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The Best Magnetic Knife Holders

By trk

Last Updated: May 30, 2024

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There are many different ways to store kitchen knives, but magnetic holders are some of the easiest and most practical. They can protect your knives and save precious space in your kitchen.

Choosing a magnetic knife holder can be more complicated than you think. There are several different designs, and not all of them are functional, even if they look like they are. In general, we think simpler is better--but we discuss several different designs so you can decide for yourself what will work best in your kitchen. We review our favorites, too, so you don't have to go loopy trying to pick one from the hundreds of options on Amazon.

Best Magnetic Knife Holders at a Glance

Out of the dozens of magnetic knife storage solutions we looked at, these are our favorites.

Knife Holder


Best Wooden Strip: WooDsom

see it on Amazon

see it at WalMart

WooDsom Magnetic Knife Strip

-Continuous row of neodymium magnets

-Walnut finish

-Easy installation

-6 sizes

-About $54 for 18" strip

-Available for vertical and refrigerator mount as well

-Made in USA.

Best Metal Strip: Modern Innovations

(Also Best Bargain Strip)

see on Amazon

see at WalMart

Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Bar

-Stainless steel finish

-Magnets run across entire bar

-Screw mount installation

-Available in 8 sizes and one freestanding block

-Some styles include hooks for hanging utensils

-About $20 for 16-inch strip. 

Best Installation-Free Strip: HMmagnets 

see it on Amazon

see it at Etsy

HM Magnets Premium Magnetic Knife Holder

-Stainless steel finish

-Strong magnet throughout length of strip

-Magnetic, adhesive, or screw mount installation (all work well)

-About $40, depending on model you choose (adhesive, refrigerator, or screw mount).

Prettiest Design: Grapevine Magnetic Strip

see it on Etsy

Grapevine Magnetic Knife Holder

-Made from old grape vine wood

-100% recycled

-Strong magnets (not one continuous magnet)

-Star seller on Etsy with more than 3,000 5 star reviews

-About $280 for 12-16 inch size; about $350 for 18-28 inch size

-Made in USA.

Best Magnetic Freestanding Block: Kitchendao

see it on Amazon

Kitchendao Magnetic Knife Block

-Acacia or bamboo finish

-Freestanding block, assembly required

-Strong magnets (though not continuous)

-Magnets hold on both sides

-Will hold up to 10 knives, depending on size

-About $40, depending on finish.

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How We Tested

Magnetic knife holders are simple products, but it was surprisingly difficult to find good products that we really liked. First, there were so many brands, and most of them had excellent reviews: how to choose? 

To get started, we used Fakespot, a site that analyzes Amazon reviews and looks for patterns that can indicate fake reviews. A poor Fakespot rating doesn't necessarily mean that reviews are faked, it just means that they could be. In the case of magnetic knife storage, Fakespot was a huge help in weeding out mediocre products and pushing us towards brands that were worth testing. We included a few highly reviewed brands that got poor Fakespot ratings to verify that our methodology was generally correct. It's a hard thing to know for sure, but we thought it was the best way to get started because we do not have the time or resources to test every magnetic knife holder on Amazon, not to mention elsewhere.

Some products can get a poor Fakespot rating yet still be a good product. So Fakespot is not a definitive way to rule anything out. It just helps to narrow the field, which is immensely useful when there are so many products and we have no way other way to thin out the field for testing.

After weeding out products that we knew probably weren't going to test well, we were left with about 20 brands. We also included a few popular name brands, such as Wusthof and Global, to see if they were worth the higher price over no-name brands. In many cases, they were as good or slightly better, but not so much better that they were worth spending 3-5 times as much for them.

For the magnetic knife holders we tested, we looked at ease (and type) of installation, magnet strength, storage capacity, durability, and overall design. We looked at both wall strips and freestanding block holders, although our preference is the wall strip because it saves counter space (which is why most people want magnetic knife storage). 

Our final picks are in the table above, and the other brands we tested are given below, with our reasons for not including them. Some were very good, they were just pricy, and we didn't think the high cost was justified unless design or name recognitions were features you were specifically looking for. Our favorite design pick, in the table above, isn't the only expensive knife holder we liked, but it was the choice of most of our testers. If money is no object, be sure to check out the Global knife strip (discussed below), and several other artisan products on Etsy. 

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Why Get a Magnetic Knife Holder? 

