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Are Euhomy Nugget Ice Makers Good Quality? A Detailed Review

By trk

Last Updated: July 30, 2023

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Euhomy manufactures several ice makers, from large commercial models to countertop ice makers. They're rapidly becoming a recognized name in home nugget ice makers. How do they compare to the more expensive Opal, and other home nugget ice makers? 

We took a detailed look at Euhomy's two countertop nugget ice maker models, plus a bullet model for comparison. We'll tell you all about these ice makers and see how they compare to other well known brands (like the Opal).

Euhomy Ice Makers at a Glance (Comparison Table)

Here's a look at Euhomy's two nugget ice makers (left) and their super affordable bullet ice maker (right). Nugget ice and bullet ice are not the same.

Euhomy IM-03 Nugget Ice Maker
Euhomy IM-03 Nugget Ice Maker

26 lbs of ice per day

3 qt. water tank

4.8 lb ice basket

Auto or manual water fill

Auto start/stop ice production

Ice Full/Add Water indicators

Self-cleaning function

Size: 21"Dx19.7"Wx13.1"H

Weight: 30 lbs

240 Watts

3 color options

1 year warranty.

Euhomy IM-10 Nugget Ice Maker
Euhomy IM-10 Nugget Ice Maker

33 lbs of ice per day

2.6 qt. water tank

3.5 lb ice basket

Auto or manual water fill

Auto start/stop ice production

Ice Full/Add Water indicators

Self-cleaning function

Size: 10.4"D x 16.6"W x 17"H

Weight: 38 lbs

170 Watts

1 year warranty.

Euhomy IM04 Bullet Ice Maker
Euhomy IM-04 Bullet Ice Maker 

33 lbs of ice per day

2.8 liter water tank

4.4 lb ice basket

Manual water fill

Auto start/stop ice production

Ice Full/Add Water indicators

Self-cleaning function

Size: 17"D x 9.6"Wx 17.6"H

Weight: 29 lbs

240 Watts

1 year warranty.

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About Euhomy

Euhomy is a small company that specializes in ice makers and ice-related products. From the Euhomy website:

For people in need of using ice and pursuing a pleasant and refreshing life, Euhomy provides customers with high-quality ice-making, ice-using, and ice-keeping products. Euhomy attaches great importance to the needs of consumers and makes it easier for users to enjoy cool, refreshing moments by continuously improving our products and services.

By exploring the ice types and ice densities that are more suitable for various soft and hard drinks and by exploring more efficient ways to store and process ice, Euhomy is dedicated to helping users to live the 'cool' life anytime, anywhere.

In addition to countertop ice makers, Euhomy makes commercial ice makers, small refrigerators, and portable refrigerators that run on a 12 volt battery (that is, a car battery). The company is headquartered in the USA, with manufacturing facilities in China (which may or may not belong to Euhomy; we suspect at least a few of their products are purchased pre-made).

Euhomy's annual revenue is less than $5 million. They sell their products primarily through Amazon and Wal-Mart. 

Euhomy is known not only for their ice makers and ice-related products, but also for their excellent customer service. They have a reputation for following through on warranties, replacing broken products, and making sure their customers are happy. 

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What Is Nugget/Sonic/Pellet/Chewy Ice?

Nugget ice closeup

Nugget ice, also known as Sonic, pellet, chewy, and sometimes Chick-fil-A ice, was popularized by the Sonic drive-through fast food chain. We found this definition on the website (Sonic was founded in Oklahoma in the 1950s):

Pellet ice is made by passing water through a cold metal cylinder. The water freezes on the cylinder, forming a thin sheet, which is scraped off by an auger. This process results in flake ice. The flake ice is then forced through a small tube, which compacts the flakes. As the ice exits the tube, it either breaks off or is cut into small nuggets or pellets.
Sonic ice is likely so popular because of some of the properties of pellet ice. Pellet ice has much more air and has a much greater surface area than a typical ice cube. This matters because the air pockets in pellet ice act as insulation, which allows the ice to melt more slowly. It turns out the air pockets have other benefits. They make the ice much easier to chew, and also allow some of the drink to work its way into the ice nugget. Each piece of Sonic ice is a reminder of the delicious beverage it cooled. 

This nugget ice has become hugely popular because people love its texture. Chewy ice has been around commercially since the 1980s, but nugget ice makers for the home are a fairly new invention (less than ten years old).

