July 11, 2022

Last Updated: September 13, 2023

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Amazon Prime Day 2022: The Best Deals on Kitchen Products

By trk

Last Updated: September 13, 2023

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 is July 12-13. You can find some great prices on 4K TVs and other electronicsWe haven't seen a lot of great kitchen deals yet, but we're keeping our eyes peeled on Amazon and other sites, and we'll add them as we find them. 

Even though the Prime Day event is just 2 days, you can expect to see deals at least through the end of the week (at all sites, not just Amazon).

You can also find deals on groceries and Whole Foods products, too (which Amazon owns).

Be sure to read our shopping tips, too, because not every deal that sounds great actually is.

And most important of all? If you don't have an Amazon Prime membership, sign up NOW! You can't get the deals if you're not a Prime member.

What Is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a 48-hour shopping holiday for Amazon Prime members. The first Prime Day was back in 2015 to celebrate Amazon's 20th anniversary. It was a huge hit, so Amazon decided to bring it back annually. (There's even a rumor that they're going to have a second Prime Day in the fall, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.)

Amazon Prime costs about $15 a month, or $139 for a year. It may sound like a lot, but if you buy from Amazon a lot, you'll save that much on shipping fees. Plus, you get a discount at Whole Foods, access to Amazon video, games, and music, plus a whole bunch of other benefits.

Check out more about Amazon Prime and sign up here

How Long Do Prime Day Deals Last?

Officially, Prime Day is the 48-hour period July 12-13, but many deals started in June and will go through at least the end of the week, especially on competing sites--we will link to the best deals we've found, regardless of what site they're on. 

For more information on smart shopping and how to get the best deals, see these articles:

Can You Trust Amazon Reviews?

Amazon Prime Day: A Primer

We also want to say here that just because the price is given as a sale price doesn't necessarily mean it's a good deal. We looked at a lot of different sites to determine which deals were actually deals.

In other words, don't trust without verification.

And sadly, this was very true for a lot of the kitchen products on Amazon. Maybe they're waiting until actual Prime Day, but a lot of the prices we found just weren't that great.

Having said that, here's a handful of truly excellent deals we've found. 

We will add more if we see them, and let you know via e-mail. If you're not on our mailing list, you can sign up here, or bookmark our site and check back to see if we've found more deals.

We promise, we're only sharing the real deals in kitchen products.

Opal Nugget Ice Maker

GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker

See it on Amazon (About $480, regularly $579)

This is the king of nugget ice makers, and it's $100 off. Looks like Opal has come out with a new model that has Wifi--but do you really need that? Since we did our article on nugget ice makers, this is the first time we've seen the price come down. So grab it while you can!

If you love chewy ice, this is the home ice maker to get. The quality is exceptional and it makes your cold drinks so much more fun.

Vitamix Blenders

See the 750 Low Profile on Amazon (About $400, regularly $630)

See the 5200 on Amazon (About $300, regularly $405)

See 7500 at Costco with 2 20-oz to-go cups ($500, regularly $630)

If you're in the market for a professional grade blender, the Vitamix is the premium brand. We recommend the 750 low profile model. Yes, it's more expensive, but the taller ones won't fit under your upper cabinets, so you have to store the container separately. It's also more powerful--so go ahead and crush as much ice as you want.

If you're a member, the 7500 at Costco is also a super deal. It's one of Vitamix's higher-end models, it's low profile, and it's a great deal. 

This is a great time to buy a Vitamix.

FoodSaver V4400 Vacuum Sealer

See it on Amazon (About $140, regularly $200)

If you've been wanting a new vacuum sealer, this is one of the best deals we've seen so far. This vacuum sealer is one of FoodSaver's most popular, and it's skyrocketed in price over the last year from about $180 to as high as $220. So this is an excellent price.

This is a very automated sealer, with automatic bag detection, moisture detection, bag roll storage, and a handheld zipper bag sealer for reusable bag sealing. It also has excellent user reviews, with a 93% positive reviews. 

It lacks the Pulse button, which is a useful feature, but at this price, you can live without it. A truly great deal.

see our Foodsaver review

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 Micom Rice Cooker

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

See 5.5 and 10 Cup model on Amazon (About $150 for the 5.5 cup, regularly about $185)

See 3 Cup model on Amazon (About $115, regularly about $160)

The Zojirushi is the Cadillac of Japanese electronic rice cookers, and this is the lowest price we've seen on it ever. It's not the induction model, but in our testing, this one made excellent rice for a few hundred dollars less. Highly recommended.

We think the 5.5 cup is the best size for most households, but the 3 cup is great for two people people, and the 10 cup is the right choice if you're feeding a small army.

