The VacMaster Duo 550: Chamber and Edge Sealer in One

This article, The VacMaster Duo 550: Chamber and Edge Sealer in One, was last updated February 2017

Price: About $500


The VacMaster Duo 550: two sealers in one.


Chamber or edge sealer? With the VacMaster Duo 550, you don't have to choose anymore.

One of the biggest problems with vacuum sealers is that you've always had to choose between an edge (suction) sealer or a chamber vac. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The edge sealer is cheaper, but it can't do liquids. The chamber vac can do liquids, and it generally has a stronger pump that makes a better seal--but it's more expensive, and you're limited to the size bag you can use. It can be a really tough choice for home users, who have neither the desire nor the space to own two kinds of sealers. 

Until now.​

Thanks to VacMaster, you don't have to choose anymore: their Duo 550 is an edge sealer and a chamber vac sealer in one. 

The VacMaster Duo 550 Suction Vacuum Sealer and Chamber Vacuum Sealer is the first and only sealer on the market that can do both types of sealing. So if you're looking for versatility, this is it! It is truly a one-of-a-kind machine.

VacMaster Duo 550 Edge sealer.

Duo 550 Edge sealer.

​This is a fairly new product for ARY VacMaster, available only since 2015. It only has a handful of reviews on Amazon, and not enough for a Fakespot analysis. However, the reviews it has are 5 stars, and because it is a VacMaster product, you can be sure it's well-made. It has the dry rocker, maintenance-free pump that VacMaster uses in many of their other products, which ensures you'll get excellent performance from both sealers on the unit. It has all the best features of both types of sealers, which puts you in charge of which option you choose.

It also looks great--the all black ​exterior and understated control panel will add to any kitchen decor. Its low profile and (relatively) low weight of 40 lbs also makes it more consumer friendly than most chamber vac sealers. You can operate it under a cupboard, unlike most chamber vacuum sealers, and/or store it away when not in use. 

If you find this as exciting as I do, read on for the details!​

For more information in vacuum sealing, see Why Every Kitchen Needs a Food Vacuum Sealer.

Check out the VacMaster Duo 550 price and reviews on Amazon!​

Features of the VacMaster Duo 550

  • ​Maintenance-free dry piston pump designed for continuous use
  • Ability to vacuum seal all types of foods, including liquids (in the vacuum chamber) and long foods (with the edge/suction sealer) NOTE: Different bags required!
  • Compact size, fully operational under a cupboard
  • Adjustable vacuum and seal time
  • Stainless steel vacuum chamber, durable and easy to clean
  • Digital display
  • 12 inch seal bar
  • Transparent lid for observing chamber sealing process.

Operation of the VacMaster Duo 550

​Like all VacMaster products, the controls are not super intuitive. But for having two sealer options, it's really pretty simple to use. The digital display is easy to read and guides you through what's happening. You can let the unit seal automatically or stop the vacuum manually at any time during the cycle.

With the Duo 550 control panel, you have the ability to:

  • Adjust the vacuum and seal time
  • Select automatic or manual sealing
  • Use the marinade function
  • Get the power of a chamber sealer with the edge sealer. 

Here's a VacMaster video which explains how to operate the Duo 550. It shows how easy it is to operate both sealers on this machine:

Drawbacks of the Duo 550

Chamber Size
VacMaster Duo 550 chamber.

Duo 550 open, showing chamber area.

Often when you buy a 2-in-1 product, sacrifices have to be made, and you end up with a hybrid product that does neither thing that it's supposed to do very well. ​With the Duo 550, the one area of sacrifice is the height of the chamber. Most made-for-home commercial chamber vacs have a height of 4-5 inches. The Duo 550 has a height of 3 inches.

Is this a problem? It's unlikely to be a problem size-wise--and if it is (for example, with a chicken or large roast), you can use the edge sealer. However: when working with liquids, the shallower depth might cause a mess if you fill a bag too full or don't cool a liquid down enough before sealing (warm liquids are more likely to boil up into the sealing area than cold ones). 

Also, with a max bag size of 12x10, the Duo 550 does take a smaller bag than many other chamber vacs. So that is a bit of a compromise. (My old VacMaster VP210 has a max bag size of 13x10 in.)


If you buy this sealer, it's important to know that you have to use different bags for edge/suction sealing and chamber sealing. Edge​/suction sealing bags have ridges inside to help push air out of them. Bags without ridges will not work with an edge sealer. Chamber vac bags are completely smooth; because the suction inside the chamber isn't competing with atmospheric pressure, no ridges are required to get the air out of the bag.

Because edge sealers and chamber sealers use different technology to get a good seal, you need to buy both types of bags for use with the Duo 550.

Because of their special design, edge sealer bags are more expensive than chamber vac bags; they can be more than twice as much, in fact.

This isn't really a drawback, but it's something you need to be aware of to operate the sealer properly. 

Duo 550 Specifications

Color: Black

Size (WxDxH): 15x20x7.5 in. 

Weight: 40 lbs

Chamber: Stainless steel, rounded for easy cleaning

Housing: Polycarbonate​

Power: 6 amps (standard US 120V/60Hz outlet)

Chamber Size (WxDxH): 13x8.5x3 in.

Maximum Bag Width:​ 12 in.

Maximum Bag Size: 12x10 in.​

Cord Length: 60 in.​

Certification: CE certified​

Warranty: 1 year​.

Included with the VacMaster Duo 550

  • User manual
  • 6-12 x 6 in. chamber vacuum bags
  • 6-10 x 8 in. chamber sealer bags
  • 10- 1quart-size suction/edge sealer bags.


The VacMaster Duo 550 is an innovative new product made by a reputable company. It has a commercial-duty vacuum pump and is durable enough for years of dependable use. Buy the Duo 550 if you want the best of both worlds: a powerful chamber vacuum combined with a powerful edge sealer. The chamber size is a bit small, but it is still very usable, functional, and an excellent choice for the home cook.



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