The Best Induction Range of 2017–Reviews!

Trying to find information on the best induction range to buy? This article will help. After hundreds of hours of research, we found 3 induction ranges we really like. We review them here, and think you'll feel the same!

All the features you can find on modern ranges (a term interchangeable with "stove") can be a bit overwhelming. We waded through the bells and whistles to find the really useful attributes that will be most helpful in the kitchen: lots of power, convection, warming ovens and burners, an easy user interface, great self-cleaning features, etc.

Our picks are among the top-rated, best induction ranges on Amazon and elsewhere. Sure, these factors influence us--but we like to dig deeper. The models we picked have great reviews, but they also have a lot of features.

We give a lot of detail about the best induction range picks themselves, and also about what to know before you buy. If you don't want to read through this whole article, you can glance at the list of winners just below, or use the links in the table of contents to jump to the topic you want to read about. 

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​The Winners at a Glance

There's no particular reason we picked a slide-in and two freestanding stoves. It just worked out that these were the favorites. But we do think the slide-in is a little prettier. Its overhanging cooktop gives it a kind of custom feel; it also makes it easier to keep clean (no bottomless chasms for crumbs and grease to fall into). 

Top 3 Best Induction Stoves

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App. Price


The Best Induction Range


The overhanging cooktop on this slide-in induction range makes it pretty, and 19 burner heat settings including Melt, Simmer, and Power Boil, as well as the warming 5th burner, make it uniquely functional among 30-inch ranges.

The Best Induction Range


This freestanding Frigidaire has a great reputation for quality and durability and, if you go by the reviews, is much loved by its owners. We love its manual burner knobs, its affordability, its numerous heat settings, and that it's built right here in the USA. Go Fridigaire!

The Best Induction Range


​The Electrolux has a ton of features at an affordable price, including precise low-temp control on the burners and a powerful broiler. It has an overly complicated control panel, in our opinion, but those who love this induction stove really love it.

What to Know Before You Buy​

In order to buy the best induction stove for your needs, consider these things:

  • Size and Model
  • Electrical and Installation Requirements
  • Power
  • Cooktop features.

Size and Model

30-Inch Is Your Only Option​

The induction ranges we reviewed are 30-inch models because this was the only size we could find. (Wider models do exist, but they are mostly for the European market, and are very expensive.) This is fine, though, because most kitchens have spaces for a 30-inch stove. Be sure to measure your space anyway before getting a new stove--sometimes tiny differences in space can make for big installation headaches.

Freestanding Vs. Slide-In​

Next, there are two types of induction ranges to choose from: freestanding and slide-in. The main difference is that the freestanding has finished sides, so it can “stand alone,” without countertop on either side. The slide-in has unfinished sides and is made exclusively for a cutout space in your countertop. The slide-in will also typically have a cooktop slightly wider than the rest of the unit that overlaps the counter slightly, making for a more finished look and easier cleaning (no gaps for crumbs to fall into).

Almost all freestanding ranges will fit in a slide-in space, so unless your induction stove will be in a space where it has an exposed side, either model should work. Freestanding ranges are about 2 inches deeper than slide-ins, so some modifications may be required:

  • If you had a slide-in and are changing to a freestanding, you may have a strip of countertop in the back that you'll have to remove.
  • Conversely, if you put a slide-in stove where you previously had a freestanding unit, you may have to add a strip to close the gap.

These are minor modifications and fairly easy to do. But you may want to take them into consideration when choosing the best induction stove for your needs (that is, installation will be easier if you replace a freestanding with a freestanding and a slide-in with a slide-in).​

Most spaces will accommodate either a freestanding or a slide-in range with no or very little modifications.

Electrical and Installation Requirements

You need to know your kitchen wiring before you buy. Most induction ranges require 40 amp wiring (in fact, all of the ranges reviewed here do). If you’re not sure what gauge wiring you have, hire an electrician to tell you. This is important! You probably won’t burn your house down if you hook up a 40-amp stove to 30-amp wiring (although then again you might), but you may have to reset your circuit breaker numerous times when you’ve got several burners and/or the oven all going at once.

If you fall in love with an induction range that needs 40-amp wiring and your kitchen has 30-amp wiring, no worries: this can be updated. The important thing is that you understand the requirements and the wiring in your kitchen so you can do a safe, proper installation.

Note also that for the units we reviewed here, the power cord is not supplied with the stove. You have to purchase it separately (usually $20.00-30.00).