See our Japanese rice cooker review


All-Clad D3 14 Piece Set 

All Clad D3 14pc set

About $1299, made in USA

See All-Clad D3 14 Piece Set on Amazon

See All-Clad D3 14 Piece Set at Crate & Barrel--bonus roaster included (recommended)

The listing says it's 22% off, but you can find a nearly identical set at Williams-Sonoma for the same price not on sale. In fact, this is the standard price for this 14 piece set; it's not marked down at all.

Also, the Amazon listing says there's a chef's pan, but the photo shows a Dutch oven (just like the Crate & Barrel set).

In any case, it's a great set, if you're looking for a boatload of cookware. All the pieces are good sizes with no filler pieces, which is unusual for a set this size. This set includes:

-10" and 12" skillets

-2-quart and 3-quart sauce pans with lids

-3-quart and 6-quart sauté pans with lids

-5.5 quart Dutch oven with lid

-8-quart stock pot with lid.

And if you buy from Crate & Barrel (which we recommend), you get a free oval roaster and oven mitts:

All-Clad oval baker and oven mitts

We recommend D3 as All-Clad's best performing and best-priced cookware. This set, with the large skillets and large stock pot, is a great find.

If you're looking for a smaller set, this 7 piece set of All-Clad D3 for about $490 is the only real deal on All-Clad cookware we've seen. But be sure you like the set pieces before you buy: some of them are great, like the 3 quart sauce pan and 8 quart stock pot, but the 10-inch skillet is a bit small, and the 3-quart sauté pan is a medium-sized pan. If you cook for more than two people, you'll probably need to buy a bigger skillet to augment this set. 

What about the other sets? The prices aren't discounted, even though they say they are. Trust us: you can't believe everything you see on the Internet.

Amazon Basics Stock Pot

Amazon Basics stock pot 8qt

See it on Amazon (about $40)

We haven't tested any Amazon Basics products at all, but we can tell you that if you want to save money on a piece of cookware, a stock pot is a great piece to budget. Stock pots are used exclusively for liquids, so full cladding is unnecessary. A disc-clad stainless steel stock pot is all you need to get decent durability and performance.

For about $40, this 8 quart pot is a great deal. If you want to make large batches, you may want something larger, but this really is a great buy.

Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Dutch oven

See them on Amazon (6 quart about $33, regularly $53)

If you've been craving a colorful enameled Dutch oven, this is a fantastic deal. There are three sizes, and we think the 6 quart is best: it's large enough to make family-sized meals, but not so large that it's unmanageably heavy--and the 7.3 quart doesn't appear to be on sale (yet). 

And, the 4.3 quart size is actually about $10 more than the 6 quart.

We love Le Creuset, but if it's not in your budget, this Amazon model gets amazing reviews, with a positive rating of 94% (wow). Budget models tend to crack and chip more easily, but at this price, you can replace it about 10 times for the price of one Le Creuset. 

Tramontina Tri-Ply Clad 14 Piece Set

Tramontina Tri-Ply Clad 14pc Set (Brazil)

About $300, Made in Brazil

See it on Amazon

See it at Wal-Mart

See our Tramontina Cookware Review

Once again, this isn't a discounted price, but it's a great price on high quality cookware. If you're looking for a big set of clad stainless steel cookware, Tramontina Tri-Ply Clad has some of the best set pieces around for an excellent price.

Set pieces include:

- 8", 10", and 12" skillets

- 6-quart deep sauté pan with lid

- 2-quart and 3-quart sauce pans with lids

- 5-quart Dutch oven with lid

- 8-quart stock pot with lid

- Steamer insert (fits 3qt. sauce pan).

Or, if you buy the Wal-Mart set, you get a pasta insert for the stock pot instead, and the pots have glass lids, but it's about 2$ cheaper.

We've gone back and forth over the years as to which All-Clad D3 knockoff is better quality: Tramontina Tri-Ply Clad, or Cuisinart Multiclad Pro. We've decided that Tramontina Tri-Ply Clad is the winner for a few reasons. First, it's a favorite of many kitchen and review sites, including Wirecutter and Serous Eats, where in some testing it has actually out-performed All-Clad. Second, MC Pro is a little thinner and we've seen a lot of complaints about the skillets warping; it hasn't happened to us, but we've enough bad reviews that we've changed our mind on it.

The large stock pot, skillet, deep sauté pan, and steamer (or pasta insert) make this a super versatile set that we highly recommend. 

Craft Flat-Bottomed Hammered Wok

Craft Wok

See it on Amazon (About $48, regularly $60)

This is a hand-hammered carbon steel wok for use on a regular stove top (the flat rather than round bottom). It's hard to beat a carbon steel wok, the classic material for a real Chinese wok.

Carbon steel woks aren't typically expensive, but you can save some money if you buy now.

see our wok review

Viking 5-Ply Hard Anodized 10-Piece Stainless Cookware Set

About $800, made in China

See set on Amazon

See our Viking Cookware Review

If you've been lamenting the demise of All-Clad's LTD2 line, here's your chance to get an equally high quality set of heavy duty anodized cookware with a stainless cooking surface rather than nonstick. 

