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Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

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September 28, 2017

A chamber vacuum sealer will change the way you do things in your kitchen. With it, you can get the maximum life out of your leftovers--including soups, stews, and other liquid foods--save money by buying in bulk and freezing, get the most out of your sous vide cooking, and even do quick pickling and marinades.  

Chamber vacuum sealers have gained popularity in recent years for several reasons (see more on this in the next section). If you've got the budget and the space, a chamber vacuum sealer has a lot to offer that an edge/suction sealer doesn't. It's a kitchen investment that will save you time, money, and headaches like nothing else can.

Amazon is a great place to buy a chamber vacuum seaelr. They have a huge selection, and the prices are the best you'll find anywhere. Here, we list what we think are the best sealers for home users. From the best price to the heaviest-duty to the prettiest (because hey, it's going to sit on your countertop for a long time), we tried to think of everything a home buyer might look for.

But if you don't find something you like, you can click over to Amazon and do some more shopping. They definitely have something for everybody!

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Chamber Vacuum Sealers: The Best Deals on Amazon at a Glance

If you just want to do a quick comparison of the cheapest chamber sealers and/or see them on Amazon, here's a table with the important info:




Best Overall Design:
VacMaster VP112S

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

-12" seal bar

-Use under upper cabinet

-12x11x5" chamber

-23.5 - 28.3"Hg vacuum

-57 lbs

-460W motor

-Maint. free pump (dry piston)

-Some lid issues (resolved)

-Pump not as durable as oil pump

-May be too long for your counter

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

-12.6" seal bar

-13.4x11.8x2.8" chamber


-180W motor

-1.8L/H sealing power

-Rotary oil pump (continuous operation)

-Bad instructions

-Poor customer service

-Cumbersome lid latches

-Heavy and bulky

Best Maintenance Free Pump: VacMaster VP210

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

-10.25" seal bar w/double seal

-15.5x11.5" chamber

-83 lbs

-460W motor


-Maint. free pump (dry piston)

-Heavy and bulky

-10" seal bar

-Dry piston pump not quite as durable as oil pump

-Heavy and bulky

-Pump not as durable as oil pump

Best Heavy Duty Pump: VacVida VS301

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

-10.25" seal bar

-10"x13" max bag

-77 lbs

-11.75x11.5x4" chamber

-250W motor

-Rotary oil pump (cont. operation)

-A+ customer service

-Heavy and bulky

-10" seal bar

-Rotary pump requires maintenance

-Smallish chamber

Prettiest (for home use): 
Waring WCV300

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

-11" seal bar w/double seal

-11.8x12.6x3.2" chamber (2 gal.)

-11"x13" max bag

-33 lbs

-marinade function

-100 bags incl.

-380W motor

-Maintenance free pump

-Smallish chamber

-No auto seal

Why Spend More on a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

  • To save money on your food budget
  • They don't need a cool-down period between seals
  • They're more durable than most edge sealers
  • They pull better vacuum than most edge sealers
  • They're not a "throwaway" product--and they're east to repair (if necessary)
  • The bags are cheaper than edge sealer bags.

To Save Money On Your Food Budget


Just like edge sealers, chamber vacuum sealers will help you save a lot of money on your food budget.

You can buy more items on sale and freeze them for months with no worry about freezer burn. For meat especially, this is a true game changer. 

You'll also throw out less food: leftovers, lunch meats, dairy, and produce all last longer when vacuum-sealed. 

Dry goods last longer, too: flour, sugar, rice, beans, pasta, baking items--they all last longer and stay fresher in air-tight bags. 

In fact, the average American family can save up to $2500 a year with a vacuum sealer.
(Note: This figure is from the FoodSaver website.)

So even if you save only half that figure, any of the vacuum sealers reviewed here will pay for themselves in less than half a year. 

Yes, all of these points also apply to edge sealers, too--but there are other excellent reasons to consider a chamber sealer instead.

They Don't Need a Cool-Down Period Between Seals

If you've owned an edge sealer, particularly an inexpensive one, you've surely been frustrated by the cool-down period necessary between seals, and the increasingly poor seals if used for a long time, even with cool downs. If you don't allow the machine to rest, it will overheat and be rendered incapable of pulling a vacuum. This can cause bulk sealing jobs to take a really, really long time--with a lot of sitting around doing nothing while waiting for the edge sealer to cool off.

Chamber vacuum sealers are designed precisely for heavy-duty use like bulk sealing. They have powerful pumps with a cooling feature that allows them to run for long periods without a break. 

Rotary oil pumps offer the most durable and continuous operation, but they require occasional oil changes. Dry piston pumps are almost as durable, allowing you to seal several bags in a row before a cool down is necessary (and no oil changes necessary). 

