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12 Ways A Vacuum Food Sealer Can Save You Money

Table of Contents ​1. Buying in Bulk2. Easy Freezer-to-Table Meals​3. Extending the Life of Leftovers4. Extending the Life of Dry Goods5. Extending the Life of Spices6. Extending the Life of Bread Products7. Eliminating Freezer Burn (Making Food Usable Even if Past Its Prime)8. Marinating9. Increasing Storage Space (So You Can Buy More Bulk Products)10. Sous […]

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How to Pick the Best Vacuum Sealer in Every Price Range

This article, How to Pick the Best Vacuum Sealer in Every Price Range, was updated August, 2018.Did you know a vacuum sealer can save you thousands of dollars per year? It’s true. Because vacuum-sealed food lasts longer (whether in the fridge, freezer, or pantry), you save two ways: 1) By buying in bulk, and 2) By keeping produce, meat, bakery […]

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How to Save Time, Money, and Food With Your Sous Vide + Vacuum Sealer

This article, How to Save Time, Money, and Food with Your Sous Vide + Vacuum Sealer, was last updated August, 2018. Table of Contents Sous Vide’s Institutional HistoryHow It WorksStep One: Buy Your Meat in BulkStep Two: Freeze It With Seasonings and Cooking OilStep Three: Pop It Into the Sous Vide PotTake It a Step […]

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Weston Vacuum Sealers: Better than FoodSaver?

​This article, Weston Vacuum Sealer: Is It Better Than FoodSaver?, was updated July 2018. FoodSaver is synonymous with vacuum sealer. They’re the most popular brand by far and have a huge piece of the vacuum sealer market. But if you want a top-quality vacuum sealer, Weston deserves your attention. Weston Products LLC was founded in 1997 and makes […]

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