For the cooking surface, power is best measured by power per burner. For the oven and broiler, it is best measured in total wattage. These specs are listed for each best induction stove model.

The Best Induction Range

Power boost can boil water in half the time of conventional electric.

Some of the best induction stoves have a “power boost” feature. This is a unique induction feature that pulls extra power to one burner for a short amount of time (usually less than ten minutes). This is one of the things that makes induction so fast and powerful. Keep in mind that if a stove has power boost, the max power per burner will be the power boost wattage. The normal use wattage will be slightly lower. Also keep in mind that because of how power boost works, the other burners can not operate at full capacity while you’re using power boost, and you can never use power boost for more than two burners at a time, even if it’s available on all four. These are rarely problems, though, particularly if you’re accustomed to a conventional electric stove, which has less powerful burners and no power boost function at all. (In other words, it’s a good problem to have.)

The best measure of power is in power per burner, not total power.

Cooktop Features


As a general rule, the more you pay, the more intuitive the controls on an induction stove will be. But computerized controls, no matter how advanced, have not evolved to the point that they’re easier to use than manual ones, so there will always be a learning curve. Furthermore, all the manufacturers are striving to create usable control panels, and there is no set standard, so the available options vary wildly--and all of them require getting used to. Most people who want the advantages of induction--not to mention the ease of cleaning one surface!--are happy to make that compromise.

The Best Induction Range

Electronic controls look great, but they have a learning curve, and are usually slower to use than knobs.

Happily, two of our "best induction range" choices have manual knobs (for the burners only; the ovens are controlled by a touchpad). They're not only easier and faster to use, but they look great, too! If you've been dragging your feet on getting an induction stove because of the electronic interface, one of these might be a good option.

“Bridge” Functionality

A bridge element allows you to control two burners as if they were one, which is great for large or rectangular pans (griddles, for example). It is a feature exclusive to induction, and very useful. This is not a standard feature on all induction stoves, though, so if a bridge element is something you want, be sure to check the specifications to make sure it’s included.

Bridge functionality is a fabulous feature of induction ranges, so if you want it, make sure your range has it (not all of them do).

Oven Features

Another feature to consider might be how easy the oven is to use. Ask these questions:

How bright is the light? Do the racks slide in and out easily? Does it have a nice big window so you can see what’s going on in there? Is there a warming oven?

One of the main reasons we picked these three as a best induction range is because they all had excellent ovens. All are great performers, with convection, fast preheat times, self-cleaning features, warming zones, digital controls, and many of the other features standard to modern ovens. You can’t really go wrong with any of them.

So unless you’re looking for something very specific, you will probably be happy with any of these ovens.

Safety Features

Induction cooking is inherently safer than gas or electric. There is no open flame, and the heat source itself does not get hot--only the pan does (and, of course, the food, duh). The surface will, however, retain heat for awhile, and ranges have “hot surface” lights to indicate this. Most induction stove safety features are pretty standard, and include auto shutoff and control lock for both the cooktop and the oven. Additionally, induction burners are fussy about cookware, and most won’t turn on unless there is proper induction cookware in place. For more info about induction cookware, see The Rational Kitchen's Guide to Induction Cookware.

For more safety details, see the individual reviews below.

Also: if you are concerned about whether induction technology is safe, see Is Induction Cooking Safe? for more information. 


Some people really care about having “pretty” appliances while others care only about functionality. Both of these are important aspects of design, though, and should be taken into consideration (even if you think you fall into one camp or the other). This isn't too difficult to do these days because all induction stoves offer beauty and functionality. Design choice really comes down to personal preference. But here are some of the things we think are important.

Ease of Care and Maintenance​

The Best Induction Range

Yet another consideration might be ease of cleaning. Induction cooktops are gloriously easy to keep clean because food doesn't burn onto them. But you may also want to consider these things: Does the top have nooks and crannies (around the edge, for example) that might make it tricky to clean? Does the oven have a smooth finish that will be easy to wipe down (because no matter how great the self-cleaning features, you will have to do this occasionally)?

On the other hand, sometimes you just fall in love with a particular look, and practical considerations be damned. After all, if you’re going to spend this kind of money, you should get something you can love. The good news here is that all of these "best induction stove" models look great, and they share similar features that make them easy to use, clean and maintain.

And now, on to the reviews...​

1st Place: GE Profile PHS920SFSS 30” Electric Slide-In Induction Stove w/Convection

Price: About $2400

The Best Induction Range

GE Profile Slide-In Induction Range.

What Makes This Our Best Induction Range Pick?

