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Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500P

Induction Cooktop Reviews: Best Commercial Grade Portable Induction Cooktop (1800W)

​This article, Best Portable Induction Cooktop (Commercial Grade, 1800W) was last updated July, 2018. Rational Kitchen has a few articles about the best portable induction cooktops (PICs) on the market. This latest one focuses on commercial portables: What are they–and are they better than consumer grade options? How are they different? Are they worth the extra […]

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How to Choose a Portable Induction Cooktop (And the Best Ones to Buy)

This article, How to Choose a Portable Induction Cooktop (And the Best Ones to Buy), was last updated July, 2018.If you’ve been thinking about getting a portable induction cooker, you’ve probably done a little bit of research. And if you have, there’s a good chance you’re more confused than ever. Portable induction cooktops (PICs for short) can be […]

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Duxtop Induction Cooktop Reviews: The Best Portables Under $300

​This article, Duxtop Induction Cooktop Reviews, was last updated July 2018.NOTE: The Duxtop models 8300ST and 7100MC are currently unavailable on Amazon (as of July, 2018). We believe they are being permanently phased out but until we know for certain, we’ve included them in this review.  The Duxtop induction cooktop is a top-selling brand on Amazon […]

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