A few interesting facts about nugget ice:

  • The original chewy ice was invented by Scotsman in 1981. See Scotsman ice makers on Amazon (they are not all chewy ice makers).
  • Nugget ice is not bullet ice. Bullet ice is harder and crunchier, though somewhat similar in appearance.
  • As the number of nugget ice makers on the market increases and prices continue to drop, the nugget ice craze continues to grow. 

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What's So Great (and Not So Great) About Nugget Ice?

A bunch of things:

People go crazy for the texture of nugget ice. Because of how it's made--compressed flakes--it's softer than regular ice and easy to chew.

Because it's softer, you might think it melts faster, but it actually melts slower than regular ice because the inner air pockets insulate it, helping it stay cold longer.

The nuggets are typically smaller than regular ice, so they fill up a whole glass. 

The soft texture of the ice absorbs the flavor of the drink, making the ice even more fun to chew.

Finally, nugget/pellet/chewy/Sonic ice is white, so it looks better in displays, such as underneath seafoods at a fish counter. 

On the negative side, chewy ice makers are more expensive than regular or bullet ice makers. 

Some people prefer clear ice, and pellet ice is white/cloudy.

And, countertop nugget ice makers for the home are more expensive than regular ice makers. This is because the process of making nugget ice is more complex, so although you'll probably see prices come down as these ice makers gain popularity and the market gets more competitive, they'll probably never be as affordable as regular ice makers.

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What to Look for in a Countertop Nugget Ice Maker (A Buying Guide)

Here are the important features to think about when buying a countertop nugget ice maker (and will work for any type of countertop ice maker).

Size, Weight, and Location

Most countertop chewy ice makers weigh between 30 and 50 pounds and are about the size of a mini refrigerator or a very tall microwave. Portable models should weigh less than 20 pounds and are about the size of a tall toaster (a handle is a nice feature on a portable model, too).

Many countertop ice makers are too tall to fit underneath an upper cabinet. Or even if they fit under an upper cabinet, if the lid is on the top of the unit, you can't put one there. So you need to be sure you have a spot for one before you buy.

Ice makers also require a good amount of clearance to operate correctly and not overheat: at least a couple of inches on each side and in the back, too.

An ice maker should also be kept out of direct sunlight.

Manual or Automatic Water Hookup?

Most home ice makers are similar to coffee makers in that you add water manually and you don't need a drain (unlike commercial ice makers, which need a water supply and a drain). Some offer both options so if you want a dedicated water connection, you can have one. However, they don't require a drain, but you will need a sink or bucket for draining when you clean the unit (more on that below).

Filling an ice maker manually works best for most home users. It frees you up to put the ice maker wherever you want it and requires little to no installation. In fact, it is probably the main reason countertop ice makers have become so popular. But if you have a water supply available, that's also a great option. 

Maximum Amount of Ice Per Hour/Day (And How Fast Can It Make Ice?) 

Commercial grade nugget ice makers produce a minimum of 80 pounds of ice per day, another reason they are overkill for home users. That's more ice than even the best house party in the world could need. 

Nugget ice makers designed for the home make 24-35 pounds of ice per day--a pound or more an hour--which is plenty for most families. If you are having a party or need extra ice for some other reason, you can bag up the ice and put it in your freezer (although, because the ice is soft and often wet, the ice can freeze together into a big mass--you can fix this with a rubber mallet or an ice pick). 

With the daily output of ice so similar in home nugget ice makers, it probably isn't the best way to choose a brand (that is, 30 pounds isn't that much more than 24 pounds). The more important feature is how fast it makes ice. It takes most ice makers awhile to ramp up to maximum production, but once they're there, most can produce a handful of ice within about ten minutes of filling. If your ice production is slower than that on a regular basis, there may be something wrong with the ice maker.

Ease of Use

Euhomy nugget ice maker IM-03 control panel

Euhomy control panel.

Most countertop ice makers are easy to install and operate. The Euhomy ice makers have a simple control panel with just a few buttons for On/Off and Clean, and indicators for Add Water and Ice Full. You may also have options for different ice sizes (though none of the Euhomy models we review here do). 

As long as an ice maker is functioning correctly, cleaning is the hardest part of using one (we talk more about this below). 