There are a number of reasons to get a magnetic knife holder:

  • Sick of a knife block that only holds specific blades in specific slots
  • More hygienic (crumbs and grease get into knife block slots)
  • Frees up counter space (even freestanding magnetic blocks are smaller than most standard blocks)
  • You have a variety of knives that won't all fit in a block
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Knives are in plain sight, making it easier to grab the one you want
  • Blades stay sharper because they don't drag along the inside of the slot
  • Protects blades from dulling and chipping when loose in a drawer
  • Prefer the minimalist look of a magnetic strip or holder.

Magnetic knife holders look great in most kitchens and are easy to use. There is some concern that they're not good for your knives, but if you use one correctly, this is completely untrue. See the next section for more information.

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Are Magnetic Knife Holders Safe?

Cutco chef's knife slicing onion

In general, magnetic knife holders are safe, but we'll look at the two main concerns: safety for your knives, and safety for yourself and others who use your knives.

Knife Safety

Some people think that magnetic knife holders can chip or dull blades, but this only happens in rare instances. When you removed a knife from a magnetic holder--wall strip or freestanding--always tilt the blade away from the strip first, then pull the spine to get it off the holder. If you pull the spine out first, then you can dull the blade by pressing it into the holder. 

This is especially true for a steel magnetic holder, but as long as you remove the knife correctly, the material of the strip doesn't matter.

Some strips can have too-strong magnets that cause a blade to snap onto the holder too hard. This, too, may damage a blade--so while you want a magnet strong enough to hold knives in place, you don't want a magnet so strong that it has the potential to harm the blade.

User Safety

As long as people in your kitchen know what knives are and that they require respect, any type of magnetic knife holder should be safe. Instruct people how to remove a knife from a magnetic holder so they don't harm themselves or the knife. 

If you have children, be sure to keep knives out of easy reach, which is true for all types of knife storage. You may be tempted to get a magnetic holder with an acrylic guard plate, but we don't recommend it. The narrow space between the acrylic and magnetized surface makes it easy to dull the blade on either surface, and makes it harder to remove knives, too. Also, of the few we tested, we didn't find one with a strong magnet (though they probably exist).

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Types of Magnetic Knife Holders

Most people think of wall mounted strips when they think of magnetic knife holders, but there are a few other types to choose from. In this section we look at all they buying options for magnetic knife storage.

Wood Finish Wall Mount Magnetic Strip

WooDsom Magnetic Knife Strip

Our top choice wood magnetic knife strip, the WooDsom.

What it is: A wall-mounted magnetic strip that's got a wood finish. Some can also be mounted on refrigerators, granite, ceramic tile, and other surfaces.

Installation: Most installation requires drilling holes and securing with screws, which is the most sturdy way to mount a wall strip. You can also use double-sided adhesive on surfaces like marble or granite that you don't want to drill through. Or you can use a strip with a double sided magnet and mount it on your refrigerator. Both adhesive and magnetic installation can be weak, and you have to watch how much weight you place on them. We found a few brands we liked, shown in the table above and reviewed in more detail below, but for best results, you should go with one of these options only if you have no other choice. 

Some strips provide just one type of installation, while others provide two or even all three options. We recommend going with a model that's designed for the way you want to mount it.

Ease of use: Wood-finished magnetic strips are extremely easy to use. The knives are in plain view and you simply grab the one you want. Even if you're not careful about pulling a knife off blade first, the wood surface is forgiving and you probably won't hurt the knife too much--but getting into the habit of removing a knife blade first is a good idea.

Pros: Easy to use, hygienic, available in several lengths and finishes, most are easy to install, most are affordable, can hold all types of knives and utensils (except ceramic), and they look good in just about every kitchen.

Cons: Some have tricky installation or bad instructions/templates, some don't have strong magnets.

Stainless Steel Magnetic Strip

HM Magnets Premium Magnetic Knife Holder

HMmagnets stainless steel magnetic strip.

What it is: A wall-mounted magnetic strip that has a stainless steel finish. Some can also be mounted on a refrigerator, or on granite, ceramic tiles, and other surfaces.

Installation: Most installation is the same as for wooden magnetic strips and requires drilling holes and using screws to fasten to the wall, which is the sturdiest way to install. You can also find stainless strips with double magnets for refrigerator mounting, as well as double-sided adhesive to mount to ceramic tile, granite, or other surfaces you may not want to drill through.