If you go by Amazon, you might think this is the best induction stove out there. It has more than 30 four- and five-star reviews, and on other sites, it has hundreds. People absolutely love this range for its speed, power, and design. The overhanging cooktop sits above the counter and has the look of a custom built-in. Here are some other highlights:

  • 5 burners (one for warming)
  • 11-inch burner with 3700W power boost
  • 6-inch warming zone burner
  • 5.3 cu. ft. self-cleaning oven
  • 8-pass broiler ensuring even cooking
  • Hidden bake element for easier cleaning
  • Warming drawer
  • Meat probe.​

Pros: Very fast cooktop and oven heating, 5 burners, sleek styling.

Cons: Pans must match burner size approximately within an inch or the burner won't come on; no bridge element.

Check out the GE Profile Induction Stove on Amazon now!​


The largest burner is in the front on the right side. The remaining four burners form a rather unconventional "L" shape around it. Having two small burners directly behind the largest one might make them awkward to use, and maybe even unsafe. This might be the payoff for having a 5th burner--some cramped quarters!

However, that warming burner is a great feature, so if that's something you want, this might be the best induction range for you.

The Best Induction Range

GE Profile Induction Stove burner and controls layout.

Color: Stainless steel with black glass cooktop and oven window

Controls: Electronic touchpad on front of stove.

Burner Size (in.): 11, 8, 8, 6, 6.


​At a max burner wattage of 3700 and a max oven wattage of 2850, this is one of the most powerful induction ranges available.

Max output per burner (W): 3700, 2500, 2500, 1800. Center burner is a warming zone.

Oven (W): 2850

Broiler (W): 3800

Heat Settings on Cooktop: 19​.


The controls for both the induction cooktop and the oven are on a panel on the front of the range. The panel is angled for easy reading and access. It's a bit complicated so there will be a learning curve for using this stove. Also, because the pad sits along the front of the unit and the burners are arranged in an “L” shape, figuring out which control is for which burner is not intuitive. And like all touchpad controls, you have to scroll through a menu to set each burner, although Melt and Simmer keys simplify this task.

The Best Induction Range

GE Profile control panel.

The digital readout is great, though, especially for oven temps, which show the temp in real time as it preheats. And because it’s all under glass, it’s easy to clean--a huge plus for all glass-topped ranges.

Safety Features

This "best induction range" pick has standard safety features, including:

  • ​Temperature control lock on burners and oven
  • Automatic shutoff on burners and oven.

Installation Considerations

Electrical Hookup Required: 240V/40 amps

Total Power Output (W): 12200

Power Cord: Must be purchased separately

Width (in.): 31.25

Depth (in.): 28.875

Weight (lb): 241

Shipping Weight (lb): 265.​


The GE Profile induction stove has a limited 1-year warranty on parts and labor, entire appliance.


The GE PHS920SFSS induction range, with its sleek stainless design and easy-to-clean overhanging cooktop, is a consumer favorite. It has the fastest induction burner in its class, able to boil 3 quarts of water in about five minutes (less than half the time of gas or conventional electric). It has a warming burner (a feature not found on most 30-inch ranges), a self-cleaning oven that heats rapidly, a powerful broiler, convection, and a warming oven. The controls are not very intuitive, but they’re easy to access and see, and they look great. All in all, a "best induction range" pick at a decent price.


The Best Induction Range

2nd Place: 30” Frigidaire FGIF3061NF Gallery Touch Induction Stove w/Convection

Price: About $1300

The Best Induction Range

Frigidaire Gallery Induction Stove.

What Makes This a Best Induction Stove Pick?

The Frigidaire Gallery induction stove has enough features to make it desirable, but at an affordable price. It isn’t the prettiest induction stove on the market, but it is certainly a workhorse that gets great reviews from its owners. Its large oven and powerful 3800W burner make it an excellent performer. It is a freestanding unit, meaning it has finished sides and does not need to be installed in a slide-in space (but it can be with some slight modifications). gave it their Best of Year award. Here are the highlights:

  • ​4 burners plus one warming element
  • Power boost to all 4 burners
  • 19 burner settings, including High, Low, and Power Boost, plus the warming burner.
  • Manual (knob) controls for cooktop, one-touch electronic controls for oven
  • Smudge-proof stainless steel (a Fridigaire trademark)
  • 5.4 cu. ft. oven with large "picture" window
  • Quick preheat function
  • Temperature probe with auto keep warm function once food has reached temp
  • Warming zone
  • Hidden bake element for easier cleaning
  • Quick Clean self-cleaning oven
  • Built in USA.

