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Cookware Made in the USA: A Complete Guide

By trk

Last Updated: January 15, 2024

All-Clad, cookware, Heritage Steel, Made in USA

If you want to buy 100% American-made cookware, it requires a fair amount of research.

We did the work of finding cookware actually made in the USA. This wasn't easy because some companies are quietly moving their operations overseas while striving to maintain the image of having an American-made product. 

We found a surprising amount of wrong information about cookware made in the USA, and we had to really dig to find some of this information--but we're pretty sure we got it right. 

Aluminum and Nonstick Cookware Made in the USA

Most nonstick cookware is made in China, but we found three brands who still make some of their nonstick cookware here.

We recommend buying only nonstick skillets, not entire sets, because of their short life span. They tend to lose their nonstick properties quickly, and you really only need a nonstick cooking surface on your skillet (and even then, it's best for certain foods, like eggs and fish).

We have several articles on buying nonstick cookware, reviews, safety information and more. See our Cookware page for a list of our nonstick articles.

Ameriware Professional Nonstick Cookware

See Ameriware Professional website

This is Regal's line of nonstick cookware. Heavy duty cookware, contains PTFE (Teflon). It has a 25 year warranty but that probably doesn't cover wear and tear of the PTFE. Worn-out nonstick coatings are not considered a manufacturing defect, so they typically aren't covered under a warranty.

And no matter how much you spend, a nonstick coating is only going to last 1-5 years.

But if you want nonstick cookware guaranteed to be fully made in the USA, this is a great option.

Calphalon (Elite Line Only)

Calphalon Contemporary skillet

See Calphalon Elite at Williams-Sonoma

Go to Calphalon website

Calphalon is an American company with several cookware lines. They're best known for their aluminum nonstick cookware, but they make clad stainless steel cookware as well as other products.

There's a lot of confusing and conflicting information on the Internet about which Calphalon lines are made where. 

A lot of people think all Calphalon cookware is made in the USA, but the only line still made here is Calphalon Elite, which is sold at Williams-Sonoma.

Other interesting facts:

  • All other Calphalon nonstick lines (besides Elite) are now made in China; they say that some of the pieces are still made in the US but they don't specify which ones, so it's impossible to know if you're getting US-made nonstick Calphalon unless you buy the Elite line.
  • All of Calphalon's clad stainless steel and cast iron cookware is made in China. 
  • All Calphalon knives, bakeware, and small appliances are made in China.
  • Unison and AccuCore (probably as well as other lines) were made in the USA but have been phased out and replaced by lines made in China, though you may still be able to find some of these lines online.

Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware skillet

See Nordic Ware Texas Skillet on Amazon (pictured here)

See Nordic Ware store on Amazon

See Nordic Ware cookware at

If you want to be sure to buy American-made nonstick, Nordic Ware is a better bet than Calphalon. Nordic Ware makes aluminum nonstick cookware and bakeware. They are a small, privately owned company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They still make most of their cookware and bakeware in a factory in the Twin Cities--but not all of it. 

We couldn't find information on what is made here and what is made overseas. Our best guess is that if you buy their core products--aluminum nonstick cookware and bakeware--it's made in the USA. If you buy one of their other products, there's a decent chance it's made in China. 

LloydPans (PTFE free)

Lloyds Pizza Pan

See Lloydpans on Amazon

Lloydpans makes hard anodized, semi-nonstick cookware--known best for their pizza pans, but they also make cookware. Lloydpans cookware contains no PTFE or other PFAS forever chemicals. The pans are high quality and come in a few different types of proprietary nonstick (or semi-nonstick) coatings. 

Lloydpans are a 100% USA-made product, manufactured in a factory in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Tramontina Porcelain Nonstick Cookware Set

See Tramontina Nonstick cookware set on Amazon

Tramontina has factories all over the world. As far as we know, this is the only Tramontina cookware made in the USA.

It's fairly standard, porcelain-coated exterior with a PTFE nonstick cooking surface. At just over $100 for a 16 piece set, don't expect high quality (regardless of where it's made). 