Stainless steel strips are typically slightly heavier than wooden strips, so they are especially prone to not staying in place very well with adhesive or magnetic installation. If you want steel but don't want to use a screw mount installation, you'll have the best results if you go with a brand specifically made for the type of mount you want (in other words, don't get one that has multiple ways to mount it).

Ease of use: Just like wooden magnetic strips, stainless steel strips are very easy to use. The knives are in plain sight, and you can just grab the knife you want. With a stainless strip, it's more important than with wood to always remove a knife blade first so that you don't damage the blade by knocking it against the strip. 

Pros: Easy to use, hygienic, available in several lengths and styles (e.g., single strip, double strip, with hanging hooks, smooth, dimpled, etc.), most are easy to install, most are affordable, can hold all types of knives and utensils (except ceramic), and they look good in most kitchens.

Cons: The steel finish can be hard on blades if you're not careful, not all are easy to install, not all have strong magnets.

Free Standing Magnetic Block

Kitchendao Magnetic Knife Block

Kitchendao freestanding block in birch finish.

What it is: A countertop knife block that uses magnets rather than slots to hold knives.

Material Options: Most come in different wood finishes but stainless steel is also an option. Some can have an acrylic overlay as a safety feature, but we found these hard to use without banging the blade against either the block or the acrylic (not recommended).

Installation: No installation required! They just sit on your counter like a standard knife block. Some require you to fasten the bottom to the block, but this is a simple process (though you will need a screwdriver).

Ease of use: Extremely easy to use. Knives are in plain sight and you can easily pull them off the block (blade first, as with all magnetic knife holders).

Pros: Ease of use, ease of installation (if any), holds knives on both sides, can hold all types of knives and utensils (except ceramic), take up less space than most standard knife blocks.

Cons: Require counter space, magnets aren't always strong, there are fewer size options than for strips, some aren't strong enough to hold paring knives well because you can place the knife only one way (handle up).

Round Magnetic Block

360KB Rotating Magnetic knife block

360KB rotating magnetic knife holder.

What it is: A countertop knife block that uses magnets rather than slots to hold knives, but is round so you can use all sides of it. Some of these rotate (such as the one pictured, linked below), and some don't (such as this one).

Material Options: We have only seen these in wood.

Installation: No installation required. Of all the magnetic options, these are closest in size to a standard knife block.

Ease of use: Extremely easy to use. Knives are in plain sight and you can simply remove the one you want (blade first, as with all magnetic knife holders). If the block rotates, it's even easier to see the knives.

Pros: Ease of use, ease of installation (if any), holds several knives, can hold all types of knives and utensils (except ceramic).

Cons: Require as much (or more) counter space as standard slotted knife blocks, may tip when you pull knives off, many brands are expensive, may not hold as many knives as a strip or a flat magnetic block.

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What To Look for in a Magnetic Knife Holder

Small Grapevine Magnetic Strip

Magnetic knife holders are simple tools and you might think it's as easy as picking out the cheapest one or the one you like best. But there are hundreds of them on Amazon, and they are far from equal. Picking the best one can be a challenge, especially if you're not sure how to choose one. Spending more is not the right strategy to get good quality magnetic knife storage.

Here we discuss what to look for in a magnetic knife holder (all types) so you can pick the right design for your kitchen. 


We discussed the different types above, but they are basically wall-mounted or freestanding. You can choose from wood finishes, stainless steel, and may also find some with a ceramic, granite, or marble finish. Wood is gentlest on knives, but if you're careful about how you remove knives (that is, always pull the blade edge away first), it doesn't matter what the surface is because you aren't putting your blades in any danger.

Wall-mounted magnetic strips are the most popular style because they eliminate the need for counter space. They come in many lengths for all kitchen sizes.

Kitchendao Freestanding Block Acacia

Freestanding magnetic block: slimmer than most traditional blocks.

Freestanding magnetic blocks require counter space, but most of them are narrower than traditional knife blocks. If you don't have a place to mount a wall strip, you can still save counter space by buying a narrow magnetic block.

There are more complicated designs, such as magnetic blocks shaped like traditional blocks, and magnetic holders with acrylic overlays. We tried a few of these and didn't like any of them.

Ozeri Magnetic Knife Block

Traditionally-shaped magnetic knife block.

The knife block shape had odd magnet placement that only allowed you to place 1-2 knives per layer, even if there was room for more (though other brands may have better magnets). 

HolaFolks Magnetic Knife Block with Cutting Board Holder

Magnetic block with acrylic overlay.

