About the Rational Kitchen

Hello and welcome to the Rational Kitchen!

Who Are We?

We are primarily a kitchen product review site with some recipes, a few how-to articles, and select conversations about food and cooking topics.

What Makes Us Different?

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In a nutshell: we put quality in first place.

We know, we know: there are a lot of product review sites out there in Internet land. 

But not all sites are created equally...

We started this site because we were frustrated with the quality of reviews we found on the Internet. Over and over, we found that after following a reviewer’s recommendation, we ended up with a mediocre (or worse) product. And this is true whether the advice is from a tiny independent site, or one of the biggest names in the business.

 (No, the recommendations aren’t always bad. Sometimes they’re quite good. But we’ve found this to be a rarer experience than it should be.)  

Probably the biggest problem is that too many reviewers choose only from among average- and lower-cost products. It’s almost as though they’re afraid to recommend the good stuff because they think nobody will buy it.

No matter what the category, it’s really hard to find sites that base their recommendations purely on quality, with price a secondary consideration.

What if you’re interested in more than just a great deal? What if you’re interested in top quality, long-lasting, durable, aesthetically pleasing goods? What if you’re willing to pay more for a superior product? Where are the reviews for those people? People like me?

And the user reviews on Amazon and other sites? They're helpful, but you never know where the reviewers are coming from...are they experienced with the product? (Sometimes you can tell, but often you can't.) What have they owned prior to it? And maybe most importantly, are they giving it a top rating because they're still in the honeymoon phase with it, or is it actually a good product? How to tell? 

It got so we didn’t trust any reviews until we’d spent hundreds of hours educating ourselves about a product, because only then could we tell whether or not a reviewer knew what they were talking about. We figured there had to be more people out there like us, people looking for high quality gear who would appreciate a site that catered to them. And since the kitchen is our area of greatest expertise, we decided to start there: a kitchen review site meant to help people find the best gear, not just the most popular or the cheapest.

That’s how The Rational Kitchen was born.

Why “Rational”? 

Because rational thinking is the most important ingredient in every one of our reviews, and because it will result (we hope) in you making the most rational choices for your kitchen.

I hope you enjoy our reviews, as well as the smattering of other cooking and kitchen articles you’ll find here. But most of all, I hope you trust us to help you find high quality kitchen products at the best prices available.

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