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Bosch 800 Series/Benchmark Induction Range Review

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Last Updated: June 24, 2021

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Bosch ranges with induction come in two models: the 800 Series and the Benchmark. In this review, we will compare features to help you understand the differences and decide which Bosch induction range best suits your needs. 

From the large oven to the lightning fast induction cooktop, the Bosch Induction Ranges have a lot to offer. The sleek, modern design will fit well with most kitchen decors, while the features make the range great to use.

The models look almost identical, but there are important differences to note, including the price. You'll pay a few hundred dollars more for the Benchmark model, but for that extra cost, you get Bosch's FlexInduction system, which turns half of the cooktop into one large induction zone suitable for oversized pans, or several small ones.

Bosch 800 induction range

Bosch ranges also get consistently high customer satisfaction ratings. If you're in the market for an induction range, Bosch deserves a closer look.

See the Bosch 800 series induction range at home depot 

see the bosch induction range 800 series at lowe's

See the Bosch benchmark Induction Range at lowes.com


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Bosch Induction Ranges At a Glance

The main differences between the two models are:

  • The Benchmark has a FlexInduction zone and the 800 Series does not.
  • The 800 Series has the AutoChef feature and the Benchmark does not.
  • You can get the 800 Series in stainless and black stainless, while the Benchmark comes only in stainless.

We explain what these features do below.

You'll pay about $700 more for the Flex zone (and if you're going to spend this much on a range, we highly recommend getting the Benchmark: FlexInduction is one of the coolest things you can do on an induction cooktop).

The ovens are almost identical, but the Benchmark has two oven lights instead of one. Both are Star K certified. (Star K is a kosher certification system.) Both have self-cleaning, 4.6 cu. ft. ovens with European convection and an 8 pass broiler system.


Bosch Range 800 Series*

#HII8056U (stainless)

#HII8046U (black stainless)

(about $3,400)

Bosch Range Benchmark*


(about $3800)

Power Boost on All Burners

Auto Chef

FlexInduction Zone with PowerMove technology

Speed Boost

PreciseSelect (direct heat selection on burners)

Countdown timer for all burners

Warming Drawer

Meat Probe

European Convection

Full Extension Telescopic Rack

Self-Cleaning 4.6 Cu. Ft Oven

Recessed 8 Pass Broil Element

Fast Preheat Time

Star K Certified

* Model numbers may be slightly different on different sites. Older models will have a smaller number (e.g. -046U instead of -056U).

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FlexInduction Vs. AutoChef: Which Bosch Range Is Best?

The main difference between these two (nearly identical) ranges is that the Benchmark has FlexInduction with PowerMove. FlexInduction isn't essential, but it's very cool. You should understand how it works in order to choose the model that's right for you.

FlexInduction with PowerMove is a great feature that allows the left two burners to be controlled as one large burner or three small ones. You may not think you'll use the flex zone or the PowerMove, but they're both useful. When you use the large zone, you only have to control one burner. When you use the PowerMove feature, you don't have to change any settings at all as the stove does it for you. For example, if you're pan searing a protein and now want to lower the temperature to make a pan sauce, you simply move the skillet to the central zone; if you want to keep dish warm for serving, merely move it to the rear zone--no settings required.

This 30 second video from Bosch describes how Flex Induction with PowerMove works:

AutoChef, which the 800 Series has, is a feature that holds a burner to a precise temperature. For example, if you set it for 350F, it will remain there no matter what you add to or remove from a pan. There will be some variability, but the range can do a remarkable job of keeping the temperature consistent. This is handy for deep frying, or if you want to "set and forget" a cooking job that you know has to happen at a specific temperature for a specific time. Used in conjunction with the burner timer--which automatically shuts the burner off when the time has elapsed--AutoChef is a handy feature.

Here's a 45 second video from Bosch-Canada describing AutoChef:

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Bosch Induction Range Features Overview

A more detailed look at the features table above.

Overall Design
  • Stainless and black glass with red LED display (or black stainless for the 800 Series)
  • All digital controls
  • Oversized oven window
  • Overhanging top for custom look
  • Designed to fit into any 30-inch space
  • Side panels and trim kit available if needed.
  • Speed boost on all burners--can boil water in about half the time of conventional electric
  • AutoChef holds precision temperature using feedback from pan (800 Series only)
  • FlexInduction w/PowerMove (Benchmark only) has zone for oversized cookware or automatically changing temp zones (Hi/Med/Low) for easy switching from cook to hold
  • PreciseSelect allows direct setting of burner (no menu to scroll through)
  • 17 settings for precise heat control, including Power Boost and Keep Warm
  • Overhanging top eliminates cracks for easy cleaning
  • Scratch-resistant glass ceramic cooktop with embedded controls stays cool for safety and easy cleanup.

