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The Secret Shelf Life of Food: What Food Freshness Labels and Expiration Dates Really Mean

Did you know:​That dates on food aren’t there for consumer safety?That food can be sold after its expiration date?That freshness dates are not required by law?That freshness labels differ from state to state?That the expiration date on food doesn’t mean you automatically have to throw it out?Welcome to the complex and confusing world of food […]

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Waste Less Food by Stocking Up!

Table of Contents ​Why Worry About Wasting Food?​How Does Stocking Up Help You Waste Less Food?Stock Up On the Right StuffSo, What Should I Stock Up On?Pantry StaplesFreezer StaplesRefrigerator StaplesWhat Should I Not Stock Up On? ​Keep a ListKeep an Inventory​​Summary I hate wasting food. I’ve gotten better over the years, but with just two […]

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How to Save Time, Money, and Food With Your Sous Vide + Vacuum Sealer

Table of Contents Sous Vide’s Institutional HistoryHow It WorksStep One: Buy Your Meat in BulkStep Two: Freeze It With Seasonings and Cooking OilStep Three: Pop It Into the Sous Vide PotTake It a Step Further: Freeze Whole MealsHelp For Picky Eaters​Same Goes for Leftovers​And Another Thing: ThawingWhy Do I Need a Vacuum Sealer? Can’t I […]

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