Vollrath Wear-Ever

Vollrath WearEver nonstick skillet

See Vollrath Wear-Ever on Amazon

Vollrath is a Wisconsin-based manufacturer that makes dozens of kitchen products, many of them in China. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that their Wear-Ever line of aluminum nonstick cookware is made in the USA. 

Vollrath makes commercial grade products for restaurant kitchens, so they are super heavy duty. The Wear-Ever line is reasonably priced, too. 

Because Vollrath makes a lot of their products overseas, we can't guarantee with 100% certainty that all of the Wear-Ever line is made in the USA. Our best recommendation is to check the listing before you buy. (And we do know that the skillet linked to above is made in the USA.) 

Since Vollrath is a commercial product company, they often do not honor warranties for items sold to home users. This isn't a big deal for cookware, but you may want to get an Amazon extended warranty if you decide to go with this brand.

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Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, and Carbon Steel Cookware Made in the USA

Cast iron skillets have had a resurgence in popularity, and several small, artisan cast iron makers have popped up in the last few years. Almost all of them are made in the USA.

Whether or not you want to pay artisan prices for cast iron cookware is another question, but if you don't, there's always Lodge, which has some of the most reasonably priced made-in-USA cookware on the market.

But you have to be careful! Because not all Lodge pieces are made in the USA, either. Lodge bare cast iron and carbon steel pans are made here; their enameled cast iron is made in China.

In any case, cast iron is an excellent substitute for nonstick cookware, which people are moving away from for a number of reasons such as potential health and safety issues, environmental issues, and having to be extremely careful about temperature and utensils. Cast iron has none of the worries that come with nonstick cookware--and it lasts forever.

For more information on cast iron skillets, see our article The Best Cast Iron Skillets: How Much Should You Spend?


Field cast iron skillet: Cookware Made in the USA

See the Field website

Field makes beautiful pans, and they also have the lightest cast iron in the business. You will pay a premium for it, but if you or someone you know loves cooking with cast iron but has mobility issues, Field offers top notch cast iron in a (slightly) lighter package. Its highly machined finish is one of the smoothest you'll find anywhere.

You can read more about Field in our cast iron skillet review.


Finex Cast Iron Skillet

See Finex cast iron on Amazon

See Finex website

Finex is beautifully made cast iron, with a price to match. Whether you love or hate the octagonal design, it's definitely eye-catching. It may be a bit over-engineered, but it's high quality cookware. One of the heavier boutique brands on the market--weighs more than standard Lodge pans. 100% made in the USA.

Lancaster Cast Iron

Lancaster Cast Iron Skillet

See Lancaster website

Beautiful, high quality artisanal cast iron made in Pennsylvania. The 10.5" skillet goes for about $175. It weighs about 4.5 pounds, which is surprisingly lightweight for cast iron. It has an extremely smooth surface, made like the old school cast iron Griswold pans. 

If you're looking for a lightweight cast iron pan (which we think is a better choice than carbon steel), and you're willing to pay a premium for it, Lancaster offers some beautiful, functional skillets. They also sell wooden utensils, cutting boards, and kitchen-related accessories (leather handle covers, pot holders, coasters, and more).


Lodge cast iron skillet: Cookware Made in the USA
Lodge carbon steel skillet

See Lodge cast iron on Amazon (left)

See Lodge carbon steel on Amazon (right)

Lodge is one of the oldest and most trusted US brands. But if you want to buy an American-made product, stick to their bare cast iron and carbon steel skillets, because their enameled Dutch ovens are made in China.

It's tough to beat Lodge prices and quality. If you want a skillet for your kitchen workhorse, Lodge is an excellent choice. The cast iron is not as smooth as the boutique brands, but at a fraction of the price, you can live with the rougher surface until seasoning and use fills it in (polymerized oils fill in the rough spots and make the pan smoother and more nonstick with every use).

Most other inexpensive cast iron skillets are made overseas, so Lodge is one of the few choices--maybe the only choice--for budget-friendly, American-made cast iron. 