The SpeedBoost feature sends extra power to a burner for ten minutes (great for boiling water), then reverts to the High ("9") setting. The Keep Warm is great for gently melting butter and chocolate, and for keeping finished dishes warm before serving.

Oven and Warming Drawer

The 4.6 cubic foot oven pretty much has it all, including a built-in meat thermometer. Add in a powerful broiler, multiple-rack baking, and an additional warming drawer below the main oven, and you've got a lot of options for perfect baking and entertaining. Features include:

  • 4.6 cu. ft. capacity
  • 3 heating elements: top, bottom (under the oven floor), and around the convection fan
  • Fast preheat time
  • Self-cleaning 
  • Telescopic rack
  • Recessed 8 pass broil element with convection capability
  • 11 Cooking Modes including Sabbath Mode
  • European convection that cooks food more evenly in up to 30% less time
  • Automatic convection conversion option
  • Multiple rack convection baking mode
  • 3 racks included with oven
  • Meat probe that switches off oven when internal temp is reached
  • Convection temperature conversion--you can manually change the temp if results are consistently too light or too dark
  • Soft-close, removable oven door 
  • Two timers: oven timer and kitchen timer
  • Auto shutoff on oven timer
  • Warming Drawer with separate settings, large enough for 2 9x13-in. pans.

4.6 cu. ft. is on the small side (anything under 5 cu. ft. is considered smallish), but the oven is large enough to hold a large turkey or an 18"x13" baking sheet, which makes it functional for most needs. The smaller size is also going to have a faster preheat time (made even faster by the fast preheat mode).

  • Panel locks on cooktop and oven control panels to prevent inadvertent changes
  • Auto shutoff on cooktop (from 1-10 hrs, depending on heat setting)
  • Auto shutoff on oven after 24 hrs (or 74 hrs in Sabbath Mode)
  • Star-K certified.

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Bosch 800 Series Induction Range Cooktop

Here's a look at the Bosch 800 Series slide-in induction range cooktop (courtesy of Bosch-home.com):

Bosch 800 Series Range Cooktop

Burner Arrangement

As you can see in the photo above, the burners are arranged in a sort of collapsed square, with the largest burner in the center/back. This is for easy pan placement, and it leaves lots of room for handles off to the sides.

Because the burners form a square, there's no guessing which element on the control panel belongs to which burner (which can sometimes be a problem on cooktops with electronic control panels).

The cooktop controls are at the front of the cooktop, underneath the glass. See "Cooktop Controls" below for a diagram of the control panel.

What Is SpeedBoost?

Speed boost is a unique induction feature that pulls extra power to one or two burners for a short amount of time (usually ten minutes or less). During speed boost, an induction burner will operate at a higher wattage. This is an excellent feature for boiling water or other cooking tasks which you want to do as quickly as possible. 

Here's a short video (45 seconds) demonstrating how Speed Boost works:

Because Speed Boost pulls wattage from another burner, you can only operate it on two burners at a time. While in operation, the other burners won't be able to run at full capacity (but will still heat incredibly fast).

When Speed Boost reverts to normal, full power will be available to all the burners.

Speed Boost is so fast, it can require a learning curve to use. For example, never walk away from a pan set to Speed Boost, and don't think you have to time to chop an onion while the oil heats in the pan--you don't. Induction heating is that fast.

For specific wattage available to the burners on Speed Boost and regular heating modes, see the Specifications section below.

Cooktop Controls

From the User Manual:

Bosch Induction Range Reviews: cooktop controls

The Bosch 800 Series induction range cooktop is easy to use. You turn it on, select a burner, and press a number (1-9, with half steps included) to adjust the setting. 

You can also set the timer for each burner and set Panel Lock, Speed Boost, or use the kitchen timer. Just press any setting to select it.

Indicator lights tell you which burners are on and also light up for the other functions in operation (burner timer, kitchen timer, Speed Boost, Panel Lock). 

Turning an induction burner off isn't necessary as it will shut off by itself after 60 seconds if no pot is detected.