Either way you go, you'll find chamber sealers to be much more durable and usable than the average edge sealer.

They Can Seal Liquids (Here's How)

Yes, it's true: a chamber vacuum sealer can seal liquids. You can literally seal a bag of soup, without a mess, and without freezing it first. If you've only ever used an edge/channel sealer, this may sound impossible. But the physics are actually very simple.

A chamber vacuum sealer works by evacuating air from inside a chamber (rather than inside a bag, like an edge sealer does). This means that everything inside the chamber has the same air pressure (or more accurately, the same level of vacuum). Because the pressure is the same throughout the chamber-- inside and outside the bag-- the contents of the bag stay put, including liquids.  

It's not foolproof: If you've ever tried to chamber seal a warm liquid, you know that it can make a real mess. This is not the same problem as liquids getting sucked into an edge sealer. This is the result of liquids boiling due to the extremely low pressure inside the chamber. 

The warmer a liquid is, the closer it is to its boiling point, so the greater the chance that it will boil in a chamber vac. So for best results, always make sure your liquids are room temperature or cooler before sealing, and always leave plenty of room at the top of the bag to avoid a mess.

Make sure liquids are room temp or cooler before sealing in a chamber vac, or they could boil over and make a mess. TIP: If you see a liquid start to boil, stop the vacuum process immediately.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers Are More Durable Than Most Edge Sealers

A chamber vacuum sealer is far more durable than inexpensive edge sealers. Even an inexpensive chamber vacuum sealer is going to be well-built. 

This is by necessity. Removing air from a chamber requires a lot of mechanical energy. A sturdy build quality is also important to make sure that air can't seep into the chamber during the vacuum process. Therefore, chamber sealers are big, solid, heavy-duty appliances.

A chamber vacuum sealer may not be the prettiest appliance in your kitchen, but it will almost certainly be one of the sturdiest ones.

This is true even if you buy at the low end.

There are certainly well-built edge sealers on the market (Weston is an excellent example of sturdy edge sealers, of course VacMaster makes heavy duty edge sealers too), but the chamber sealers are in a different class because of their other capabilities.

They Pull More Vacuum Than Most Edge Sealers

Air pressure is measured in various units, but the most commonly seen unit in relation to vacuum sealers is "inches of mercury," also written as in-Hg and "Hg. (Hg is the symbol for mercury on the periodic table).

Perfect vacuum is considered to be -29.92 in-Hg (negative because vacuum is the absence of air pressure). It is not attainable in earth's atmosphere, but it is the standard by which vacuum pressure is measured. And since vacuum is a given negative, the minus sign is usually not used.

Many manufacturers do not supply this specification with their vacuum sealers. FoodSaver, for example, claims that this is proprietary information, not to be shared with the public. We haven't been able to find a vacuum spec on any FoodSaver product despite countless hours of research.

Thank goodness for YouTubers, who have, in the interest of answering this question, posted videos measuring the vacuum strength of inexpensive edge sealers. Here's a short one (about 2 and a half minutes) that finds the vacuum pulled by a FoodSaver to be around 22 in-Hg:

The obvious question is, "Is 22 in-Hg a lot or a little?" 

The answer is that it depends what you're comparing it to. If you're comparing it to a zip-top bag or a plastic container, then it's good; food will keep a lot longer in the FoodSaver bag than either of these.

However, if you're comparing it to a chamber vacuum sealer (or even a more expensive edge sealer like the Weston Pro 2300 or the VacMaster Pro380), then it's not so good. These higher-end sealers pull a vacuum upwards of 26 in-Hg. This is a significantly higher vacuum.

We don't mean to pick on FoodSaver; they make a good product that's perfect for many people's needs. The point is only that as you go up in price, you also go up in vacuum strength.

Why is this important? Because the more air you can remove from a bag, the longer the food will stay fresh. So vacuum pulled is an important consideration in a vacuum sealer. And by design, chamber vacuum sealers pull a stronger vacuum than edge sealers, even well built, expensive ones.

And also, the more air you can remove from a bag, the better food will cook in a sous vide water bath--more air in a bag means more insulation, which means longer and less even cooking.

This is why sous vide geeks tend to prefer a chamber vacuum sealer to other methods.

The more air you can remove from the vacuum bag, the longer the food will stay fresh. This makes vacuum strength an important consideration in a vacuum sealer.

They're Not a Throwaway Product--And They're Easy to Repair 

Okay; maybe "easy to repair" is a slight overstatement, depending on how handy you are. But they are really simple devices--and that's not really the point here.

The point is that unlike low-priced edge sealers, a chamber vacuum sealer is not a throw-away product. Most manufacturers make and sell replacement parts and offer repair services should the sealer ever need it. 