The carbon steel skillets are good quality, 2.6mm thick (12 gauge) with riveted handles--we like Vollrath better because the handles are welded, but the carbon steel is thinner, so if you want a heavier pan made in the USA, Lodge is the right choice.

You can read more about Lodge in our cast iron skillet review.


Nest cast iron: Cookware Made in the USA

See Nest braising pan on Amazon

See Nest Homecare website

Nest makes gorgeous artisan cast iron. One of the reasons to buy artisan cast iron is that the surfaces are machined to a fine polished smoothness, and Nest has one of the smoothest surfaces you'll find. Whether this is worth the premium price tag is up to you, but it is a pleasure to use, and look at, this gorgeous cast iron. 

Its "cherry tree" handles are unique in the business; they're pretty, but more importantly they feel natural in the hand and are a great help with holding and stabilizing the pan. 

Smithey Ironware

Smithey cast iron skillet: Cookware Made in the USA

See the Smithey Ironware website

It's another gorgeous artisan cast iron skillet. 

If you're in the market for the artisan stuff, the main reason to buy one brand over another is really just aesthetic choice. Since all cast iron is durable and will last for life, get the one you want: no matter how much you spend, your cost-per-year-of-use will be low. We think the Smithey pans are some of the prettiest ones out there.


Solidteknics Wrought Iron Skillet

See Solidteknics on Amazon

See Solidteknics website

Solidteknics makes wrought iron, not cast iron products. The steel used has a lower carbon content, which makes it less brittle and also improves its heating properties--they're better than cast iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel (at least according to the manufacturer, but it makes sense because of the lower carbon content). The pans are also thinner (because, less brittle), and won't crack like cast iron can do. This also makes them lighter weight than cast iron--but just as heat retentive, which is great.

"Wrought" means pressed or hammered into shape. It's not a common practice anymore, but Solidteknics cookware is bringing it back. 

Solidteknics pans are 100% made in the USA.

The pans are also surprisingly well-priced, with the 10-inch skillet going for about $89 and the 11-inch for just under $100. 


Stargazer cast iron skillet

See the Stargazer website

Stargazer skillets, like other artisan brands, also have an extremely smooth surface and are one of the few cast iron brands to have a turned pouring lip to help prevent drips. They have a grooved handle--similar to the All-Clad handle that gets a lot of hate but is actually an excellent design, safety-wise--that can help stabilize the pan a little better than some other handle designs. 

You can read more about Stargazer in our cast iron skillet review.

Vollrath Carbon Steel

Vollrath carbon steel skillet

See Vollrath carbon steel on Amazon

Vollrath makes a few lines of cookware and not all of them are made in the USA. Their carbon steel pans are made here, and their welded handles make them our USA-made choice for carbon steel (no rivets to clean around and collect gunk). 

Vollrath is also one of the thinnest carbon steel pans on the market, so if weight is an issue for you, this is a great choice--but it won't hold heat as well as thicker-gauge carbon steel, much less cast iron. A few reviewers said the pans warp, too, but the ones we tested were fine.

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Clad Stainless Steel Cookware Made in the USA

There are three or four American makers of clad stainless, and two of them make several lines of cookware. The makers with several lines are Regal Ware and New Era; we list their lines separately except for the many waterless brands from Regal Ware, which are all very similar.

There's also All-Clad, the new startup Made In, and USA Pan. 

All of the made-in-USA clad stainless cookware is excellent quality, so it's hard to go wrong with any of it.

Just be sure you're getting the features you want--if you do that, this will probably be the last set of cookware you'll ever buy. 

360 Cookware

360 waterless cookware set: Cookware Made in the USA

See 360 Cookware sets on Amazon

See 360 skillet on Amazon

360 cookware is one of the brands made by Regal Ware in West Bend, WI. It is considered a waterless brand, meaning you can cook with very little water and no added fat. For more on waterless cookware, see our detailed analysis.