Storage Capacity

How much ice can the ice maker hold at once? Most can hold 2-3 pounds of ice. The Euhomy models we review here can hold 3.5-4.8 pounds of ice, so their bins are pretty good-sized.

The more important factor is whether the maker keeps the bin full. The Euhomy models we tested do this satisfactorily, although a larger bin can result in more melting (all countertop ice makers recycle the melted water into new ice).  

How Long Will It Hold Ice Before Melting?

No countertop ice makers have refrigerated bins, so once made, the ice begins to melt. The water drips into a reservoir and is recycled into more ice. It may sound weird, or like a flawed design, but in this way the ice maker is able to keep the bin full as long as there's water to make ice.

In our testing, the GE Opal did the best job of keeping ice cold (see our Opal review for more information). It has a double-walled design that keeps the ice cold for a surprisingly long time.

The Euhomy ice makers do a good, but not great, job with this. That is, the ice melts fairly quickly, and sometimes you can get a large mass of ice on the bottom of the bin. 

One solution for this is to remove the ice as soon as you can after it's made, before it has a chance to get soft, and put it in the freezer. If it's too soft, it can freeze together, but you can loosen it with a rubber mallet or an ice pick. 

Or, you can just get accustomed to scooping just the top few layers of ice, which are freshest and coldest. There's not much you can do about the melting ice on the bottom of the bin except try to avoid using it.

No ice maker holds ice for very long, and the Euhomys are in the middle of the pack: better than some, but not as good as others. 


When making ice, most home ice makers operate at about 50-60 decibels. This is approximately equal to a running refrigerator compressor (which makes sense), or a normal conversation. 

In other words, ice makers aren't terribly loud. However, you may find them annoying, especially if they're close to the dinner table or other areas of interaction. 

You may also dislike the sound of ice falling into the bin, but in testing this quickly became a background sound that we stopped paying attention to. 

If the sound of a running compressor or of ice falling into a bin are things you think you'll hate, you should probably re-think the whole idea of getting an ice maker. 

Some brands of chewy ice makers get complaints about being loud. Many do seem to develop new sounds as they age, and some of these are unpleasant, such as high-pitched squeals and whines. If this happens, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible because something is not working correctly.

Most Euhomy nugget ice makers run at just under 50 decibels, which makes them about average or a little quieter than most. 

Lid/Opening Position

Where do you scoop the ice from? Many nugget ice makers have top access, so you scoop the ice from the top of the machine. 

Given that the ice begins to melt as soon as it drops into the bin, top access is probably the best design. With pull-out bins, you can have issues with water dripping everywhere when you're scooping ice.

We preferred the pull-out bin with the Opal--it is easier to see and access the ice, and easier for kids to access as well--and did not notice a problem with dripping water (although they do provide a drip tray to place in front of the ice maker), but with the Euhomy IM-10, the pullout bin model, we had a lot more dripping, probably because the bin isn't as well insulated as on the Opal.

So for the Euhomy ice makers, we prefer the top access model, so much so that we do not recommend the pull-out bin model. Top access is less messy and more convenient all the way around.

Power Consumption 

Power consumption will vary by unit, usage, and other factors. However, the Find Any Answer website says this about ice makers:

Ice maker energy use is around 350 kilowatt hours (kWh) in a month—at a typical rate of $0.06 per kWh, that would cost around $21 a month.

This amount assumes you leave the ice maker on all the time (as you should, unless you're going away for more than a couple of days).  

So, an ice maker does use a fair amount of energy, and this is certainly something to think about before you buy (a refrigerator ice maker, for example, would add minimal expense to your monthly electric bill).

Extra Features

You can find extra features on some ice makers, though not a lot of nugget ice makers. They include:

  • Fancy lighting
  • Bluetooth/wifi for controlling the ice maker remotely
  • Ice dispenser
  • Water dispenser
  • More than one size of ice.

The only extras that we think might be worth having are the ice dispenser and the water dispenser (but only if it's cold). But extra features are just more things that can go wrong, and with ice makers already fairly delicate and short-lived appliances, you may not want a lot of extra features.

As far as we know, the only nugget ice maker with bluetooth/wifi is the GE Opal. It allows you to control the ice maker remotely, which is kind of cool, but certainly not a necessity.