If you're handy, or know someone who is, you can find repair videos on YouTube and possibly on the manufacturer's site. So repair is totally do-able. Since there are only a few things that can go wrong (e.g., pump, sealing bar), you'd probably need only a small amount of mechanical know-how to figure out a repair yourself.

This is one of the best aspects of a chamber vacuum sealer. It is not a throw-away product designed to be discarded if it stops working. Rather, it's designed to last for decades, and to be worked on by consumers if and when needed.

In our throwaway culture, this is a refreshing feature.

The Bags Are Cheap

Chamber sealer bags cost waaay less than edge sealer bags. Depending on the quantity you buy, they can cost as little as a fifth of what you'll pay for edge sealer bags. This means you'll save money in the long run on bags, too.


Here are 44 FoodSaver bags (edge sealer) for about $15, which comes to about 34 cents per bag. These are quart bags, or about 7x8 in. 

Here are 250 VacMaster bags for about $45, which comes to about 18 cents per bag. These bags are 10x13 in., so quite a bit larger than the edge sealer (FoodSaver) bags above. (Edge sealer bags this big can run upwards of 50 cents per bag.) 

So even in small quantities, the chamber vacuum bags cost significantly less.


Brand name VacMaster bags are cheaper than off-brand edge sealer bags.

If you buy off-brand bags or rolls of bags for your edge sealer, the price comes down a little, but the edge sealer bags are still a lot more than chamber sealer bags. You'll have to estimate based on how many bags you think you'll get out of a 50-ft. roll, but the overall cost is never going to be as low as for chamber bags. (To compare: a box of 250 10x13-in. chamber vac bags is about 270 ft. of bags. You do the math.)

Why the huge price difference in bag type? Edge sealer bags need a special lining that helps to "push" air out of the bags, so they're more expensive to manufacture (and always will be). Chamber sealer bags don't need this. The equalized pressure inside the chamber eliminates this problem. So chamber sealer bags are simple, smooth plastic (and always will be).

Because edge sealer bags need to have a special lining that helps "push" air out of the bag, they will always be more expensive than chamber sealer bags.

What to Look For in a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

  • Size, weight, and "portability"
  • Type of pump
  • Extra features.

Size, Weight, and Portability

There's no getting around it: chamber vacuum sealers are big. Many weigh upwards of 80 pounds. If you get one of these behemoths, you'd better know where you want it, because you won't want to move it again once you've got it settled.

Having said that: newer chamber sealers have been streamlined. They're designed for the home kitchen, so they're lighter and easier to use. So if you want a chamber sealer that you can move around, you have options that weren't available even just a few years ago.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

The Waring VS300 is one of the lightest chamber vacs on the market, and, at 33lbs, less than half what some others weigh.

No chamber sealer is truly "portable," and if you've buying one, you probably don't care about that all that much. But if you think you may have to move it around, the weights vary enough to be a consideration. The Waring shown in the image here and the VacMaster VP112S are the two lightest weight chamber sealers on our list, with the Waring being 33 pounds and the VP112S 57 pounds.

You may also want to consider having a chamber sealer that works under an upper cabinet. The VacMaster VP112S is the only one we know of that does. It's a great feature in a chamber sealer bought for home use because it give you many more placement options than sealers that need more upper space to function.

Type of Pump

Chamber vacuum sealers generally come in two pump types: rotary oil and dry piston.

Rotary oil pumps are the most robust. You'll find them in industrial-grade sealers that cost several thousand dollars. They'll seal pretty much indefinitely without overheating. They require periodic maintenance (oil changes) to keep running properly. How often? The VacMaster website recommends about every 60 hours, or when the oil is discolored, either dark or milky. (For a home user, this could be anywhere from once every 6 months to once every 5 years.)

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

The VacMaster VP215 chamber sealer has a rotary oil pump.

Dry piston pumps aren't quite as robust, but they will also run for a long time before overheating or needing a cool-down period. They are more than adequate for most home users, even those who do large bulk sealing jobs.

Dry piston pumps are maintenance-free, so they're excellent for the buyer who has few to no mechanical skills. 

Extra Features (Accessory Port)

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

An accessory hose and canister.

Chamber vacuum sealers do not typically have a lot of extra features. Their strong, durable vacuum pumps and the ability to seal liquids are what you're paying for.

You may have had an edge sealer with an accessory port for sealing jars and other containers. This is a great feature not found on very many chamber sealers. In fact, we only know of one chamber sealer that has an accessory port: the PolyScience 300. (We don't recommend this chamber sealer because we haven't tested it and it gets mediocre reviews.)