Unlike other waterless brands, however, 360 makes a lidless skillet and has no gimmicky vents or steam controls. 360 is high quality clad stainless cookware and great for all-around use, waterless or otherwise. 


All Clad D3 7 pc set: Cookware Made in the USA

See All-Clad D3 7 piece set on Amazon

See All-Clad D3 covered skillet on Amazon (a top deal!)

See All-Clad Copper Core on Amazon (the best upgrade option)

Most of All-Clad's clad stainless cookware, made in Canonsburg, PA. It is probably the best known and most popular American-made cookware. It is excellent quality, and worth its purchase price. It has a lifetime warranty and its cost-per-year-of-use is low, making it a good bargain if you're looking for a set of cookware that will last a lifetime.

All-Clad makes several lines and all are great. We recommend their basic tri-ply, D3, if you want the best price and best performance on American-made cookware. Copper Core is our upgrade choice. See our Ultimate All-Clad Review, our Copper Core Review, and All-Clad D3 Vs. D5: Which Is Better? for more information.

Note that while most of All-Clad's clad stainless cookware is still made here in the USA, the company makes some products overseas, including the lids for their clad stainless cookware (all lines). Their aluminum nonstick cookware, electronics, utensils, and disc-clad stainless steel pieces are all made in China. 

Their new line of Fusiontec enameled steel cookware is made in Germany.

So if you want a 100% American-made product, All-Clad is not it. 

American Kitchen Cookware

American Kitchen cookware 5 pc set: Cookware Made in the USA

See American Kitchen cookware on Amazon

See the American Kitchen website

American Kitchen is made by Regal Ware in West Bend, Wisconsin. Their lines include tri-ply clad stainless and cast aluminum nonstick cookware.

Though we haven't tested it, there's no doubt this is high quality cookware. Prices are in the All-Clad range, so that's the market they're going after. 

We don't have a lot more information on the American Kitchen line, but we can tell you that it is a 100% American made product, including lids and nonstick aluminum pans.

American Waterless Cookware

American waterless cookware set: Cookware Made in the USA

See the American Waterless Cookware site

American Waterless cookware is made by the New Era company in Clarksville TN. It is excellent quality waterless cookware. You can see from the picture that this is pretty standard waterless cookware. It is top quality stuff, though, with "vacuumatic" lids and made from 316Ti "surgical" stainless steel (as are many of the New Era brands).

There are a few different lines of American Waterless so if you're interested in it, your best bet is to follow the link above and do your research on their site. There's also a toll free number you can call with questions or to set up an appointment with a representative.

Belkraft Waterless Cookware

Belkraft waterless universal set

See the Belkraft website

Belkraft is a waterless, "vacuumatic" cookware brand made by New Era Cookware. Like their other brands, Belkraft is made of 316Ti surgical stainless steel and 439 ferritic (magnetic) stainless for induction compatibility. Both of these steels are considered extremely durable and corrosion resistant.

As you can see from the photo, Belkraft and American Waterless (above) are very similar in design. There's no doubt the lines differ, but we haven't done enough research to tell you how--you'll have to contact the company to find out more. 

Belkraft is a direct-to-consumer brand, so you have to contact the company (via the website) to request information. We have no doubt it's high quality cookware, but the "waterless" label usually carries a premium price--and you can get other New Era cookware (like Heritage Steel), made of the same steel, for less. 

Heritage Steel (by Hammer Stahl--by New Era) 

Heritage Steel 10 pc set: Cookware Made in the USA

See Heritage Steel cookware sets on Amazon

See Heritage Steel skillet on Amazon

See Heritage Steel sauce pans on Amazon

See Heritage Steel sauté pans on Amazon 

Go to Heritage Steel website

Heritage Steel is another brand owned by New Era Cookware in Clarksville, Tennessee. New Era also made Hammer Stahl and American Clad, but these brands have now become Heritage Steel.