Storage with an acrylic overlay was frustrating to use. There's a narrow space between the acrylic and the block, and you risk knocking the blade against either one--which can damage the blade--when placing or removing a knife. If safety is an important factor for you, the acrylic cover probably isn't going to deter any child who really wants to get at the knives. The acrylic cover is also a crumb catcher, which negates one of the best parts about magnetic storage, which is ease of care.


Wall-mounted strip: If you go with a wall-mounted strip, you'll have several lengths to choose from. Different makers have different options, but in general, you can go as short as 10 inches or as long as 30 inches. If you have a small amount of wall space, you can buy two short strips and hang one above the other for more storage space (leaving space for knives, of course). 

Most people find a 16-18 inch strip the best size. You can fit 5-8 knives or utensils on it, depending on size and magnet placement, but this is enough for most cooks. If you're a collector and have several chef's knives you want to display, obviously you'll need more than that.

Freestanding: There are fewer size choices of you go with a freestanding magnetic block, but most of them are double-sided, so you can get 8-10 knives on a standard block, depending on size.

Freestanding blocks tend to be not great for small knives because of the magnet placement (in the middle of the block), so they're better for bigger blades. Most will hold a small knife like a paring knife, it just may not be as firm as you want it to be.

Strength and Placement of Magnets

Magnet strength and placement is probably the biggest issue that buyers don't think about before buying. Not all magnets work equally well. In fact, many of the complaints about returned products were about weak or badly placed magnets. 

Some ads will talk about specific types of magnets, like neodymium. There do seem to be some magnets that are stronger than others, but we didn't think they actual type of magnet was all that important to know. What you want to know is the strength and placement of the magnets. However, if an ad does name the type of magnet they use, that's a good sign, indicating that they've made an effort to use high quality magnets.

Ideally, magnets should be placed throughout a knife holder. Some holders have magnets spaced out, so it looks like you should be able to fit more knives on it than you actually can. A magnetic bar across the whole holder is a much better choice--unless you're buying for design as well as storage, such as with the beautiful wooden strip from Etsy that we review here, which have magnets placed at intervals along the wood.

Magnets should be strong enough to hold any knife firmly, but not so strong that the blade snaps roughly onto the holder or is difficult to remove; with freestanding blocks, too-strong magnets can cause the holder to tip, which could be disastrous if it's full of sharp knives.

Check the magnet strength and placement of a holder before throwing away the packaging. This way you can return it without as little hassle as possible (Amazon Prime is a great option here as it always has free returns).

Ease of Installation

If you're getting a wall-mount strip, installation is a consideration. Most strips are easy to hang, and many come with a template that makes easy work of getting the screws level and  in the right spots. Some have holes right in the strip, while some have a back piece you mount, then hang the strip over it. It's a simple project, but some are simpler than others, especially if you're not overly handy. If you're concerned about it, read reviews to find out how easy the strip was to install.

Freestanding blocks may require some super simple installation, such as screwing the base to the knife holder. You shouldn't have anything harder than that to deal with.


Most magnetic knife storage will be durable enough to last for several years, especially if you go with stainless steel. Wood is pretty, and many think it's better for your knives, but it requires occasional oiling or it can dry out and crack. 

There were also several complaints about freestanding magnetic blocks cracking after just a few months of use. This is unfortunate, and oiling might help prevent that from happening. 

About Adhesive Backed and Double Magnet Strips

Some strips also offer adhesive and magnetic options for hanging. Adhesive is nice for tile or granite, while a magnetic back is great for mounting on a refrigerator (if your wall space is really limited). We provide reviews on these, but our recommendation is to go with a screw mount if possible. It's the safest, most durable option.

Both magnets and adhesives can come loose, especially if you put too much weight on the strip. So while they'll work in a pinch, you should only consider them if you don't have another choice.

Things to Avoid in Magnetic Knife Storage

We discuss these in other sections, but here's a summary of what you should avoid when buying magnetic knife holders, with a brief explanation of why.

Acrylic covered holder: This seems like a good idea and it looks good, but it just makes the knives harder to get at and can also be a crumb and grease catcher. If you're really worried about knife safety, an acrylic cover probably won't do as much as you hope: instead, always be careful and teach your kids to respect knives.

Too cheap: A higher price doesn't always indicate better quality, but if you go too cheap, you'll probably get weak magnets, poor quality wood, and bad installation instructions (or none at all). You don't have to spend a lot to get good quality, but be willing to spend enough to get good quality.