Also, an accessory port is not nearly as useful with chamber vacuum sealers as with edge sealers. First, since you can seal liquids in the chamber sealer, you don't need to use special containers; you can seal liquids right inside the bag.

Second, you can vacuum-seal mason jars inside the chamber--no accessories required. (Some chamber sealers will accommodate half-pint and pint jars, but not quart jars--we tell you which ones in the reviews below.)

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

Mason jars inside a VacMaster VP210.

Putting mason jars right inside the chamber sealer is a great trick. It's an easy way to seal dry goods and leftovers in reusable containers. Unfortunately, most chamber sealers are large enough to weal anything larger than pint jars; the VacMasters are the only ones in this review that can even do those.

None of the chamber vacuum sealers reviewed here have accessory ports. If you're interested in a chamber sealer with an accessory port, click the link below to check out the PolyScience 300 Series on Amazon.

What Are the Drawbacks of a Chamber Vacuum Sealer?

The drawbacks of a chamber vacuum sealer are:

  • They're expensive
  • They're large and heavy (it can be hard to find a spot for them).

The drawbacks of a chamber vacuum sealer are pretty much the same things that make it such a robust machine: it's a big, bulky, heavy, expensive piece of equipment. 

Until recently, you couldn't find a chamber vacuum sealer that weighed less than 80 or so pounds. That is a lot of bulk to have sitting on your kitchen counter. But the Waring WCV300 weighs only 33 pounds--much better for home use. But it's still a big appliance that takes up a lot of space on your counter.

Other than the bulk, a chamber vacuum sealer is a joy to have in your kitchen. It's dependable. It's powerful. It's cheap to use. It pulls more vacuum than the best edge sealers on the market. And it saves food!

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Best Overall Design: VacMaster VP112S

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

The VacMaster VP112S is our favorite overall chamber vacuum sealer for home use, despite it having a fair number of complaints from reviewers on Amazon. It's the only chamber sealer that's can sit under an upper cabinet and be fully functional. The lid is hinged, so it kind of doubles back on itself, requiring a clearance of only 14 inches:

Most chamber sealers require a lot more than that, which makes it a lot harder to find a place to park them.

This sealer also has a 12 inch sealing bar, so it can seal up to a 12 inch bag--the same size as you can do with the Happy Buy chamber sealer (our "best value" pick).

The VacMaster VP112S has the same maintenance free, dry piston pump and inner workings as the VacMaster VP210 (our pick for "best maintenance free motor"). However, the VP112S has that great hinged lid and weighs about 15 pounds less. If you're looking for a maintenance free pump and something that's designed for use in home kitchens, the VP112S is exactly what you want.

The VP112S is an updated version of the VacMaster VP112, which is still available on Amazon and has an accessory port. There were some problems with the design which seem to be fixed in the new model. For this reason, we don't recommend going with the older model, unless you really want an accessory port.

Read User reviews of the VP112S on Amazon


  • Lightweight (57 lbs)
  • Can fully open underneath upper cabinet
  • Adjustable vacuum time of 30-60 seconds
  • Adjustable seal time
  • 23.5 - 29.3"Hg pulled
  • Maintenance free 2 cylinder dry piston pump
  • 12 inch sealing bar, removable for easy cleaning
  • Extra wide, 4mm seal
  • Marinade function pulls intermittent vacuum
  • Full-view polycarbonate lid
  • Rounded chamber shape for easy cleaning
  • Brushed stainless steel body
  • Digital control panel.


Here's the VP112S control panel:

It's clean in design and easy to use. With it, you can:

  • Turn the unit on and off
  • Start and stop the vacuum sealing process
  • Set vacuum level and seal time
  • Use the Marinade function.

It's easy to use, and like other VacMaster sealers, once you have all the settings where you want them, it's basically plug n' play: just put the bag in the sealer and press the Start key, or the Marinade key.

As with all vacuum sealers, you can press the Stop key at any time to stop the vacuum and seal the bag. This can be necessary when you're sealing liquids that are warmer than you'd thought and they start to "boil" into the sealing area, or any time you don't want to pull a full vacuum (such as for soft foods that will get crushed at full vacuum).



Color: Brushed stainless body, tinted polycarbonate lid (see-through)

Size (in.): 16x24x9" (14" tall when fully opened)

Weight (lbs): 57

Chamber Size (in.): 12x11x5" (can fit app. 4.5" tall jar)

Max Bag Size (in.): 12x14"

Power: 460W, standard US 120V/60Hz outlet

Vacuum Pulled: 23.5 - 28.3" Hg

Warranty: 1 yr. limited manufacturer warranty

Country of origin: Made in China.


  • 40 assorted chamber bags, 10 ea. 6x12", 8x10", 10x13", 12x14"
  • User manual.