Heritage Steel is 5-ply cookware with three internal layers of aluminum. Like many New Era products, Heritage Steel is made from 316Ti stainless, a high grade of surgical stainless with titanium and molybdenum. These additional compounds make 316Ti more corrosion resistant than regular 18/10 stainless, particularly against salt corrosion. The external stainless is 439 stainless, a ferritic stainless (for induction compatibility).

In short, this is extremely durable cookware. 

We also really like the sets of this brand: they contain good-sized pieces and no filler pieces. In some sets, the skillet comes with its own lid, which is uncommon, and a nice perk.

For more information, check out our Heritage Steel Cookware Review.

Made In

MadeIn cookware set: Cookware Made in the USA

Go to Made In cookware site

Made In is a direct-to-consumer brand founded by a Kickstart campaign in 2016. Since then, they've expanded their stainless cookware and knives to include carbon steel, nonstick, and copper cookware, as well as bakeware, glassware, flatware, and cooking utensils. 

Probably the first thing to know is that not all Made In products are made in the USA. In fact, the only Made In product made in the USA is their clad stainless cookware--and according to their site, not even all the clad stainless pieces are made here, though unfortunately, we weren't able to determine which pieces aren't. Their carbon steel pans are made in France and their nonstick pans are made in Italy. So while they don't have any products made in China, their products are definitely not 100% made in the USA. 

Made In's early marketing emphasized their American-made cookware. Today, the Made In name refers to the fact that the company finds the "best artisans" around the world to make their cookware. Fair enough--but it's caused some confusion for people who want cookware made in the USA.

Made In is not the best bet if you want American-made cookware. With the way they package their cookware sets--that is, with clad stainless, carbon steel, and nonstick pieces all together--it's difficult, if not impossible, to buy a Made In set that's fully made in the USA.

Also, before buying, you should know that many brands of carbon steel are less expensive than the Made In prices: you can find a 12-inch carbon steel skillet on Amazon for $20-$40 less than the Made In price (and other than thickness, all carbon steel is pretty much the same, so there's no real reason to pay a higher price for it). 

So even if you like the idea of buying a set that contains stainless and carbon steel, and possibly nonstick, too--and don't mind that not all the pieces are made here--you may be paying too much for it. 

About the clad stainless cookware: Made In stainless is 5-ply with 3 inner layers of aluminum. The walls are 2.7mm thick (which is 0.1mm thicker than All-Clad, probably intentionally). The cookware has a huge, loyal following and tends to get great reviews.

If you want to learn more about Made In cookware, see our article Made In Vs. Misen: Which Is Better?

Health Craft, Lifetime, Royal Queen, Saladmaster, Kitchen Craft

Saladmaster waterless cookware set: Cookware Made in the USA

See the Health Craft website

See the Lifetime website

See the Royal Queen (Amway) website

See the Saladmaster website

See the Kitchen Craft website

These are all brands of waterless cookware made by Regal Ware in West Bend, Wisconsin. Though they have different configurations (some have 3 plies, some have as many as 9), they are all sold by the direct selling method--meaning you'll most likely have to talk to a representative and watch a demonstration before you'll know the price. 

If you think All-Clad is expensive, you'll be shocked at what these high-end waterless brands go for.

People swear by brands like Saladmaster and Kitchen Craft, which has an excellent reputation for quality and durability, as well as for aiding those who want to live a healthy, low-fat lifestyle. However, you can cook healthily with any cookware--including cookware much less expensive. 

See our articles Waterless Cookware: A Detailed Analysis and Saladmaster Cookware: Okay, Outstanding, or Overpriced? for more information.

Proclamation Goods

Proclamation Goods Stainless Pans

See the Proclamation Goods stainless pans

See the Proclamation Goods carbon steel pans

Proclamation Goods is a new maker that came on the scene in 2019. Their offerings are quite minimalist:

  • a 3 piece set that includes a stainless skillet, stainless deep skillet/chef's pan (they call it a "pot"), and a stainless lid that fits both pieces;
  • a 3 piece set that includes a carbon steel skillet and the same deep skillet with matching stainless lid.

