August 11, 2016

Double Induction Cooktop, Induction, Reviews, True Induction

Updated for 2021!If you’re looking for a double induction cooktop, you’re probably already sold on induction technology. The market for double burners usually includes people who are looking for something smaller and more efficient to replace a full-sized cooktop. Often, this includes people equipping their RVs or boats, people with tiny kitchens, elderly people who

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August 1, 2016

Food and Recipes, Salmon

The salmon farming industry is a $10 billion-plus dollar industry, and about 70% of the salmon on the U.S. market is farm-raised. You may love salmon, and want to eat more of it, but you’ve heard a lot of bad things about farm-raised salmon and don’t want to pay for wild-caught salmon. Also, you may

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