Pros and Cons


  • Can use under upper cabinet (designed for home use)
  • 12 inch seal bar
  • Chamber is tall enough to seal pint mason jars (VacMaster has tallest chamber of all sealers reviewed here)
  • Maintenance free dry piston pump
  • At 57 lbs, lighter than other VacMaster chamber sealers
  • Excellent customer service.


  • May be too long to fit on your counter
  • May need cool down period after several seals 
  • Earlier models had some sealing issues, but this seems to be fixed.


We enthusiastically recommend the VacMaster VP112S for any home user. Negative reviews on Amazon do not reflect our experience with this sealer.

See our full review of the VP112S

buy vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer on amazon now:

amazon buy

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Best Value: Happy Buy/Vevor DZ-260C Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

The Happy Buy/Vevor DZ-260C chamber vacuum sealer is currently the lowest-priced chamber vac on Amazon. If you're looking for the best deal available, this is the one to get.

Both Happy Buy and Vevor are Amazon storefronts that look to sell primarily Chinese imports. Vevor is a manufacturer, while Happy Buy is a reseller of several kinds of products. We've lumped them together because the chamber sealer sold by both is identical. This means everything is identical, from the logo to the control panel to the model number. If Happy Buy is re-selling Vevor's vacuum sealer, they don't care if everybody knows it.

But the prices are different. So be sure to check both links to make sure you get the best price.

Note the Chinese letters on the control panel: this product is not made for an American market. Also, the user manual is almost impossible to understand. So if you're handy, this might be a great deal to snap up. But if you're not so handy, you may want to spend a little more and get a sealer with decent instructions and reputable customer service. You'll get neither with the Happy Buy/Vevor DZ-260C.

What you will get is a decent chamber vacuum sealer at a rock bottom price, a really nice 12-inch sealing bar (the longest of all the models we review here), and a programmable memory for your favorite settings (but let's be honest, you probably won't need this because once you've got it set, you won't need to change it).

Does it seal? Yes, it works just fine. We were able to figure out the settings and get it to pull vacuum comparable to other chamber sealers. But you have to know what you're doing. Also, it's slow compared to the VacMaster VP210, taking almost twice as long to create the same amount of vacuum and seal the bag. This makes sense, as it has a 180W motor, which is less than half the wattage of the VP210.

It also has a rotary oil pump, which is more powerful but also requires maintenance--another argument that only mechanically inclined people should consider this chamber vac.

Read user reviews of the Happy Buy chamber vacuum sealer at Amazon


  • Durable rotary pump
  • Adjustable sealing temperature (low/medium/high)
  • 12-inch sealing bar
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Auto start/stop operation
  • Programmable memory
  • Instant Stop button to instantly shut down vacuum and seal bag.


The Vevro/Happy Buy chamber sealer is fairly straightforward to use, even if you can't decipher the instructions, and even if the control panel has Chinese letters on it:

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

The digital readouts have keys below them so setting is intuitive. 

You can also select for a single or a double seal, a feature unique to this sealer.

The emergency stop button is at the bottom right--we wish it were larger or in red, but it in any case it will stop the vacuum and instantly seal the bag.

One note: The chamber of this sealer is all right angles, with a lot of places for foods and liquids to seep into. It is not easy to clean like the rounded chambers of the VacMaster chamber sealers. If you've ever had a bag boil over, you know that this is a huge design flaw, as you can see here:

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

The lid latch is futzy, too:

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

So even if you ignore the poor quality of the user manual (because operating a vacuum sealer is pretty intuitive), this sealer has some issues that make it harder to use than others on this list. 


Color: Stainless with clear polycarbonate lid

Size (WxDxH): 15.4 x 18.9 x 14.7 in. 

Chamber Size: 13.4 x 11.8 x 2.8 in.

Weight: 66 lbs

Chamber: Stainless steel

Housing: Stainless steel

Power: 180W (standard US 120V/60Hz outlet)

Pump: Rotary oil pump

Sealing Bar: 12.6 in.

Maximum Bag Width: 12.6 in.


  • User Manual.

Pros and Cons


  • Great price
  • 12-in. sealing bar
  • Continuous operation w/no cool down periods required.


  • Slow
  • Futzy lid lock
  • Chamber is hard to clean
  • Chamber is too short to seal jars (2.8-in.)
  • Pump requires maintenance (oil changes)
  • Bad user manual
  • Poor customer service (according to user reviews).