Most nugget ice makers come with a one year warranty. We recommend (again!) that you buy an extended warranty that covers the ice maker for 3-5 years. Wal-Mart has 3 or 4 year extended warranties on most Euhomy ice makers, and Amazon offers a 5 year extended warranty on them. The price of an extended warranty can vary, but they are usually less than $30, and we think it's money very well spent.

Extended warranty offers can change or even go away--at this time, the Euhomy bullet ice makers don't have an extended warranty option--so if you want the extended warranty, be sure one is available before you buy.

The good news is that Euhomy has a reputation for excellent customer service, so you should be covered no matter what. 

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About Water for Ice Makers

Please use filtered water for your ice maker.

The water you use for your ice maker is an important consideration. For the best ice and the least amount of cleaning, you should use filtered or distilled water.

You can use tap water, but all the impurities in it, from iron to chlorine, are going to take a toll on the ice maker and cause more rapid buildup of sediment.

Filtered water is cleaner, so it will help to keep the ice maker cleaner. The best type of filtered water is reverse osmosis, which removes nearly every possible contaminant found in drinking water (and tap water can contain a lot of contaminants). Filtered water will also allow you to clean the ice maker less often, approximately monthly rather than weekly (depending on usage).

Distilled water is also a good choice. Though some people don't like the flavor of it, it is the cleanest water you can use. You can buy it by the gallon (or 5 gallon) jug. Some ice makers allow you to dump the jug into them from the top, which is a great way to fill your ice maker (Euhomy makes some with this option, though none of the Euhomy models we review here have it).

For more about reverse osmosis, and why they are a wise choice for all tap water, see our article on The Best Reverse Osmosis Systems for Your Home.

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About Cleaning Ice Makers

There's no other way to put it: ice makers are a pain to clean. Yes, nearly all of them have a Clean cycle, but it is not as easy as just pressing a button. You also need a place to drain the water, and you need to remove the inner parts and clean the inner surfaces, too. If you don't do this, slimy goop can build up, and it can contain pathogens which can make you sick.

And after cleaning, you have to flush water through the ice maker several times before it's ready to make ice again--so you need to either have it near a sink, or have a good-sized bowl or bucket ready to catch all the runoff.

And to allow it to drain, you have to disconnect the hoses and reconnect them when you're done (by far the easiest part of cleaning, but still, more than pressing the Clean button).

Cleaning your ice maker is, for most people, the biggest hassle of owning one. And if you don't do it often enough, or thoroughly enough, that goop can get pretty gross.

This is another reason why you should use filtered water (preferably RO or distilled) in your ice maker: the cleaner the water, the less often you'll have to clean your ice maker.

Cleaning is something that people may not think about before buying an ice maker, and the complexity of it is downplayed by makers in the product literature, so we wanted to let you know what's involved.

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Euhomy IM-03 Ice Maker Review

Euhomy IM-03S Nugget Ice Maker

See Euhomy IM-03 Nugget Ice Maker on Amazon

See Euhomy IM-03 Nugget Ice Maker at Wal-Mart

About $340 

What we like: The Euhomy IM-03 Nugget Ice Maker gives you nugget ice at a reasonable price, being one of the most affordable chewy ice makers we've found. It comes in three colors, black, stainless, and silver, with the silver being the lowest priced (don't know why or if that's a temporary promotion). Since they all look quite similar, we recommend going with the lowest priced one.

This Sonic ice maker gets excellent reviews overall, with some complaints about the unit dying within a few months of purchase. Most people are happy with the Euhomy customer service, who worked with them to diagnose and fix the problem or send them a new ice maker. 

It's a great feature that you can fill it manually or hook it up to a water source and it fills automatically--though probably most people will fill manually because that's what makes these countertop ice makers so much more convenient than commercial ice makers, which need to plumbed in with a water source and a drain. 

When adding the water manually, you pour it right into the ice basket area, so if there's ice you have to remove the basket first. We though this was a bit of a pain, but we're more accustomed to filling the side tank on the GE Opal, which makes manual filling super easy. This isn't awful, but it would be nice if it had a dedicated spot for adding the water.

The 3 quart water tank and 4.8 lb ice basket are both great. You'll probably only have to fill the ice maker once a day for average ice use. The basket size is huge and holds a lot of ice--but unfortunately, the basket area is not well insulated, so the ice melts fairly fast, and you can end up with a sheet of ice on the bottom of the basket. This is fairly standard for most ice makers (but why can't they use better insulation?).