Too expensive: Unless you have an unlimited budget and are really buying for design, you don't need to spend a ton to get a good product. Some brand name magnetic storage is 5-10 times more than an unknown brand without adding a lot. You probably won't regret going very high-end, but if functionality is your first priority, you don't have to.

Stainless steel: Wood is the better choice for your blades, although if you remove knives correctly, which is to always tilt the blade edge away before the spine, steel won't harm your blades. However, if you have a lot of people using your knives and want to avoid damage, a wood rack is the best way to go.

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Do Magnets Wear Out Over Time?

Technically, magnets do get weaker over time, but it takes a very, very long time for this to become noticeable. Like, hundreds or thousands of years long.

Heat can accelerate magnet's weakening, but unless your magnetic holder is routinely exposed to high heat, it should still take a very long time to notice any weakening. To help your magnetic holder last as long as possible, keep it away from the range and oven.

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Pros and Cons of Magnetic Knife Storage

  • Easy to use/most are easy to install
  • Four ways to install: screws, adhesive, and magnet, or freestanding on counter
  • No size requirements/can fit any blade
  • Knives are visible so easy to pick the one you want
  • More hygienic than blocks/slots
  • Wall strips free up counter space
  • Can use for other utensils.
  • Some brands have weak magnets
  • Some can be hard to install
  • Steel models can dull or chip blades if you remove them wrong
  • Not all are great for smaller knives, which have less magnetic pull
  • Exposed blades could be unsafe around children.

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Best Wooden Magnetic Strip: WooDsom

WooDsom magnetic knife rack with steak knives
  • Walnut finish
  • Continuous row of neodymium magnets
  • Easy installation
  • 6 sizes: 10-, 11-, 12-, 14-, 18-,20-inches
  •  Can use for vertical and refrigerator mount as well
  • Made in USA.

This wooden magnetic strip has strong magnets and comes in six sizes. It's simple, minimal design works in for any kitchen or other workspace. The 18-inch strip weighs less than a pound.

To install, you need a drill and a screwdriver--and for best results, a level--and you screw the strip itself to the wall, then fill the holes with the matching wood plugs. Magnetism is continuous and strong except where the installation screws are. The 18-inch strip can easily hold 6-8 knives or other tools, depending on their size. It's about 3/4-inch deep, which is enough to keep any knife handle from butting against the wall and is enough space to grab the handle for easy removal. 

You can clean the strip with a damp cloth when need, and all wooden knife holders require occasional rubbing with food-grade mineral oil, beeswax, or other wood conditioning product. You need to do this a few times a year. 

Screws, wall anchors, and wood plugs included.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Comes in many lengths, great magnet strength, easy installation, affordable.

Cons: Wood plugs mean removal and reinstallation will be difficult, wood plugs may not match the strip perfectly.


If you want a simple, minimal storage solution with excellent magnet strength, the WooDsom knife strip is an excellent choice.

Woodsom magnetic strip with kitchen utensils

buy WooDsom Magnetic strip knife holder:

Amazon buy button

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Best Metal Magnetic Strip: Modern Innovations

Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Bar
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Magnets run the whole length of the strip
  • Screw mount installation
  • Available in 8 sizes: 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, 18-, and 24-inches, plus 2 models with hooks for hanging utensils.

The Modern Innovations magnetic strip comes in 6 lengths and two styles, and has some of the best magnets of all the knife holders we tested, which we did not expect because of the very affordable price. It's also our pick for best bargain magnetic holder--with simple installation and a clean look that will help you save space in any kitchen (or other space). 

It extends from the wall almost a full inch, so there's plenty of room to easily grab a knife handle. Some utensils will butt against the wall, but that isn't a deal breaker.

Installation screws, wall anchors, and instructions included. Installation is easy, but you will need a screwdriver, drill, and also a level for best results. 

The models with hooks have a double rack, which looks nice, but isn't as streamlined as the single strip. If saving space is a priority for you, these hooks are great. Look at how many tools you can get on one 12-inch holder:

Modern Innovations stainless magnetic knife rack with hooks

Pros and Cons

Pros: Very affordable, strong magnets, lots of lengths, options to have hooks for utensils.

Cons: The steel can harm blades if you're not careful about removing them (pull off the strip blade first).


