktop with plastic control panel
  • Plastic/steel housing
  • 94 temp levels from 100F-575F (5 degree increments)
  • Dimensions and weight: 25.5 in. x 16.0 in. x 4.0 in. 18.0 lbs.

Safety Features

  • Auto pan sensor
  • Error code display.


Excellent temperature range, the most granular settings of all double induction burners (5 degree increments), shortcut keys for easy setting, programmable and memory settings, runs for 100 hours with no auto shutoff.


Mediocre construction, complicated control panel with a lot of options that you may not get much use out of.


Induction technology will change how you cook! It’s faster, cleaner, and easier. With the NuWave Double PIC double induction cooktop, you have the best of both worlds. You can simplify your cooking with the 6 quick settings, or you can take advantage of its programmable features to “teach” it how to do the cooking for you. This double induction cooktop is an excellent choice for entertaining and portable needs, and with its wide temperature range, it’s probably the best choice if you’re looking to replace a full-sized cooktop.


Buy the NuWave Double Induction Burner at Amazon's best price:

Third Place: Cuisinart ICT60 Double Induction Cooktop


Cuisinart bought this double induction cooktop from Waring Pro. It has a lineage that goes back several decades and is known for its quality appliances.

Check out the Cuisinart ICT60 reviews on Amazon!


The Cuisinart ICT60 double induction cooktop is a durable, no frills, simple-to-use double induction cooktop. It features:

  • ​Simple control panel with 8 settings on the left burner and 5 settings on the right one
  • 1200 watt and 600 watt burners, which means both can be used at max power simultaneously
  • Different sized burners for maximum efficiency with large and small pans
  • Even heating with no hot spots
  • Limited 5 year warranty on the motor.


  • ​Separate controls for each burner
  • Each burner has a Power button, Timer button, Heat button, Up/Down arrow keys, digital display
  • Since the total wattage equals 1800, the settings will not decrease on one burner if you increase the setting on th other
  • 150 minute timer on each burner.


  • ​Left burner 1200W max with 8 power levels: 200W (1), 300W (2), 450W (3), 600W (4), 750W (5), 900W (6), 1050W (7), 1200W (8)
  • Right burner 600W max with 5 power levels: 200W (1), 300W (2), 400W (3), 500W (5), 600W (5)
  • Standard 120V outlet plug-in
  • Glass-ceramic cooktop
  • Dimensions: 23.5 in. x 14.25 in. x 2.5 in.
  • Weight: 7.0 lbs.

Safety Features

  • ​Auto pan sensor
  • Auto shutoff for overheating
  • Auto shutoff after 180 minutes.


Simple to operate, can use max settings on both burners simultaneously, different sized-burners (much like a regular-sized cooktop), 5 year warranty.


A max of 600W on one of the burners may be a drawback for some people. We like it, however, because you can run both burners at max power simultaneously. Some reviewers also complain of malfunctions early on and poor customer service.


We love the Cuisinart ICT60 double induction cooktop for its ease of use and straightforward controls. With its big burner and small burner, the ICT60 is more of a single burner with a little something extra than it is a stove replacement. Even so, the 600W burner is capable of most cooking tasks a more powerful burner can do, including boiling water. It will just do it a little more slowly. We like the different burner sizes, as fitting two full-sized pans on any double induction burner can be a challenge. We also like that Cuisinart is an American company with decades of excellent product support backing them up. 

Buy the Cuisinart ICT60 Double Induction Cooktop at Amazon's best price:


Final Thoughts

Double induction cooktops can do full time duty in RVs, tiny homes, and other small spaces, or they can serve as extra burners for entertaining. Whatever you want, there's a model out there for you. The ones reviewed here are our recommendations. Depending on what your needs are, these are the top-rated double induction cooktops available today.

Thought or questions? Let us know in the comments section below. And thanks for reading!


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