The noise level is about the same as other ice makers, though some reviewers complained about whines, squeals, and other odd noises--but if you get these, the ice maker is probably not working properly. In testing, the loudest sound was ice dropping into the basket--if you hate this sound, place the ice maker out of your main living area so the noise doesn't drive you crazy. 

What we don't like: Scooping ice out of the top is our least favorite feature of this ice maker, but it's a small issue. 

The self-cleaning feature works, but keep in mind that it's not as easy as you might think from reading the description. See our description above for more information.

In general, cleaning ice makers is a bit of a hassle and needs to be done regularly, at least once a month if you're using filtered water and probably weekly if you're not. This is true for all ice makers, but is something to be aware of before you buy. 


  • 26 lbs of ice per day
  • 3 qt. water tank
  • 4.8 lb ice basket
  • Auto or manual water fill
  • Auto start/stop ice production
  • Ice Full/Add Water indicators
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Size: 17"D x 9.6"W x 17.6"H
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • 170 Watts
  • 1 year warranty.
Euhomy IM03 Nugget ice maker dimensions

Pros and Cons of the Euhomy IM-03 Nugget Ice Maker

  • An affordable nugget ice maker
  • Makes great nugget ice fast
  • Large ice basket (almost 5 lbs)
  • Can fill manually or hook up to dedicated water source
  • Cleaning cycle, fill indicator, and automatic start/stop ice making.
  • The ice bin area is not well insulated so ice melts rather quickly
  • Some reviewer complaints about short life span (get the extended warranty!).

Recommendation for the Euhomy IM-03 Nugget Ice Maker

The Euhomy IM-03 makes great nugget ice. The design is thoughtful, with a big tank, big ice bin, and the ability to hook it up to a water line or fill manually. It gets mostly good reviews and we had no problems while testing it. However, a lot of the negative reviews suggest that this ice maker won't last much more than a year (if that). For about $300, that may not be something you want to risk--but good luck with other nugget ice makers, because this seems to be the norm rather than the exception across the industry.

We recommend going with an extended 5 year warranty for a few extra dollars to cover your purchase, as it is unlikely to last that long.

If you want an affordable nugget ice maker, this is the one we recommend.

Euhomy IM-03S Nugget Ice Maker

Buy the Euhomy IM-03 Nugget ice maker:

Amazon buy button

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Euhomy IM-10 Review

Euhomy IM-10S Nugget Ice Maker

See the Euhomy IM-10 Nugget Ice Maker on Amazon

See the Euhomy IM-10 Nugget Ice Maker at Wal-Mart

About $340

The Euhomy IM-10 is a newer model, first out in August 2022. It looks much like the much revered GE Opal, but the price is quite a bit less--at about $340, it's around $200 less than a GE Opal, and about $300 less than a GE Opal 2.0. 

How does it compare to the Opal? It makes ice a little faster--about 12 minutes for the first nuggets vs. about 20 minutes for the Opal. With a 33 lb daily ice capacity, it makes 9 pounds more than the Opal, and it holds as much water as the Opal side tank, without the tank. 

It has all the important features, such as Auto Start/Stop ice production, a Full/Add Water indicator, and a Self-Cleaning function. It also has the option to fill manually or hook up to a water supply, which the Opal doesn't have (manual fill only). It's roughly the same size (no side tank) and weighs about 10 pounds less.

It does not have any Wifi or Bluetooth capability, so you can't control the ice maker remotely.

What we like: It makes great nugget ice, although it can be a little hard when fresh, so it's best if it sits for awhile in the bin to soften it. It makes ice fast. It looks nice sitting on the counter. It has all the features you need and none that you don't. Best of all, the price is excellent for a nugget ice maker.

What we don't like: Overall this nugget ice maker got pretty mediocre reviews from users. There were a lot of complaints about slow (or no) ice coming out, and squeaks and grinds happening after just a week or two of use. 

Also, a lot of reviewers complained about that when you pull the bin out, water drips everywhere. Dripping is part of the design, as the ice bin is not refrigerated and the ice melts as it sits and gets recycled into new ice. But the dripping can be quite bad, especially if the ice has sat for awhile before you scoop it out. Euhomy (like GE) includes a plastic tray to catch the drips, but it's not always enough if the ice has been sitting for awhile and water gets everywhere.