We recommend that you buy this sealer only if you're handy and mechanical, because you won't get much customer service or a user manual that's of much use. However, if you want a cheap option and are handy enough to solve problems yourself, then this could be a good option. But be forewarned that if you have issues or want to return it, you may be out of luck.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

BUY THE Happy buy dz 260 chamber vacuum sealer ON AMAZON NOW:

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BUY THE Vevor dz 260 chamber vacuum sealer ON AMAZON NOW:

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Best Maintenance-Free Pump: VacMaster VP210

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

The VacMaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer is powerful enough for commercial use, but great for home use with its dry piston, maintenance-free pump that makes it a breeze to use.

VacMaster is owned by ARY, Inc. and is formally known as ARY VacMaster, Inc. They are a small American manufacturing company located in Overland Park, Kansas (near Kansas City). Most of their products are made in China.

VacMaster has been around for almost three decades. In the last decade (with the rise in sous vide popularity for the home chef), they've increased their home consumer products, though they still make several commercial sealers, as well; the VP112S (reviewed above) is an example of chamber sealer designed for home use.

With their background in commercial packaging and vacuum sealing, VacMaster products tend to be more durable than many products designed for the consumer market. VacMaster's chamber vacuum sealers are some of the sturdiest, yet most affordable, available for home use. They have a reputation for quality and customer service that makes them the safest buy of all the sealers we review here.

You can check out VacMaster's website here, but be forewarned: their products are a lot less expensive on Amazon.

The VP210 is their number one sealer sold for home use. We love it for its rock solid durability, its maintenance free pump, and its 5-inch tall chamber, which allows you to seal pint- and half-pint mason jars upright. It also comes with 2 filler plates. These are large polycarbonate plates that fit in the bottom of the chamber. When in, they speed up vacuum time by reducing the amount of air that needs to be evacuated. When out, they allow the bag to lay below the sealer, so liquids won't seep out. 

Read VacMaster VP210 reviews on Amazon

VP 210 Features


  • 83 pounds
  • 15.5 x 11 x 5" chamber
  • Adjustable vacuum time, sealing time, and cooling time
  • Emergency stop button that cancels vacuum and seals bag instantly
  • 10.25-inch seal bar, removable for easy cleaning
  • Double seal
  • Maintenance-free 2 cylinder dry piston pump
  • 460W motor
  • Pulls 27-29"Hg
  • Full-view polycarbonate lid
  • Comes with 2 filler plates to decrease vacuum time
  • Designed for repetitive sealing (but may require some cool downs if a very long job)
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel chamber with rounded corners.


This is the VP210 control panel:

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

It may look complicated, but once you've got your settings figured out, you will rarely, if ever, need to change them. You just flip the Power switch (on the side of the sealer), put the bag in and close the lid--operation is automatic. When finished, the lid pops open to tell you it's done. 

To change settings, you just cycle through the options by pressing the Set key: the panel above will light for the setting mode it's in (i.e., Gas, Sealing, or Cooling). Press the Set key again to go back to Vacuum. The unit won't operate unless it is in Vacuum mode.

The gauge shows the amount of vacuum in the chamber, allowing you to adjust the setting accordingly. (Vacuum will change with altitude, for example.) 

If you need to stop the vacuum--for example, if you're sealing a liquid and it starts to bubble up into the sealing area--you can press the red STOP button to stop the vacuum and seal the bag instantly. 

The chamber is also tall enough to seal pint-sized mason jars. Just put the jar, with lid lightly threaded, in the chamber and close the lid to vacuum seal. (You can fit two in there at a time, plus two half-pint jars.)

You can seal a quart jar if you lay it on its side.

Filler plates: The VP210 comes with 2 filler plates which, when in, decrease the amount of time required to evacuate air from the chamber:

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

Remove them to seal large items, or when you need the bag to lie below the sealing bar, such as for liquids to not leak out. Having two of them allows for greater variability, so you can use one, both, or none as required to get the best performance.

Cleanup: One of the best things about the VacMaster VP210 chamber sealer is its chamber design. It's all stainless with rounded sides so if you spill (and you will spill occasionally), you can wipe it out easily. The sealing bar is also easily removed to rinse in the sink.


Color: Brushed stainless body, tinted polycarbonate lid

Size (WxDxH): 14 x 20 x 15 inches

Weight: 83 lbs

Chamber: Stainless steel, rounded for easy cleaning

Power: 460W (standard US 120V/60Hz outlet)

Vacuum: 27-29"Hg

Sealing Bar: 10.25 inches (10-in. width maximum)

Chamber Size (WxDxH): 15.5x11x5 inches

Maximum Bag Width: 10 in.

Maximum Bag Size: 10x13 in.

Warranty: 1 year.


  • User Manual
  • 75 assorted chamber bags
  • 2 filler plates (decrease vacuum time for smaller items).