If you want a stainless steel strip, the Modern Innovations styles are hard to beat. Lots of lengths, and double bars with utensils make this the most versatile option of all our choices.

buy Modern Innovations Knife Holder:

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Best Installation-Free Magnetic Strip: HMmagnets

HM Magnets Premium Magnetic Knife Holder
  • Stainless steel finish
  • 17 inches long
  • Strong magnet throughout length of strip
  • Magnetic, adhesive, or screw mount installation (all work well)

There are fewer magnetic options to choose from, so while this strip has a few drawbacks, it was the best one we found for the refrigerator. The magnet is strong and even throughout the strip, and it will stick firmly to a refrigerator, but you should be careful about how many knives you hang on it. We were able to hang a standard 8-inch chef's knife, a serrated bread knife, a boning knife, and a kitchen shears, and the strip stayed firmly stuck to the refrigerator. But if you want to hang more than that, you may want to get a second strip to be sure you don't put too much weight on it. Some reviewers said the strip fell.

We also don't recommend the adhesive strip because there were several complaints about the adhesive not sticking. If you do want to use adhesive, make sure you follow all the instructions (such as cleaning the wall and not using the strip for 24 hours after hanging). You may also want to invest a few dollars in a stronger adhesive such as Gorilla tape, to be on the safe side.

This strip has a template for mounting with screws, but the template is off, so you're on your own to get it mounted properly. For this reason, and the complaints about adhesive, this strip is best for magnetic installation--and each model is a different buying option, so make sure you select the one you want.

The magnet is strong and even throughout, so our only real complaint about this strip is that it's on the thin side: at just over half an inch thick, it's easy to knock your knuckles against the fridge when you grab a knife handle. It's not a big deal and you'll adjust to this, but it's worth mentioning. The thinner design helps keep the weight light, which is important for the best magnetic adhesion.

We included more buying options (above), but we only tested the double magnetic stainless strip. All the models get good reviews and have strong magnets.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Strong magnet, good price, three ways to install (screws, magnet, adhesive), good customer service.

Cons: Many complaints that the adhesive doesn't work and that the screw template is incorrect, a little on the thin side, making it harder to grab handles.


We like the HMmagnets strip for magnetic installation. The magnet is strong and it can hold 5-6 items easily. But it's not a great choice for screw mounting because the template is off, and if you want to mount it with adhesives, you might want to buy some stronger tape to make sure it holds.

HM Magnets Premium Magnetic Knife Holder


Amazon buy button

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Best Design: Grapevine Recycled Magnetic Strip

Grapevine Magnetic Knife Holder

See on Etsy

About $280 for 12-18 inch; about $350 for 18-28 inch size.


  • Made from old grape vine wood
  • Made from 100% recycled wood
  • Strong magnets (but not one continuous magnet)
  • Star seller on Etsy with more than 3,000 5-star reviews
  • Made in USA.

You can find many artisan knife holders (on Etsy alone), but we thought these recycled grape vine wooden strips were absolutely beautiful. Yes, they're expensive, but if you have the budget, we can't imagine a kitchen this wouldn't look good in. 

The magnets are strong, but separate--it is not one continuous magnet, so you won't be able to stuff the strip with as many knives as possible. The small size will hold up to 5 knives, and the large size up to 7. But if you're buying mainly for the lovely design, you probably won't mind this limitation, as stuffing it with knives or utensils would hide its beauty. 

Pros and Cons

Pros: Gorgeous design, recycled products, strong magnets, artisan made in USA.

Cons: Magnets are not continuous (only holds a set number of knives), expensive.

Also, because these are hand made artisan items, they won't always be readily available and will go in and out of stock. So if you want one, don't hesitate--buy it today!


If you can afford it, this is beautiful design with strong magnets. It will work with any kitchen decor except perhaps ultra modern. 

Small Grapevine Magnetic Strip

buy grapevine magnetic knife strip:

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Best Bargain Magnetic Knife Holder

See Modern Innovations review above.

There are hundreds of magnetic knife storage options on Amazon, and most of them have pretty good reviews, so you may think any one of them is a good enough choice, especially considering that the prices are all fairly reasonable. But if you read the negative reviews, you'll find that many of them have weak magnets, difficult installation, poor adhesion, and other quality issues that make them poor picks. We think the Modern Innovations brand is not only the best stainless steel knife holder, but also the best bargain. Unless you go with a brand name--and not even all of those are top picks for us (see our Other Brands section below)--for a lot more money, you can have serious quality issues with any other brand. There are good options besides the ones we recommend here, but it was impossible to test all of them, so picking from one of our choices (or those of another review site you trust) is the best way to get a magnetic knife holder that's good quality and does everything you want it to do.