The Opal has a similar design, but the dripping isn't as bad, perhaps because you don't have to pull the whole bin out but rather tilt to get at the ice. The Euhomy IM-10 is designed a little differently so you have to pull more of the bin out to get at the ice.

If you're careful about when you pull ice out--before it's had a chance to soften and melt--then this probably won't be a big issue. But if you don't want to be careful, then you may have more than a few messes to clean up. 

Also, all the same cleaning issues apply to this ice maker, too (it's a hassle). See our description above for more information.

When we tested this unit, we had no issues at all. It made ice quickly, quietly, and worked flawlessly. The bin would drip when we took it out, but we found the mess it made mostly manageable (but a bit of a pain). But because so many reviewers complained about it, and because of the mediocre reviews and all the other problems people had, we recommend the other Euhomy model, the IM-03. 

Though it seems that all home ice makers have a finite life span, the IM-10 needs some design improvements before we can recommend it.


  • 33 lbs of ice per day
  • 2.6 qt. water tank
  • 3.5 lb ice basket
  • Auto or manual water fill
  • Auto start/stop ice production
  • Ice Full/Add Water indicators
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Size: 10.4"D x 16.6"W x 17"H 
  • Weight: 38 lbs
  • 170 Watts
  • 1 year warranty.

Pros and Cons of the Euhomy IM-10 Nugget Ice Maker

  • Affordable
  • Looks great
  • Makes ice fast
  • Large ice bin and large daily capacity
  • Excellent customer service.
  • The pull-out bin drips water on the counter
  • Complaints about lasting just a few months  (get the extended warranty!)

Recommendation for the Euhomy IM-10 Nugget Ice Maker

We can't recommend this chewy ice maker because of all the reviewer complaints. If you want to save on a nugget ice maker, go with the other Euhomy model reviewed here, the IM-03. 

Whichever one you go with, we recommend an extended warranty (5 years). The extra $30 or so will be well worth it when you need to replace it.

Euhomy IM-10S Nugget Ice Maker

buy the euhomy im-10 nugget ice maker:

Amazon buy button

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Euhomy Bullet Ice Maker IM-04/IM-01 Review

Euhomy IM04 Bullet Ice Maker

Eumhomy Bullet Ice Maker (IM-04).

Euhomy Bullet Ice Maker

Euhomy Portable Bullet Ice Maker (IM-01) in white.

Euhomy Bullet Ice Maker IM-04 on Amazon (about $140, n/a at Wal-Mart)

Euhomy Portable Bullet Ice Maker IM-01 on Amazon (about $60-130)

Euhomy Portable Bullet Ice Maker IM-01 at Wal-Mart

Bullet ice is not the same thing as pellet ice. It is harder, crunchier, and usually larger than pellet ice:

Nugget ice

Nugget/chewy/pellet/Sonic ice.

Bullet ice

Bullet ice.

So the bullet ice has a similar shape as nugget ice, but the similarity ends there. However, if you want to save some money, you can get a bullet ice maker (or a square cube maker) for significantly less than a nugget ice maker.

What we like: These both make bullet ice but the portable model is smaller, lighter, and makes less ice in a day: 26 lbs vs. 33 lbs. We like the larger model for a daily ice maker and the portable for, well, when you want to bring an ice maker with you in your travels. But the GE Opal makes (a full-sized ice maker) makes just 24 pounds per day, and it is enough for many families.

Overall, these ice makers get great reviews and we had no problems during testing. The noise level is about the same as other ice makers, though some reviewers complained about high-pitched squeals and other odd noises (which seems to happen to most ice makers eventually).

We like the large water tank and the large ice bin (on the IM-04), but if you aren't frequently scooping out the ice you can end up with a mass of frozen ice at the bottom of the bin. This will melt eventually and recycle into cubes, but if 33 pounds per day of ice is more than you'll use, you may want the smaller model. 

The portable model is available in three colors: black, white, and silver/stainless steel.

What we don't like: The self-cleaning feature works, but as with other ice makers, it's not as easy as just running the Clean cycle. See our description above for more information.

Euhomy gets pretty good marks for customer service, but a few reviewers complained about not getting any responses at all. This doesn't seem to be the norm, but be aware that it's a possibility.