Pros: Lots of features including a bridge element and convection oven at an excellent price (around $1500.00).

Cons: Not as pretty as other induction ranges, installation in a slide-in space may require modifications; storage drawer in bottom is a bit flimsy.

Check out the Frigidaire Gallery Induction Range on Amazon now!​


The Frigidaire Gallery induction stove has 4 burners plus a “warming zone” burner. The burners are arranged in a functional rectangle, with the two largest burners in the front and the three smallest ones (including the warming zone) in the back.

Color: Smudge-proof stainless steel with black ceramic glass cooktop and black glass “picture window” oven door. Exterior side panels are black (remember, this is a freestanding range, not a slide-in).

Controls:  Manual burner and touch screen for oven on rear of unit. Green LED indicator lights.

Burner Size (in.): 10, 7, 6, 5, 5.

Number of Heat Settings on Burners: 19​

The Best Induction Range

Frigidaire Gallery Induction Stove burner layout and controls.


Cooktop: The control panel is on the rear of the unit, several inches above the cooktop surface. Cooktop controls are manual knobs with LED indicator lights above.

Oven: Oven controls are on a touchscreen in the center (between the knobs). The touchscreen is straightforward and intuitive, easy to use whether you are baking, broiling, setting the clock, or programming a delayed self-cleaning cycle. They don’t get much simpler than this one, and they are a primary reason this is one of our "best induction stove" picks.


The Frigidaire Gallery has impressive power specs, with power boost to all four burners on the induction stovetop, a powerful oven, and one of the most impressive broilers to be found anywhere. Here are the stats, including power boost and non-power boost wattages for each burner:

Max output per burner (W): 3800/2600, 2640/1920, 1900/1450, 1000/800​

Warming Zone (W): 100

Oven (W): 3500

Bridge Element (W): 720

Broiler (W): 3900.

Safety Features

In addition to the safety of induction over gas or electric--because the cooktop surface stays relatively cool and there is no open flame--this range has standard safety features:​

  • ​Temperature control lock on burners and oven
  • Automatic oven shutoff after 6 hours.

Installation Considerations

Most 30-inch ranges will fit in a 30-inch slide-in space, sometimes with minor modification required. Freestanding ranges (like this one) are usually a bit deeper than slide-ins, so you will probably need to remove a strip of countertop along the wall to fit it into a slide-in space. Here are the installation considerations for the Frigidaire Gallery:

Electrical Hookup Required: 240V/40 amps​

Total Power Output (W): 12200

Power Cord: Kit must be purchased separately

Width (in.): 29.9

Height (in.): 47.74 (including controls on back of stove)

Depth with Door Open (in.): 49.25

Cutout Width (in.): 30 minimum

Cutout Depth (in.): 24 minimum

Cutout Height (in.): 36

Shipping Weight (lb): 220.


Sabbath Mode (Star K) certified.


The Frigidaire Gallery induction range is a "best induction range" choice at an entry level price. It has most of the features of more expensive units, including power boost and bridge function, as well as powerful burners, oven, and broiler. Being a freestanding range, it has the controls on the back, which some people dislike. The storage drawer on the bottom is not terribly useful. But overall, lots of features for the price. Definitely a "best induction range" pick for us.


The Best Induction Range

3rd Place: Electrolux EI30IF40LS IQ-Touch 30” Freestanding Induction Stove w/Convection

Price: About $1700

The Best Induction Range

Electrolux IQ-Touch Freestanding Induction Range.

What Makes This a Best Induction Range Pick?

This is the range that made induction a household name--well, almost. Remember Kelly Ripa boiling water in just 90 seconds? (It was probably just a cup of water, but that's still very fast.) That’s this guy. It has plenty of features to make it a good choice at a good value. 

The truth is, when computerized controls fail, they’re expensive to fix, regardless of what type of appliance they’re on. And you can get a lemon from any manufacturer.

So is Electrolux an inferior brand? No, not by any means. Their appliances tend to get above average, “good” but not “great” ratings. We made this a "best induction range" pick because it’s got excellent features at an attractive price point, and it has enough positive reviews that we think they offset the negative ones--especially considering that more disgruntled customers tend to review than happy ones. (See Can You Trust Amazon Reviews? for more info.)Overall, we think this is an all-around reliable, powerful, attractive stove. But if you buy it, you may want to throw down for the extended warranty.

