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How to Save Time, Money, and Food With Your Sous Vide + Vacuum Sealer

Table of Contents Sous Vide’s Institutional HistoryHow It WorksStep One: Buy Your Meat in BulkStep Two: Freeze It With Seasonings and Cooking OilStep Three: Pop It Into the Sous Vide PotTake It a Step Further: Freeze Whole MealsHelp For Picky Eaters​Same Goes for Leftovers​And Another Thing: ThawingWhy Do I Need a Vacuum Sealer? Can’t I […]

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The VacMaster Duo 550: Chamber and Edge Sealer in One

This article, The VacMaster Duo 550: Chamber and Edge Sealer in One, was last updated February 2017 Table of Contents IntroductionFeatures of the VacMaster Duo 550Operation of the VacMaster Duo 550ConsiderationsDuo 550 SpecificationsIncluded with the VacMaster Duo 550Recommendation​ Price: About $500 The VacMaster Duo 550: two sealers in one. IntroductionChamber or edge sealer? With the […]

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Weston Vacuum Sealer: Is It Better than FoodSaver?

​This article, Weston Vacuum Sealer: Is It Better Than FoodSaver?, was updated February 2017FoodSaver is synonymous with vacuum sealer. They’re the most popular brand by far and have a huge piece of the vacuum sealer market. But if you want a top-quality vacuum sealer, Weston deserves your attention.Weston Products LLC was founded in 1997 and makes […]

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