Finally, as the market matures and we learn more about ice makers in general, we're finding that it's not uncommon for an ice maker to have a limited life span. Some may die after just a few months, and should be covered under warranty, but some may die after a year, in which case you'll have to pay to replace it unless you purchase an extended warranty. This seems to be a common denominator across the industry, regardless of the brand (although the more expensive GE Opal seems to have a longer average life span than other brands, about two years).

Euhomy is well above average in reviews and positive ratings, and at their lower price point, we think pretty much any Euhomy ice machine is a good bet. These bullet ice makers are always going to be cheaper than the chewy ice makers, so if you can live without chewy ice, these are the best bang for your buck (though not nearly as much fun).


For the full-sized ice maker/portable ice maker

  • 33 lbs of ice per day/26 lbs of ice per day
  • 2.8/2.2 liter water tank
  • 4.4 lb/1.5 lb ice basket
  • Manual water fill (both)
  • Auto start/stop ice production (both)
  • Ice Full/Add Water indicators (both)
  • Self-cleaning function (both)
  • Size: 15.74"D x 9.68"W x 16.92"H/14.2"Dx9.4"W x 12.6"H
  • Weight: 28 lbs/26 lbs
  • Noise Rating: about 45 decibels (both)
  • 100 Watts/240 Watts
  • 1 year warranty (both).

Pros and Cons of the Euhomy IM-04/IM-01 Ice Makers

  • The large model makes more ice per day than many ice makers (33 lb)
  • The portable model makes more ice than the GE Opal (26 lb)
  • Large ice basket and water tank on the larger model
  • The portable model is easy to travel with
  • Both can be filled manually or hooked up to a water supply.
  • The full-sized model is quite large
  • Complaints about lasting just a few months  (get the extended warranty!)
  • Complaints about bad customer service
  • Complaints about noise (though no louder than other ice makers we've tested).

Recommendation for the Euhomy Bullet Ice Makers

If you don't care about having Sonic chewy pellet ice, you can save some money by buying one of these bullet ice makers instead. The portable one is better for traveling, but we prefer the bigger ice basket and water tank of the full-sized one. Both are more reasonably priced than Euhomy's chewy ice makers and both get good reviews. 

Euhomy also makes a square cube ice maker that we didn't test, but looks like a good machine and gets good reviews--the cubes are clear, too, which some people prefer over the whitish-colored chewy and bullet ice. The square cube maker also has an option to attach a jug of water for filling, which the IM-01 and IM-04 do not have (i.e., you can only fill them by pouring the water in manually). 

Whichever model you buy, we recommend buying the extended warranty for a few more dollars, because there are enough negative reviews to suggest that the life span of these ice makers may not be more than about a year (true for most countertop ice makers, not just Euhomy).

Euhomy IM04 Bullet Ice Maker

buy euhomy full-sized bullet ice maker (IM-04):

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Euhomy Bullet Ice Maker

buy euhomy portable bullet ice maker (IM-01):

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Euhomy Nugget Ice Makers Vs. GE Opal

GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker

The GE Opal: the chewy ice maker that started it all.

The GE Opal is the most popular nugget ice maker in the world, and with good reason: it's one of the best built and longest-lasting nugget ice makers on the market. But at a price of around $600 for the newest model, it's understandable if you want to find a less expensive alternative.

What do you get from the Opal for that price? Well, the Opal has many of the same issues as the Euhomy ice makers and every other brand. That is, it can be noisy (and get noisier as it ages), it can be slow to make ice, and it can quit working after a fairly short time. It's also a pain to clean (again, like all ice makers).

However, the Opal does seem to last longer, on average, than other countertop nugget ice maker brands. 

How much longer? You will almost certainly get 1-2 years of service from your Opal before it gives up the ghost. For Euhomy and other brands, that average time seems to be about 6 months.

These are estimations, and there's no guarantee how much life you'll get out of any ice maker. But whichever one you buy, you'll be doing extremely well if you get two years of use from it.

Is the Opal worth the money? If we've learned anything in our research and testing of ice makers, it's that they're a gamble. All of them. The Opal will probably last longer, but at the higher cost, it's certainly still a gamble. 

We think Euhomy is a viable alternative for people who want to spend less for nugget ice, as well as other ice. But whichever ice maker brand you decide on, we (again) strongly recommend buying an extended warranty. 

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Other Ice Makers We Looked At

If you've wondered why so many of these chewy ice makers look alike, we suspect it's because most of these ice makers are made by one or two companies and sold to other companies to label and sell as their own. (Hicon is one of these companies.) You can tell not only by the similar appearance, but by the similar specs. 

