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The Best-Selling Range Hoods on Amazon (not just for Induction)

Table of Contents Best Sellers at a Glance (Table Summary)What a Range Hood DoesTips for Using a Range HoodHow to Select a Range HoodBest Under-Cabinet Non-Ducted Hoods ​Best Under-Cabinet Ducted and Convertible HoodsBest Wall-Mounted HoodsBest Ceiling (Island)-Mounted HoodsA Word About Downdraft HoodsFinal Thoughts In the market for a range hood?See Amazon’s Best Selling Range Hoods Amazon is a […]

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double induction cooktop

True Induction Cooktop Reviews: Best 2-Burner and 3-Burner Induction Cooktops

Table of Contents Before You Buy​At a Glance: How Do the True Induction Models Differ from Each Other?True Induction TI-2C: Portable Double Burner Induction CooktopTrue Induction TI-2B Double Burner Induction Cooktop (Counter Insert)True Induction Double Burner Induction Cooktop MD-2B (Mini Portable)True Induction TI-3B Counter Inset Induction CooktopFinal Thoughts If you want a full-use induction cooktop […]

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Thermador Induction Cooktop Review: 36-inch CIT365KM

This Thermador induction cooktop review is for the 36-inch CIT365KM model induction cooktop. This is a 36-inch, 5-burner, mirror-surfaced cooktop with great functionality for the modern kitchen. It’s also a really great-looking cooktop. Thermador CIT365KM 36 inch Induction Cooktop. Table of ContentsAt a GlanceIs Thermador a Reliable Brand?What Is Induction Cooking?Using Induction CookwareThermador CIT365KM OperationSpecifications for Thermador […]

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Duxtop Induction Cooktop Reviews: All the Models on Amazon (And Which One to Buy)

The Duxtop induction cooktop is a top-selling brand on Amazon and elsewhere. In fact, the Duxtop 8100MC model is an Amazon best-seller, with thousands of reviews and an average rating of 4.1 stars. Duxtop has updated their line since late 2018. Here, we review all the Duxtop induction cooktops for sale on Amazon.  Table of […]

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MrInduction183C portable induction cooker

The Best Portable Induction Burner in Every Price Range–Reviews (Updated for 2019)

A portable induction burner is a useful kitchen item. Many people get them as a way to try induction before they invest in an expensive induction cooktop or range, then they realize how much they love how fast, clean, and safe induction cooking is. Table of Contents ​The Winners at a GlanceHow Does the Portable […]

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The Joule Sous Vide Circulator: Next Generation Cool

If you’re a techno-geek and are in the market for a sous vide circulator, you should definitely consider the Joule sous vide circulator. It’s one of the coolest kitchen products on the market right now!  Table of Contents Introducing JouleWhat is Sous Vide?What Makes the Joule Sous Vide Circulator Great?Ability to Hold TemperatureSpeed (Power)User InterfaceWater […]

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Can You Trust Amazon Reviews?

One of the greatest things about Amazon is also one of its biggest problems: the reviews. Can you trust Amazon reviews? More importantly, can the reviews really help you buy a product you’ll love, or at least by happy with? The answer, as with so many things, is “it depends.” Contents About Reviews in General: […]

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A Guide to the Best Induction Cookware – Reviews

Looking for the best induction cookware? Quality levels vary considerably among makers, as do prices. You can end up paying too much for an inferior brand if you’re not careful. This is why it’s SO important to educate yourself about the clad cookware market before you buy. There’s a lot to know, but we demystify your […]

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Why Every Kitchen Needs a Food Vacuum Sealer (and the Best Ones to Buy)

If you have a food vacuum sealer, you know how revolutionary this appliance can be in your kitchen.  Some statistics say the average American family saves more than $2000 a year on food with a vacuum sealer, and that vacuum-sealed food lasts up to 5 times as long as non-vacuum sealed food.  If you don’t have a […]

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Bosch Induction Cooktop Reviews: 500, 800, and Benchmark (Updated for 2019!)

Find out about all the newest features of the powerful Bosch induction cooktops!This article reviews all the Bosch induction cooktop models in 30-inch and 36-inch sizes. Here you’ll learn the differences between the Bosch models and the difference between Bosch and other brands. Whether you’ve decided on Bosch or are still shopping around, this article […]

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Double Induction Cooktop Reviews: The Best Double PICs

Table of Contents Standard FeaturesWhat to Know Before You BuyFirst Place: True Induction TI-2C, TI-2B, MD-2BControlsSecond Place: NuWave 30602 Double PIC BurnerSummaryThird Place: Cuisinart ICT60 Double Induction CooktopFinal Thoughts A double induction burner is perfect for a tiny house! If you’re looking for a double induction cooktop, you’re probably already sold on induction technology. The […]

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