Here are some of its best features:

  • ​4 burners with power boost functionality plus a warming zone burner
  • Very precise control at low temperatures.
  • "Flex-2-Fit" burners that adjust to multiple pan sizes
  • All electronic, "IQ-Touch" controls (cooktop and oven) with programmable settings
  • Massive 6.0 cu. ft. convection oven with 7 cook zones and 3 self-cleaning modes
  • Warming oven below main oven
  • Large "picture window" and luxury oven lighting
  • Luxury-glide rack
  • Broiler pan included
  • Adjustable height.

Pros: A ton of features for the price, powerful burners, oven, and broiler.

Cons: Mixed reviews, with some people having to replace the expensive microprocessor. No bridge element on cooktop.

See the Electrolux IQ-Touch Induction Range on Amazon now!​


This induction range has a cooktop with 4 burners plus a fifth “warming zone” burner. The two largest burners are in the front, with the two smaller burners plus the warming element in the back. This is a basic, functional layout. It is a freestanding range, meaning the sides are finished, so it can go at the end of a cupboard or stand alone. As with all freestanding stoves, the controls are at the rear of the unit, above the cooking surface.

The Best Induction Range

Electrolux Induction Stove burner layout.

Color: Stainless steel with black ceramic glass cooktop and black glass oven window. Exterior side panels are black. Cobalt blue oven interior.

Controls: Control pad on rear of unit. Blue LED display.

Burner Size (in.): 10, 7, 7, 5, 5.


The Electrolux induction range has very impressive specs, with power boost to all 4 burners and a powerful oven and broiler. In terms of power, it is probably the best induction stove on our list. Check out these wattages:

Max output per burner (W): 4000/2600, 2540/1920 on both 7-inch burners, 1000/800.​

Warming Zone (W): 120

Number of Heat Settings on Burners:

14 between 3.0 and 9.5/High (0.5 increments)

10 between 2.8 and 1.2/Low (0.2 increments)​

Oven (W): 3500

Broiler (W): 4000.


The Best Induction Range

Electrolux Controls--a bit complicated.

The control panel is at the rear of the unit, above the cooking surface. It is sleek black with white lettering and blue LED readout. The signature Electrolux IQ-Touch controls “display all cooking options at all times,” but all this really means is that the buttons are visible and usable--pretty much like all control panels.

The oven controls are in the middle of the panel, with a section for cooking modes, a section for extra features--such as a “My Favorite” programmable button for frequently used settings--and a number pad. This oven has several cooking modes, so this makes for a lot of buttons and a busy appearance. It isn’t terribly difficult to figure out, but it isn’t terribly intuitive, either.

Same goes for the burner controls, which have Plus/Minus keys to adjust settings--this requires repeated pressing, which some people dislike. There are “shortcut” buttons for High and Medium, so you don’t have to scroll all the way up or down. While the shortcut buttons are functional, you will still have to press several times to achieve a medium-high or medium-low setting. These extra buttons also add a busy look and feel to the panel--there are 20 buttons for the cooktop alone.

But as I’ve said elsewhere, touchscreens are the future, as more and more controls become a software menu. I suppose we all need to get used to it--and if it’s good enough for a smartphone, why not use it everywhere else, too, right?

Safety Features

Induction ranges provide the safest cooking technology available because they stay so much cooler than either gas or conventional electric. And no open flame! In addition, the Electrolux has these safety features:

  • ​Temperature control lock on burners and oven
  • Hot surface indicators
  • Burner on indicators
  • Automatic oven shutoff after 12 hours.

Installation Considerations

The Electrolux is a freestanding range, which means it doesn’t need to have countertop on both sides like a slide-in. Freestanding ranges will usually fit in a slide-in space, but they are a bit deeper, so you will probably need to remove a strip of countertop along the wall to fit it properly against the back wall of your kitchen. 

Here’s what you need to know to install this unit:

Electrical Hookup Required: 240V/40amps

Power Cord: Installation kit sold separately

Width (in.): 29.9

Depth (in.): 29.25

Height (in.): 47.75 (including controls on back of stove)

Depth with Door Open (in.): 48.38

Shipping Weight (lb): 266.


Sabbath Mode (Star K) certified, 4-UL certified, CSA certified.


One year limited manufacturer warranty.


The Electrolux IQ-Touch is one of a best induction stove pick because it offers a huge number of features at an affordable price. It is also very powerful, with a 4000-watt burner and broiler. Its control panel is not intuitive, and it has had mixed customer reviews. We like it a lot, and think it is one of the best induction stove models in its price range.


The Best Induction Range
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