We're not sure if Euhomy makes their own ice makers (this can be difficult information to find). But several others look very similar and have similar specs. So it's certainly possible.

In any case, here are some other popular nugget ice maker brands that we looked at.

Gevi Household Countertop Nugget Ice Maker: Looks very much like the Euhomy IM-03 and has similar yet slightly different specs. It is also about the same price ($300). The reviews aren't great, and the unit seems to have a common life span of about 6 months. Of course, if it breaks at 6 months, this is still under warranty, so that may be a good thing. 

Luma Comfort Clear Ice Cube Maker: Not a nugget maker, but cheaper at about $200, and it makes lovely clear ice cubes. This model gets mediocre reviews. There are several complaints about being hard to clean, intermittent problems with filling and emptying, and with the unit not lasting very long (all pretty standard stuff for countertop ice makers). 

Dreamiracle Countertop Ice Maker: Not a nugget ice maker, but a bullet ice maker. For about $100, you may be able to live with that. It gets similar complaints as all the other ice makers we've looked at: short life, hard to clean, "full" indicator stopped working, etc. For the price, this just may be the best investment you can make in a countertop ice maker. 

Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker: For under $400, you can get a commercial grade ice maker from Euhomy. It is not nugget ice, it's cubes, but this ice maker has better reviews than all the countertop ice makers we looked at. It makes 100 lbs of ice per day and the basket holds 30 lbs--it's not insulated, so you should plan on saving ice elsewhere if you need to stock up more than that. If you have the water supply and space, this could be a great addition to your home or small business.

XBeauty Countertop Nugget Ice Maker: About $330. It has slightly better reviews than other ice makers, but with many of the same complaints: squeals and screeches, metal shavings found in the bin, and only working for a short time (less than six months) or not working at all. 

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Euhomy Nugget Ice Makers FAQs

Here are some common questions about Euhomy ice makers.

Do Euhomy Nugget Ice Makers Get Good Reviews?

Euhomy nugget ice makers get pretty good reviews. In general, they get better reviews than most other brands, but not as good as the GE Opal. They seem to have many of the same problems as other countertop ice makers, including odd noises, indicators that stop working, and a fairly short life span (anywhere from six months to two years).

Are Euhomy Nugget Ice Makers a Good Value?

Euhomy nugget ice makers are more affordable than the GE Opal and similar in price to many other brands. If you want an ice maker that's going to last several years, then you probably won't think any ice maker is a good value. However, if you buy one knowing that you'll probably have to replace it within two years, then you probably will think it's a good value. 

Because of the finite life span of countertop ice makers, we recommend buying an extended warranty.

Is the Euhomy Nugget Ice Maker Easy to Clean?

Euhomy (and other makers) make it sound as if their ice makers are as easy to clean as pressing a button, but this is only part of the story. You have to run the clean cycle, then drain the water, then flush it through several times with water to get rid of the cleaner flavor; you also have to have a place to drain the flushed cleaner and water--either a sink or a bucket. You also have to remove the bin and wash it and wash the inside of the ice maker. If you don't do this regularly, at least monthly, you will get slimy buildup of bacteria that can make you sick. 

No ice maker is easy to clean, even if it has a self-cleaning cycle. They all need to be wiped out regularly. Using filtered water will help, but they still need to be cleaned at least monthly.

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Final Thoughts on the Euhomy Nugget Ice Makers

Euhomy IM03 Bullet Ice Maker

So to answer the title question, are Euhomy nugget ice makers good quality? For the price, they are as good as any other brand out there, with the possible exception of the GE Opal, which is a lot more expensive. 

One thing that makes Euhomy a real contender is their reputation for excellent customer service. Not all ice makers offer this.

Euhomy sells several models of ice makers, including the nugget ice makers we reviewed here and some commercial grade models for not a lot more. Countertop ice makers seem to have a fairly finite life span, somewhere between six months and two years. For this reason, along with their rep for great customer service, we think the affordable Euhomy brand of nugget ice maker is a good choice--but we strongly encourage you to buy an extended warranty (5 year). The peace of mind is well worth it.

For nugget ice, we like the Euhomy IM-03 model, mainly because it won't drip water on your counter when you're scooping the ice out. 

Thanks for reading!

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