Pros and Cons


  • VacMaster quality and reputation
  • Maintenance free pump
  • Chamber is tall enough to seal pint mason jars (VacMaster has tallest chamber of all sealers reviewed here)
  • Rounded stainless chamber that's easy to clean
  • Comes with filler plates (which shorten vacuum time)
  • Easy to use.


  • Heavy and bulky
  • 10.25-in. sealing bar (10 x 13-in. bag max size).


The VacMaster VP210 is a powerful chamber vacuum sealer perfect for light commercial or home operation. Backed by the excellent reputation of ARY VacMaster with a maintenance-free pump that makes it super easy to use. We wish it had a longer sealing bar so it could do larger bags, but it's not that hard to cut your food to a size that will fit the largest (10 x 13in.) bag. The tall chamber almost makes up for that--you can seal pint mason jars. Highly recommended.


Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon
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Best Heavy Duty Pump: VacVida VS301

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

The VacVida VS301 is the new kid on the block, as its maker, SoVida, has only been around for a couple of years. SoVida, a sous vide accessory company, first offered this chamber vacuum sealer on Amazon in January of 2018. Even so, it has a lot of reviews on Amazon and people really love this sealer, as well as the company. Just a year ago, our pick for rotary pump would definitely have been the VacMaster VP215, but this machine has better reviews and it's less expensive. 

We love that this company is going for the blue ribbon in customer service. When you spend this kind of money on a product, it's comforting to know that the manufacturer has your back, and will do whatever it takes to make you a satisfied customer. That goes a long way in our book. So while the VacMaster VP215 is a great chamber sealer, this VacVida VS301 looks to be as good--but the lower price tipped it over the edge for us.

The unit comes filled with oil and ready to run. This is a nice feature, as some oil pump chamber sealers have to be filled before you can use them. It also comes with an extra bottle of vacuum oil and some extra heat sealing strips, which is great, because they do need to be changed periodically.

Whether it's prettier than other chamber sealers is kind of a personal opinion, but that's what they're going for with the black finish.

It does have a few drawbacks: the squarish chamber is harder to clean than the rounded chambers of the VacMaster sealers. And, the maker does not provide vacuum specs. When we requested vacuum specs, they sent us the photo, which you can see on Amazon, of crushed cans. So yes, it's powerful, we know that. But it would be nice to have some specs to give you, and we don't have those at this writing. 

We can say that, at 250 watts, the motor is less powerful than the VacMaster VP210's 400W motor. This doesn't necessarily mean it can't pull as much vacuum, though; it just means that it will do it more slowly. And that is what we've found in our testing: The vacuum pulled is excellent, but it's a little slower than the VacMaster machine. 

We think this VacVida VS301 is a really nice sealer, though, and hope to see even more fabulous products from SoVida in the future. 

Read VacVida VS301reviews on amazon


  • 1/4 hp rotary oil pump for continuous operation (no cool down periods required)
  • 10.25 inch seal bar (10 x 13 in. bag max)
  • 250W motor
  • Stainless steel body
  • Stainless chamber
  • Adjustable vacuum time, sealing time, and sealing length
  • Made in China
  • 1 year "no questions asked" return policy.


The VacVida control panel:

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

You can adjust the vacuum time, sealing time, and even the sealing bar length. Do so by pressing the Set key to cycle to through the modes. When the mode you want to adjust is lit up, use the Up/Down arrow keys to increase or decrease the setting. 

Once set, you will rarely have to change the settings, as normal vacuum sealing will be the same each time you use the machine.

Operation itself is automatic: just close the lid and the vacuum pump starts. The lid pops open when vacuum and sealing is complete. 

You can also stop vacuum and seal automatically at any time by pressing the Stop button.

Cleanup: The chamber has squarish corners for food and liquids to get stuck in, making cleanup not as easy as some other chamber vacs on our list, as you can see here:

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

Despite the square corners, there are no crevices, so cleanup isn't too bad. But we wish the chamber were just a little bit more rounded. 

Oil Changes: You should change your oil about every 60 hours of use, or if the oil appears dark or milky white. Changing the oil is not difficult. You have to remove the back panel, drain the oil that's in there, and replace it. It just takes a few ounces, so it's a quick procedure. You can read more in the user manual.

The chamber sealer pump uses standard vacuum pump oil that you can find on Amazon (and at any hardware store).


Color: Black stainless housing with polycarbonate lid

Size (WxDxH): 20 x 14 x 15 in.

Weight: 77 lbs

Chamber: Stainless steel, rounded for easy cleaning

Power: 250W (standard US 120V/60Hz outlet)

Chamber Size (WxDxH): 11.75 x 11.5 x 4 in.

Sealing Bar: 10.25 in.

Maximum Bag Size: 10 x 13 in.

Warranty: 1 year.