Once again, it's not discounted, but this set is worth the asking price, so we're including it here.

The pieces include:

- 8" and 10" skillets

- 2-quart and 3-quart sauce pans with lids

- 4-quart sauté pan with lid

- 5-quart Dutch oven with lid.

We would prefer a 12 inch skillet, but other than that this is a great set that will last forever and provide top notch heating performance.

Instant Pot Duo 9-in-1

See it on Amazon (about $80 for the 6qt or $100 for the 8qt)

To be honest, we're not huge fans of the Instant Pot or of electric pressure cookers in general; we prefer stovetop pressure cookers, which are smaller and can reach higher pressures, meaning faster meals. You can also get better browning because electric models can't compete with the high heat output of a stovetop burner. 

But if you've been considering a pressure cooker and want an electric model, the Instant Pot Duo is an excellent choice, and this is an excellent price: we've seen the 6 quart usually goes for about $150, so this is a great deal. 

The 8 quart is considerably larger, but it's the best size if you're feeding a family or like to do meal prep or make stock (and if you haven't used a pressure cooker to make stock or bone broth, you definitely should). You can only fill a pressure cooker about two-thirds full, so the 8 quart maxes out at just over 6 quarts, and the 6 quart makes even less.

This is a bona-fide great Prime Day deal.

Instant Pot Omni Air Fryer

Instant Pot Omni Air Fryer

See it on Amazon (About $200)

See it at Target (About $200)

Maybe because Instant Pot is one of the original deals on Prime Day, you can trust this brand to have real sale prices when they say so. We've seen this air fryer/toaster oven on other sites for $240-260. So this is a real deal. 

If you don't want to get it from Amazon, you can find the same deal price at Target.

We haven't tested this product  so we can't personally vouch for it, but it has more than 30,000 reviews, with an 89% positive (4- and 5-star) rating. That's pretty impressive.

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor and Spiralizer

See it on Amazon (About $60)

We've seen this as high as $80 elsewhere, so this is a pretty good deal if you're looking for a food processor and/or spiralizer. This food pro has 450 watts, which makes it less powerful than most Cuisinart models.

If you don't care about spiralizing and want something with more power, this refurbished Cuisinart is also about $60 (new about $170). It has 550 watts and a 13 cup capacity, plus a 90 day money back guarantee from Amazon. 

Refurbished items are a great way to get premium products at a substantial discount.

Thermapen One Instant Read Thermometer

Thermapen One Instant Read Thermometer

See it at Thermoworks

If you've always wanted a Thermapen (and why wouldn't you?), this is the time to buy. The Thermapen One is at the lowest price we've ever seen: $78.75. This is a great discount for Thermapen's latest and greatest technology.

What makes a Thermapen worth the cost? (After all, you can get an instant read thermometer for under $30.) Plenty: 

  • One second readings (!)
  • Accurate to +/- 0.5F
  • Motion sensing sleep/wake mode
  • Brighter backlight than MK4
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • 5 year warranty.

The build quality of a Thermapen exceeds any other brand we've seen, and the One is even better--and at a lower price than their old model for a limited time.

If you do any cooking at all, we recommend this thermometer. It's great for so many things.

KitchenAid 600 Professional 6 Quart Stand Mixer (Refurbished)

Kitchenaid Professional 600 Stand Mixer 6 qt

See it at Wal-Mart (about $300)

This is a seriously fantastic deal: the same refurbished mixer on Amazon goes for $699--and the new ones go for $899. It has the same 90 day return policy as Amazon and is certified to work like a new one.

The 6 quart is the biggest size, so it's big and heavy. But it's also the best deal we've found on Kitchenaid mixers by far. It's actually cheaper than some refurbished smaller sizes we've found. 

Best of all, it comes in 6 color options.

So if you've been wanting a Kitchenaid mixer, snap up this deal before it's gone. It's an amazing price.

Amazon also has some deals on Kitchenaid mixers, but this Wal-Mart find is the best we've seen. If you want a smaller size, we recommend going with the 5 quart tilt-head mixer rather than the smaller 3.5 quart because it has the most power. But it is larger and heavier, so if that's a consideration for you. the smaller one on Amazon is also a pretty good deal.

About the Author

The Rational Kitchen (TRK) is a collaborative effort, but the founder, editor, and writer of most of our articles is Melanie Johnson, an avid cook, kitchenware expert, and technical communications specialist for more than 20 years. Her love of cooking and the frustrating lack of good information about kitchen products led her to create The Rational Kitchen. TRK's mission is to help people make the best decisions they can when buying kitchen gear. 

When not working on product reviews, Melanie enjoys reading, playing with her dog Ruby, vintage video games, and spending time outdoors and with her family.

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