These are 12-inch pieces and the deep skillet has a 7-quart capacity. The carbon steel skillet combo has the same dimensions. As you can see, the pans also work as lids for each other.

The stainless set is currently priced at $379, which we think is a little high for a 3-piece set. 

We haven't tested the cookware, and unfortunately the site is limited on details, so we don't know if it's tri-ply, 5-ply, or something else. Being made in Wisconsin (probably by Regal), it is no doubt high quality cookware. The stainless skillet weighs 3.5 lbs, which is heavy enough to have good heating properties.

We love that they don't offer any nonstick pieces.

Are two pans and a lid enough for most people? Maybe, depending on how many people you cook for. The 7-quart deep skillet is an extremely versatile piece that you'll no doubt get a ton of use out of. But you'll probably need more than one skillet, so this may not be enough pieces for most cooks.

And if you're using both pieces, is one lid enough? 

It's no doubt excellent quality cookware. And while we're all for not buying huge sets with pieces you won't use, we're not sure two pans and a lid is enough. 


USA Pan Cookware Set

See USA Pan store on Amazon

See the USA Pan cookware set on Amazon

See the USA Pan website

USA Pan has been around since the 1950s, but they were a commercial brand and have been selling to home users only since 2009. They are best known for their bakeware, which has a reputation as being one of the best brands on the market. 

Their cookware is 5-ply clad stainless with 3 internal layers of aluminum. It's marketed as waterless, with vapor-seal lids, but the price is considerably less than other American-made brands of waterless cookware. 

Unfortunately, we're not 100% certain that USA Pan cookware is made here in the USA. They state that their bakeware is made here, but we haven't found such a statement for their cookware.

The best we can say is that the cookware is probably made in the US.

Unfortunately, many USA Pan cookware products are out of stock, both on Amazon and on their website. They may be phasing out their cookware to focus on bakeware, which has been more successful for them.


Viking Professional cookware set

See Viking 5-ply set on Amazon

Go to the Viking cookware site

Viking--yes, the same company that makes high-end kitchen appliances--makes some, but not all, of their cookware in the USA. Their 5-ply with stainless lids (what they call their Professional line) is made in the USA; the rest of their cookware is made overseas (in China).

Viking had a 3-ply line made in the USA, but they have discontinued it. They make at least two lines of 3-ply now, both in China, including some with stainless steel lids--so while you may still find the discontinued US-made 3-ply on Amazon until it's gone forever, be aware that some of the pieces are imported.

Viking cookware is beautiful, and it's going to run as much or more than All-Clad. As pretty as this cookware is, though, we don't recommend it. The 5-ply Professional line is 2.5mm thick--compare to All-Clad D3 at 2.6mm. This means that you're paying more for thinner cookware that isn't going to perform as well. 

If you want 5-ply cookware, we recommend Demeyere Industry 5/5 Plus if you don't mind that it's imported from Belgium. If you want a made-in-USA product, we recommend All-Clad D3 or Heritage Steel.

Vollrath Tribute

Vollrath Tribute nonstick pan: Cookware Made in the USA

See Vollrath Tribute 12-inch nonstick on Amazon (tri-ply)

See Vollrath Tribute 10-inch skillet on Amazon

Vollrath is a Wisconsin-based company that makes primarily commercial-grade products. Their Mirage Pro induction burner is one of our favorite products, even though it's made in China.

Vollrath makes most of their products in China, so we were pleasantly surprised to find that some of their cookware is made here in the USA. We're not sure which of their lines are made here, but we do know for certain that the two pans we link to above are made in the USA. Most of the Tribute line seems to be made here--but check the listing carefully before buying if you want to be sure.

Since Vollrath is a commercial-product company, they often do not honor warranties for items sold to home users. This isn't a big deal for cookware, but you may want to get an Amazon extended warranty if you decide to go with this brand.

Wolf Gourmet Cookware

Wolf Gourmet cookware set: Cookware Made in the USA

See Wolf Gourmet Cookware on Amazon

See Wolf Gourmet Cookware website

Wolf-Subzero-Cole is an American company that still makes most of their products here, including their Wolf ranges and Subzero refrigerators. Their small electronics are made in China.