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Bosch Benchmark Induction Range Cooktop

Here's a look at the Bosch Benchmark slide-in induction range cooktop (courtesy of Bosch-home.com):

Bosch Benchmark Range Cooktop

See "Cooktop Controls" below for a diagram of the control panel.

Burner Arrangement

The Flex zone is on the left and can be used as two normal burners, one large burner, or three "PowerMove" burners. The two burners to the right function like regular burners. All the burner zones have Speed Boost, although only two (one from each side at a time) can be operated at the same time. (There isn't enough power to operate more than two at the same time.)

What Is SpeedBoost?

SpeedBoost sends extra power to a burner for ten minutes. See the section above for an overview of how Speed Boost works.

Cooktop Controls

From the user manual:

Bosch Induction Range Reviews: cooktop controls

The Bosch Benchmark Induction Range cooktop is easy to use. You turn it on, select a burner, and press a number in the line below (1-9, with half steps included) to adjust the setting. There are 17 total heat settings.

You can also set the timer for each burner and set Panel Lock, Speed Boost, Keep Warm, or use the kitchen timer by selecting it and then setting, if necessary. To use the Flex zone or PowerMove, just select it. To turn either of them off, select again.

Indicator lights tell you which burners are on and also light up for the other functions in operation (burner timer, kitchen timer, Speed Boost, Panel Lock). 

Turning an induction burner off isn't necessary as it will shut off by itself after 60 seconds if no pot is detected. But if you want to, you can press zero or On/Off to deactivate the entire cooktop. 

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Bosch 800 Series/Benchmark Induction Range Oven

The oven controls are on the front of the stove and are the same for both models:

Oven Panel Bosch induction range review

The slightly angled panel makes the controls both easy to operate and easy to see from several feet away. It's a bit of a tradeoff--It could be more angled to see from above and less angled to see from a distance. Overall, it's a functional design.

For a close-up look at the oven control panel, see "Oven Controls" below.

Cooking Modes

The Bosch induction range has 11 cooking modes: Bake, convection bake, convection multi-rack, pizza, roast, convection roast, broil, convection broil, proof, warm, and Sabbath mode. These modes make it easy to get excellent results whether you're warming up leftovers or making multiple sheets of cookies.

The user manual explains what each mode is for and how to use it.

Convection Settings

You can use convection with baking, roasting, and broiling on the Bosch range. Additionally, you can manually convert the oven temperature if the results you're getting are too light or too dark.

Warming Drawer

The warming drawer, below the main oven, is ideal for keeping food or plates warm before serving. It is large enough for two 9x13 pans or four dinner plates. Separate settings make it easy to use.

Bosch Induction Range Warming Drawer

Oven Controls

At first glance, the oven control panel for the Bosch range looks complicated, but it really isn't. It has a large display panel in the center that's easy to read, one-touch mode selection buttons, and a numeric keypad for setting times and temperatures. 

From the User Manual (for both models, even though it says 800 Series):

Bosch Induction Range Oven Controls

To use the oven, you simply select a mode, then set the temperature with the numeric keypad. Once running, the setting will show in the display.

For example, if you want to use the Bake mode, press Bake, then select a temp using the number pad and press Enter. The oven immediately starts heating in Bake mode.

Some modes don't require a temperature setting. To use the warming drawer, for example, simply press the Warming Drawer button. The default setting is Medium ("Med"). To change (to Low or High), press the button until you reach the setting you want. Press Enter to turn it on.

You can also use the oven control panel to set the kitchen timer, the oven timer, and the panel lock.

The User Manual has detailed information on each mode, and also on how to customize the settings for your preferences (indicator beeps, display preferences, panel lock, etc.).

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Bosch 800 Series/Benchmark Induction Range Electrical and Installation Requirements

IMPORTANT: The electrical and installation requirements are the same for both the 800 Series and Benchmark Bosch Slide-In Induction Ranges.

This diagram shows installation requirements:

Bosch Induction Range Reviews: installation drawing

And here's what the range looks like installed:

Bosch induction range review installed

Replacing a Freestanding Stove With The Bosch Slide-In

Bosch designed all of its new slide-in ranges to fit into any existing 30-inch space. No special customization should be required.

However, they do offer a trim package if modifications are necessary. (Note: It's about $200.) Bosch also offers side panels if you're installing the stove where it will have exposed sides. Consult the manufacturer (Bosch-home.com) for details.

Here's a short video from Bosch on installing their slide-in range:

Electrical Requirements

Electrical requirements should be the same as for your current electric stove: a 240V/40amp hookup. For more details, read the Specifications section below.

