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Instant Pot Vs. Pressure Cooker: Which Is Better? (Beginners Start Here!)

Find out the difference between an Instant Pot and a pressure cooker, and which one will work best in your kitchen.Instant Pot Vs. Pressure Cooker: Which Is Better? was last ​​​​​updated August, 2018. Table of Contents The Best Instant Pots (Electric Pressure Cookers/Multicookers) at a GlanceThe Best Stovetop Pressure Cookers at a GlanceFirst Things First: […]

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How-To: 3 Super Easy Tips for a Clean Kitchen

This article, 3 Super Easy Tips for a Clean Kitchen, was last updated August, 2018. Table of Contents 1. Clutter: Not in a Clean Kitchen!2. Germs3. GreaseFinal Thoughts When I think about a clean kitchen, I divide the work into 3 categories: clutter, germs, and grease. This logical division helps me keep my kitchen cleaner, […]

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12 Ways A Vacuum Food Sealer Can Save You Money

Table of Contents ​1. Buying in Bulk2. Easy Freezer-to-Table Meals​3. Extending the Life of Leftovers4. Extending the Life of Dry Goods5. Extending the Life of Spices6. Extending the Life of Bread Products7. Eliminating Freezer Burn (Making Food Usable Even if Past Its Prime)8. Marinating9. Increasing Storage Space (So You Can Buy More Bulk Products)10. Sous […]

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How to Pick the Best Vacuum Sealer in Every Price Range

Table of Contents The Best Vacuum Sealers At a GlanceWhy Does a Vacuum Sealer Keep Food Fresher for Longer?Types of Vacuum SealersWhat Do I Look For in a Vacuum Sealer?How Do I Choose the Best Vacuum Sealer For Me?The Best Vacuum Sealer Under $50: Seal-a-MealThe Best Vacuum Sealer Under $100: FoodSaver FM2000The Best Vacuum Sealer […]

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How to Choose a Portable Induction Cooktop (And the Best Ones to Buy)

Contents Quick RecommendationsPortable Induction Cooktops: The Back StoryWho Needs a Portable Induction Cooktop?How Do Induction Cooktops Work?Induction-Compatible ​CookwareAre Induction Cooktops Safe?Induction Cooking Pros and ConsImportant Features in a Portable Induction CooktopHow Much to Spend on a Portable Induction Cooktop?Which Portable Induction Cooktops Are Best? (The Reviews)Final Thoughts If you’ve been thinking about getting a portable […]

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The Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500P (The Ultimate PIC?)

Table of Contents The Mirage Pro At a Glance (Comparisons)A Quick Primer on Portable Induction Cooktops (What to Know, What to Look For)Features of the Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500PSpecifications of the Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500PDaily Use (Controls)A Word About Temperature ControlPros and Cons of the Mirage ProRecommendation The Vollrath Mirage Pro is head and shoulders […]

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The Best-Selling Range Hoods on Amazon (not just for Induction)

Contents Best Sellers at a Glance (Table Summary)What a Range Hood DoesTips for Using a Range HoodHow to Select a Range HoodFan TypeBest Under-Cabinet Non-Ducted Hoods Broan 41000 Series Under-Cabinet Non-Ducted Range HoodKOBE Brillia (CHX3830SQBD-3)​Best Under-Cabinet Ducted and Convertible HoodsBroan QS1 Under Cabinet HoodProline PLJW Under-Cabinet or Wall-Mount Ducted Range HoodBest Wall-Mounted HoodsZ-Line Wall-Mount Range Hood (Multiple […]

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