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Best Magnetic Freestanding Block 

Kitchendao Magnetic Knife Block

See Kitchendao Freestanding block on Amazon

About $40, depending on finish.


  • Acacia or bamboo finish
  • Some assembly required
  • Strong magnets (though not continuous)
  • Can use both sides, so the block will hold up to about 10 knives.

We tested several freestanding magnetic blocks, and this was our favorite. Many of them had weak magnets, and the ones with an acrylic covering were a pain to use because it was tricky to get place the knife on the block without knocking the blade against the acrylic or the wood. Others were shaped like standard blocks but without slots, and they were also harder to insert the knives into, and didn't really free up counter space. 

So for a freestanding block, simpler design is best. This block has strong magnets and assembly was simple, requiring just a screwdriver. The block is narrow enough that it takes up a smaller amount of counter space than most standard (non-magnetic) blocks. Both sides have magnets, so it can hold several knives or other utensils.

Our only complaint is that because of how the magnets are placed--halfway down the block--smaller knives like paring knives don't stick very well. And super long knives are an issue too, but that's the case for all freestanding blocks, so we didn't count it as a fault.

Both the acacia and the bamboo finishes are attractive, too: the bamboo is shown above, and the acacia is shown below.

Most negative reviews were about the wood cracking within a few months of purchase. We've been using our testing block for about 6 months now and doesn't have any cracks. Oiling the wood once a month or so should help prevent cracks.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Strong magnet, holds knives on both sides of block, takes up minimal counter space, easy assembly, affordable.

Cons: Holds only 8-10 knives, not great for small knives, some complaints of cracking (oil it monthly).


This freestanding magnetic block is large enough to hold up to 10 knives (maybe more if they're small), has strong magnets, and is narrow enough to not take up too much counter space. For the price--about $40--we think it's one of the best block options on the market. 

Kitchendao Freestanding Block Acacia

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FAQs about Magnetic Knife Holders

Here are some commonly asked questions about magnetic knife holders.

Are Magnetic Knife Holders Safe for Knives?

Yes, magnetic storage is great for knives. It protects them from clanging together in drawers and won't dull a knife by pulling it out of a block.

Are Magnetic Knife Holders Safe for People?

Magnets are generally safe,  but very strong magnets can affect pacemaker operation. If you have a pacemaker, check with your doctor about magnetic knife storage.

Is Magnetic Knife Storage Better than Drawers or Knife Blocks? 

What makes the best knife storage is a personal preference, but magnetic storage has a few advantages: it's easy on blade, it makes knives easier to see, and it saves counter space. 

Should You Hang a Knife Strip Vertically or Horizontally?

Unless a knife strip is designed for vertical hanging, it should be installed horizontally. Vertical hanging requires stronger magnets or it may not hold the knives.

Who Can Benefit from a Magnetic Knife Holder?

All cooks could benefit from magnetic knife storage, but especially those who want to save kitchen space. You can use wall space to store your knives on a magnetic strip, and freestanding magnetic blocks tend to be thinner and take up less space than traditional knife blocks.

Are Magnetic Knife Holders Easy to Clean?

Yes, magnetic knife holders are easy to clean. There are no slots for crumbs to get lodged in, and most of them require a simple wipe off with a damp cloth. If the holder is wood, you should oil it occasionally to help keep it in good shape.

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Other Brands We Looked At

360 Freestanding, Rotating Magnetic Knife Holder: Nice design, well made, holds several knives. Bu

Ecokitchen Magnetic Knife Holder: About $18 for 18 inch strip or about $25 for 18 inch strip with adhesive. Despite the many positive reviews, we found this knife holder lacking in a few areas. The adhesive didn't work very well, so we don't recommend using it; it could be unsafe if it falls. The magnets weren't great, either, and the bar is so thin that if your knife handles are overly thick, they will hit the wall (or other mounting surface).

Fimaten Universal Knife Block: About $40. Good design, with a rotating block and internal storage with a removable brush you can use to keep blades separated or take out and use for utensils. But the magnets aren't as strong as we'd like, and placed in such a way that it's only safe to store one knife on each side of the block.