The power cord (standard 240V plug-in) is sold separately.

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Bosch 800 Series/Benchmark Induction Range Specifications

Design (Same for Both Models)

Color: Stainless Steel/black glass or Black stainless steel/black glass (800 Series only)

Digital Display: Red and white

Cooktop: Glass-ceramic, black.

Installation/Electrical Specs (Same for Both Models)


The Bosch Slide-in Induction stove will fit any existing freestanding or slide-in space without modifications. 

Width: 31.5 in.

Depth: 28.875 in.

Height: 36.5 in.

Weight (Gross/Net): 248 lb/226 lb.


Total Power Output (W): 13200

Electrical Hookup Required: 240V/40 amps (standard electrical stove hookup)

Power supply sold separately.

Cooktop Specs (800 Series)

Bosch 800 Series Range Cooktop

4 burners:

Front Left: 2200W

Rear Left: 3700W

Front Right: 2200W

Rear Right: 3700W

Note: SpeedBoost is only usable on two burners at a time.

Timer: All burners have timer function.

Cooktop Specs (Benchmark)

Bosch Benchmark Range Cooktop

4 burners:

Front Left: 3600W

Rear Left: 3600W

Front Right: 2200W

Rear Right: 3700W

Note: SpeedBoost is only usable on two burners at a time.

Timer: All burners have timer function.

Oven Specs (800 Series/Benchmark)

IMPORTANT: The oven specifications are almost identical for both models, except the Benchmark has two oven lights, while the 800 Series does not has only one oven light. 

Oven Capacity: 4.6 Cu. Ft.

Oven Temp Range: 100F - 450F

Oven Modes: Bake, convection bake, convection multi-rack, pizza, roast, convection roast, broil, convection broil, proof, warm, Sabbath.

Convection: Yes, for baking, roasting, and broiler modes

Broiler: 3800W, 8-pass, top-located, with/without convection, 2 settings (high and low)

Broiler Pan: Not included

Meat Probe: Turns off oven when pre-set temp is reached

Racks: 1

Self-Cleaning: Yes

Removable Door: Yes

Sabbath Mode: Yes.

Star K Certification: Yes (both models).

The user manuals for these ranges explain in detail how to use the different oven modes.

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One year manufacturer warranty for one year from date of purchase.

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Are Bosch Packages Available?

Yes. See Bosch packages at AJ Madison. Bosch range

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Drawbacks of These Ranges

We love both of these Bosch induction stoves, especially the Benchmark with its FlexInduction feature, and this is our number one pick for a 30-inch induction range. But no stove is perfect, and neither are these. Here are a few of the things we don't like about these ranges:

  • The oven controls are on the front of the stove. The panel is angled, but it's still fairly vertical. This makes them harder to see close up (although easy to see from across the kitchen). You can also change settings inadvertently by leaning up against it if you don't use the panel lock. 
  • The oven, at 4.6 cu. ft., is a smallish.
  • Expensive: these ranges, especially the Benchmark, are at the top of the affordable luxury market, even for induction. 
  • No broiler pan included. (Though this seems to be the norm now--but when did manufacturers stop including a broiler pan with their stoves??)

Note that, if you read old reviews, some of the problems have been fixed: The new models have quieter fans and a panel lock to prevent accidental changes to the oven settings.

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Bosch range

If you're considering an induction range (and you should be if you have only an electrical hookup and no gas option), Bosch induction ranges are a good choice. Bosch offers a ton of features that are worth having without a lot of bells and whistles that won't do much for you. 

We love its looks and really like the more expensive Benchmark option with the FlexInduction cooking zone--it doesn't get much more functional than that.

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Why Choose Induction Cooking?

This Bosch induction range review wouldn't be complete without a section on how induction cooking works...

Essentially, induction cooking is a magnetic process: each burner has a powerful magnet that only heats when in contact with another magnetic metal--this is why you need special induction-compatible cookware for use with an induction cooktop. 

induction burner insides

The electromagnet inside an induction burner.

Induction is more precise than both gas and conventional electric cooking. It boils water in about half the time of conventional electric cooktops. It also has very precise low temperature control and lightning-fast response time--faster even than gas cooktops.

Induction is also safer than both gas and conventional electric cooktops. Induction cooktops stay relatively cool (remember, only the pan gets hot), so they are much safer to work with. They also don't give off any dangerous fumes like gas flames do, keeping your kitchen safer (and also cleaner and cooler).