  • Vacuum pump oil
  • Extra heat strips
  • User Manual.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful rotary pump for continuous operation
  • Excellent customer service.


  • 10 x 13-in. max bag size is on the small side
  • Squarish chamber makes cleanup harder than on VacMaster chamber sealers
  • Changing oil is a bit of a hassle.


People love this sealer: it's powerful, and you can operate it continuously without cool downs thanks to the rotary oil pump. The superb customer service makes it a perfect chamber vac for beginners to vacuum sealing, those without mechanical know-how, or those of us who just appreciate old-fashioned top quality customer service. We wish it had a larger (taller) chamber that was a little easier to clean, but overall the design is very user-friendly.

Buy the Vacvida vs301 chamber sealer on Amazon now!

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon
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Prettiest: Waring WCV300

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

The Waring WCV300 is also a fairly new sealer, having been offered on Amazon just since mid-2017. It's great for home use because it's lighter than all the others reviewed here, at just 33 lbs. It's also very pretty, with a sleek stainless appearance and a modern design that's less utilitarian than most chamber vacuum sealers.

This chamber vac has an 11 sealing bar and a maintenance free dry piston pump, making it easy to use and maintain. It also has a marinade function that pulls intermittent vacuum--the fastest way to really infuse deep flavor. The swing bar is the biggest and easiest to use of any chamber vac we've seen, and it looks really good, too. 

Waring Commercial makes dozens of commercial grade kitchen products, including immersion blenders, toasters, countertop ovens, malt machines, blenders, food processors, and much more. They have a reputation for high quality restaurant-grade products, and this chamber vacuum sealer is no exception. Even though it weighs half what other chamber vacs do, it has a durable heft to it. At 380 watts, it's almost as powerful as the VacMaster VP210, too, so you know it's going to do a great job.


  • 11-inch sealing bar
  • Touchpad controls
  • Maintenance free, dry piston pump
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 380W motor
  • Marinating function pulls intermittent vacuum to infuse flavor
  • 1 year limited warranty.


The Waring WCV300 has a touchpad control panel with big buttons that's super easy to operate:

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

Unfortunately, it does not operate automatically when you close the lid. You have to press the button to get it to do what you want it to do: seal without vacuum, seal with vacuum, or marinate. 

This is nice if you're not using it to vacuum seal, but it does add an extra step every time you use it.

Settings are easily adjusted with the +/- keys. The gauge shows the amount of vacuum in the chamber.

The added marinade feature is nice, because it pulls intermittent vacuum that really infuses your food (or drink) with flavor. However, you can use any vacuum sealer to marinate food, so the extra setting isn't totally necessary. But yes, it's a little faster than just vacuum sealing.

Cleanup: The stainless chamber has one of the best designs we've seen, with easy-to-wipe rounded edges and nowhere for food or liquid to get stuck, as you can see here:

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon

You can also see in this photo that this sealer has little "clips" at the top of the chamber. These are to hold the bag in place while sealing. They are a nice little extra that you don't get from other chamber sealers, providing a little bit more security, especially when you're sealing liquids.

read waring wcv300 user reviews on amazon


Color: Stainless body and lid, with clear polycarbonate viewing window

Size (WxDxH): 19.6 x 17.6 x 13.1 in.

Weight: 33.2 lbs

Power: 380W (standard US 120V/60Hz outlet)

Chamber Size: 11.8 x 12.6 x 3.1 in. (2 gallons)

Sealing Bar: 11 in.

Certifications: NSF listed.

Warranty: 1 year.


  • 100 bags
  • User manual.

Pros and Cons


  • 11-inch sealing bar
  • Maintenance free dry piston pump
  • Marinade function
  • Lightweight: just 33 lbs
  • 380W makes it the second most powerful chamber vac on this list.


  • Smallish chamber not tall enough to do mason jars (despite the long sealing bar)
  • Sealing is not automatic; you have to press a button after closing lid.


The Waring WCV300 is a good chamber sealer with a lot of great features and a couple of not-so-great ones. It's powerful, maintenance free, and has an 11-in. sealing bar. But it also has a smallish chamber that can't seal pint-sized mason jars (though it can seal half-pint jars). And it doesn't seal automatically when you shut the lid: you have to press the function you want, adding an extra step. 

It's a powerful chamber vacuum sealer, and it's the prettiest one we've seen anywhere. And the price is right: so if you don't mind the extra operating step or the short chamber height, this would be a good sealer for you.

buy the waring vs300 chamber vacuum sealer on amazon now:

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews: The Best Deals on Amazon
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Final Thoughts

A chamber vacuum sealer is a big purchase, and you need to feel comfortable spending all that money. If you buy well, your chamber vac should last for decades and help you save hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars per year on food. 

Thanks for reading!

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