Their clad stainless cookware is 100% made in the USA. It's one of the few 7-ply lines of cookware, so it's heavy duty and quite durable. However, the plies are alternating layers of stainless steel and aluminum; if you've read any of our other articles, you know that we don't care for internal layers of stainless. Stainless is for durability, and adds nothing to the heating properties. Therefore, it should be on the outside of the cookware, with internal layers of heat-spreading metals like aluminum and copper. 

Furthermore, this is expensive cookware--which makes perfect sense, as it's made by a luxury appliance brand. So you're going to pay a lot for those extra layers of stainless steel, and not get much better performance out of them.

One feature of these pans that's kind of cool is that the bottoms are "beveled," which means they're slightly angled around the sides so there are no right angles to collect food particles and gunk. This means no worries when stirring or whisking, because the utensil can reach every inch of the cooking surface. This isn't cool enough for us to recommend these pans, and the drawback is that there's less flat cooking surface. 

If you want a multi-ply cookware, we recommend taking a look at Demeyere, which has a 5-ply line and a 7-ply line--it's top notch cookware, made in Belgium, and though it's expensive, you'll get unmatched performance from it, so we think it's worth the price. 

If you're set on American-made cookware, it's tough to beat All-Clad D3 or Copper Core; if you want top-notch 5-ply, we recommend Heritage Steel (see above).

For more about Demeyere cookware, see our article All-Clad Vs. Demeyere: Which Is Better? or our detailed Demeyere Cookware Buying Guide.

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Copper Cookware Made in the USA

Ah, what semi-serious cook doesn't dream of having a kitchen full of copper cookware? Not only is it gorgeous, but it's also the best-performing cookware on the market: copper heats faster and more evenly than any other type of cookware.

At least, it does if there's enough of it, and if there is enough of it, it's some of the most expensive cookware on the market. 

These two American makers are testament to that fact. You're not going to find better quality, or performance, anywhere else in the world--but it definitely comes at a premium. 

Brooklyn Copper Cookware

Brooklyn Copper Cookware: Cookware Made in the USA

See the Brooklyn Copper Cookware site

Brooklyn Copper Cookware is an artisan brand made entirely in the USA. These pans are turned on a lathe rather than stamped, so each pan is made lovingly by hand. They have the traditional tin lining (the original nonstick surface) and cast iron handles. Their copper is 99% pure and certified free of lead, cadmium, and other toxins; it ranges between 2.5 and 3.2mm thick, depending on the piece. Their tin linings are 99.9% pure--some of the purest tin to be found in cookware. Note also that tin is a much better conductor of heat than stainless, so it is the preferred lining by most serious chefs (even though it requires occasional re-tinning).

In short, Brooklyn Copper Cookware makes cookware that is top-of-the-line. It's as beautiful as it is functional, and it's one of the few truly artisan cookware products still made anywhere in the world.

It may not be a pan you'd buy for yourself, but if you have a cookware enthusiast on your holiday gift list and a big budget, a pan from BCC would be a gift that would last for a lifetime--and one that would be remembered for a lifetime.


Duparquet: Cookware Made in the USA

See Duparquet cookware website

Duparquet is another artisanal brand of copper cookware made entirely in the USA. It's beautiful stuff, with a few more offerings than BCC: they make tin-lined and silver-lined copper cookware, as well as a few pieces of all-silver cookware; they also have a collection of knives and bowls.

If you don't know, silver is an even better conductor of heat than copper. The only reason it's not used extensively in cookware is because of the cost. Few people want to pay the price for silver cookware.

But Duparquet gives you that option, so if you're looking for something unique and really special, check out this site. 

Hammersmith Cookware

Hammersmith Copper Cookware

See Hammersmith Cookware website

Hammersmith is an artisanal copper maker located in New Jersey. The company as it exists today was founded in 1987, but its roots go back to the 1930s. Hammersmith is committed to traditional, hand-made copper cookware. 