Also because of the cool surface, induction cooktops are easy to clean--no cooked on goop. Furthermore, and also because of the cool cooking surface, you can even cover the cooktop with newspaper or paper towels to soak up grease splatter, as shown in this short video (yep--while you're cooking):

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What to Know Before You Buy

Even if you're primarily interested in the Bosch induction cooktop review, you still have to consider several things in order to buy wisely. To get the best induction stove for your needs, consider these things:

  • Design--is this stove easy to use? Is this a stove you can love? 
  • Cooktop and oven features--know what's right for you. Does this stove fit my needs and cooking style? Some important considerations are burner power and layout, how the controls work, oven size, broiler power, safety features, and extras like convection, self-cleaning, and power boost. (Note: This Bosch has it all.)
  • Electrical and Installation Requirements--understand what's involved in installing this stove in your kitchen. If you're not familiar with appliance installations, it's well worth the money to pay a professional installer. 

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Is Buying Online Smart?

Buying online is very smart. The global online marketplace has created a haven for consumers where you can get ruthlessly great deals and price matching just about anywhere.

You're not going to find a huge price difference among different dealers, but you should check anyway because you never know when you might run into a great sale or special deal.

There are two crucial rules to follow when buying online in order to protect your purchase and ensure you get the best post-sale service:

  • Before buying, make sure there are certified service technicians in your area
  • Always, always, always buy the extended warranty!

Even just 10 years ago, the extended warranty was considered a waste of money. However, the appliance industry has changed dramatically in this time. Online competition has reduced the profit margin to a razor thin edge, so dealers offer less and less service options to try to make up for that. Buying an extended warranty ensures that you get the right service should you need it. 

When you read online horror stories about appliances, they are often due to people not doing one or both of these things. You may get a lemon no matter what brand you buy, but if you're covered, it will make the experience a lot less painful. 

For more information, see our article How to Buy Online: Teach Yourself About Technical Products and Get What You Can Truly Love.

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What Is a Slide-In Range?

There are two types of ranges: freestanding and slide-in. The freestanding is finished on all sides, thus the name: it can stand on its own without countertop on both sides.

Frigidaire Gallery induction range

Freestanding stoves usually have controls in the back, are taller, and slightly deeper than slide-ins.

Samsung Induction range

Slide-Ins have controls in the front and an overhanging cooktop for a more custom look.

The slide-in is meant to fit in a space between counters. It often does not have finished sides (although many brands do, or sell them as a separate kit for an additional cost).

Both types of stoves have approximately the same measurements. A 30-inch freestanding stove is interchangeable with a 30-inch slide-in stove. However, freestanding stoves usually have the controls on the back and are a couple of inches deeper than slide-ins, so sometimes extra trim is required if replacing a freestanding stove with a slide-in.

The Bosch range slide-ins are designed to fit in any 30-inch space without modification. They're as deep as freestanding stoves and don't typically require extra trim. However, this Bosch slide-in induction stove has a trim package available if needed. It also has side panels available so you can install it as a freestanding stove with exposed sides.

For more information, contact the manufacturer (Bosch-home.com).

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Final Thoughts

The Bosch slide-in induction range is a really fabulous appliance with great looks, powerful features, and a well-thought-out design. We also love that it's made here in the USA. It's at the very top of the affordable luxury category price, so a little pricey, even for induction. We prefer the Benchmark model with the FlexInduction burner, but it's about $700 more than the 800 Series, which has the Auto Chef feature.

We also recommend buying from an appliance dealer rather than Amazon. Dealers are willing to haggle over the price, and they will give you a deal on an appliance package, or even just a range hood. We highly recommend ajmadison.com.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I think you are using old photographs for your Benchmark Model (HIIP056). I own both the HIIP055 and the HIIP056. There is a significant difference in the front fascia piece between the two models.

  2. Do you know the distance from the countertop to the bottom of the oven door handle? (We have a drawer that may run into it.

    1. Sorry, we no longer have access to this range for testing. I suggest you get on the website of a nationwide appliance dealer like AJ Madison and get on the chat with an expert. They’ll want to sell you a stove, so they’ll get the answer for you. 🙂

  3. Fantastic article, finally the right amount of detail and clearing up the lock problem on the front of the range… ordering mine now instead of the GE Cafe which seems to have too many poor reviews floating around it regarding its performance/warranty problems.

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