Global: See 20" on Amazon32" on Amazon, see at Sur la Table. About $125 for 16" strip. If it weren't for the price, this would have been our top choice for a magnetic strip. It's beautiful, and the dimples make it easier on your knives if you inadvertently scrape the blade against it. The magnet is powerful and extends the whole strip. If you can afford it, great--but you can get something almost as good for about a tenth of the price. 

Gorilla Grip Magnetic Knife Strip: About $18 for the 16 inch size. Available in several sizes and can be installed with included adhesive or mounting hardware. There were a lot of mixed reviews about magnet strength, and we found the magnets to be good, but not great. The adhesive came loose for many reviewers, so we don't recommend using it. However, our biggest complaint is the stain left after removing the sticker from the strip: why do manufacturers do this??? There is just no reason for stickers that don't come off easily and leave a stain no matter how much you scrub. We've seen this on some cookware brands too and it is an automatic disqualification for us.

HolaFolks Magnetic Block with Acrylic Shield and Cutting Board Holder: This design looks great and holds several knives plus a cutting board on one side. But this block is a fail for a couple of reasons. First, the magnets are weak except right in the middle of the board, so when you place a knife on one end, it wants to slide toward the middle. And though the acrylic shield is a good idea in theory, it made using the block frustrating: you can't just put the knife on the block, you have to carefully fit it between the acrylic shield and the wood, and once it's in there you have to be careful to not scratch either the wood or the acrylic:

HolaFolks Magnetic Knife Block with Cutting Board Holder

Jonathan Alden Wooden Magnetic Knife Strip: 4 lengths, about $68 for the 16 inch size. Walnut or Cherry finish, made in USA. This is a beautiful knife holder, with exposes magnetic dots throughout the wood strip. Magnet strength is good but not great. Our biggest dislike is with the installation: the screws are at the top, so there's no way to secure the bottom, and it pulls up sometimes when you remove a knife. Maybe not a deal breaker, but unnerving, and the quality should be better for a product at this price point.

Made In Magnetic Block: About $140. Very pretty, made in Italy, good magnet strength, but it's identical to the Kitchendao block that costs about $90 less and works just as well--and the Kitchendao offers two woods to choose from, while Made In has only one color available.

Ozeri Magnetic Knife Block and Tablet Holder: About $135. We loved the design of this block, plus the added functionality of holding a tablet (or small cookbook). And it's made in Italy out of sustainably grown wood. Unfortunately, the magnets were placed such that you can only fit two knives on each row, and only on the bottom side--so it doesn't hold as many knives as it looks like it can hold. The magnets are also weak, so smaller knives slide around:

Ozeri Magnetic Knife Block and Table Holder

Resafy Freestanding Magnetic Knife Holder: It's open in the center and can hold knives both inside and out, which we liked. And it's slim, so it takes up minimal counter space. But the magnets were too weak to hold knives safely. They slid all over the place and the block itself felt light and cheap:

Resafy Freestanding Magnetic Knife Block

Sublibelief Double Magnetic Strip: About $26 for 17 inch strip. We wanted to love this one because it has three ways to install: magnetic for your fridge, adhesive, and screws. But the magnetic installation wasn't strong enough to hold more than a few knives, and the actual usable part of the strip is only about 14 inches. If you're going to install with screws, it will work, but the magnets could be stronger and should extend the whole length of the bar.

Vanlon Pro Magnetic Strip: About $18 for 20 inch strip. Gets a lot of good reviews, but the adhesive backing came loose after a few weeks, and the magnets weren't very strong.

Wusthof Magnetic Bar: About $60. Very pretty and available in different woods and even stainless steel. But it's expensive, the magnets aren't super strong, and there were some complaints about poor quality and bad customer service. We expect better than this from Wusthof.

Zwilling 18" Magnetic Knife Bar: About $45. Very strong magnet, but actually too strong: knives snap to it and it's hard to remove them. No mounting hardware included. This strip might actually be good if you want to hang it vertically, which can make it easier to grab knives but requires a stronger magnet. You will have to supply your own mounting screws, though.

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Final Thoughts

Magnetic knife holders are simple devices, but it can be tricky to pick out one that has good magnet strength as well as durability and a design that suits your kitchen. Go too cheap and you might get weak magnets and difficult installation; go to expensive and you'll probably get a good knife holder, but you could probably have gotten one just as good for less.

We weeded out dozens of options on Amazon and tested over 20 magnetic knife storage options including both mounted and freestanding options. If you're lost and don't know how to choose one, we hope this article was helpful.

Thanks for reading!

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