Hammersmith cookware has the traditional tin lining, with silver lining available on request. Skillets, sauté pans, au gratin pans, and braiser pans("rondeaus") are 3mm thick. Sauce pans are 1.5mm thick.

Prices are surprisingly reasonable for artisan copper cookware. Skillets are priced at $250-$325, sauce pans are priced from $250-$450. Braiser pans and sauté pans go higher, but are affordable compared to most other brands of artisanal copper cookware.

Hammersmith also offers re-tinning services on all brands of tin-lined copper cookware.

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Cookware Made in the USA FAQs

Here are some common questions about cookware made in the USA.

Is Cookware Made in the USA Better Quality?

Most cookware made in the US is high quality. There are also high quality brands of cookware made in other countries, but if you buy an American-made brand, you are almost certain to get good quality cookware.

What Is the Best Brand of American-Made Cookware?

This really depends on what you're looking for. All-Clad is one of the best known American brands, but there are other American brands of clad stainless that are just as good, like Heritage Steel, Made In, and 360. There are also high quality American brands of cast iron, carbon steel, nonstick, and copper cookware.

Is Cookware Made in the USA Overpriced?

You will pay a premium for some American cookware brands, but prices are comparable or even less than some high quality brands made overseas. There are also some affordably priced American brands, such as Lodge cast iron and Vollrath carbon steel. 

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Final Thoughts on Cookware Made in the USA

This is the most comprehensive and accurate list of American-made cookware on the Internet. We hope it was helpful. If you know of any brands we missed, please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. you really should take Made-In off your website…it is more not made in the US than made in…

    I bought without carefully reading your article and bought their carbon steel pan….

    i learned from your website to read all the fine print…

    1. I KNOW! I think it’s incredibly ironic given their name, but only their clad stainless is made in the USA (and possibly their knives; I’m not sure). We include all of this info here. We do give them credit for not making any of their products in China, and their website is pretty up front about where the products are made. Countries include Italy, France, and Hungary, which they say are where the great artisans are, making the Made In name somewhat appropriate. But I agree, it seems a bit misleading, esp. for people who want products made in the USA.

      Sorry about your purchase…but glad you’ve learned to read the fine print. 🙂

  2. I have a question about All Clad cookware.Was all cookware marked 'Made in USA" in particular from the '90's?Thank you.

    1. Thanks Mike. We haven’t included any stoneware as it is primarily bakeware rather than cookware. We know of a few other stoneware brands made in the US. We will probably add stoneware companies at some point.

  3. I'm curious why you don't mention 360 along with the Health Craft line?

    Thanks for all your information though, I have learned a lot from your website!

    1. Hi Polly, I took a look and we talk about 360 and Health Craft. We grouped Health Craft, Lifetime, Royal Queen and Saladmaster in one chunk because they’re all made by Regal in Wisconsin. These brands are kind of hard to find information about because of how they’re sold, ie, the direct sales method. It’s hard to get a hold of a piece or two just to test. But just knowing what we know about Regal, we know they’re all top quality–just a little on the expensive side.

      Thanks for asking!

    1. Hi Polly–we just found out about this brand less than a week ago! So at this point I can’t really tell you too much about it as we haven’t tested any of the pans yet. I really like the concept, and it looks like really excellent quality at a reasonable price. And it’s really cool that it’s stamped from one piece of steel, handle and all, so no rivets. And, it’s pretty! But I’ll hold off on a final recommendation until we can get a closer look at it. 😉

    1. Thanks for letting us know. Kitchen Craft is one of several brands made by Regal. We will add it to the list of Regal waterless cookware.

  4. The insights you’ve shared about the manufacturing methods and locations of Cookware products are truly informative. Your focus on the reality that most Cookware products are made in China, with a handful also produced in Mexico and the USA, provides significant knowledge. This post will undoubtedly act as a superb resource for those keen on discovering more about the provenance of their cookware.

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